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12 Best Pink Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Pink is a serene, relaxing color that adds enormous warmth. And today, we are looking at the best pink paint colors for bedrooms.

Pink is the ideal color for a bedroom. It is calming and rejuvenating. The color also has a touch of romance if that’s what you’re after. It can be pale as a tutu or vibrant as lipstick. There’s a pink for everyone’s bedroom.

The best bedroom pink paint colors from Benjamin Moore are Opal, Ballet slippers, Pacific grove pink, and Hot lips. Calamine, Pink ground, Sulking room pink, and Setting plaster are the best pinks by Farrow & Ball. And Sherwin-Williams’ Persimmon, Romance, In the pink, and Coral reef are fan favorites.

Room with pink wall background and wood floor, bed, assorted colors of pillows, flower vase on a stool, overhead lamp and text overlay that says, "Best pink paint colors for bedrooms".

When I was younger, I didn’t quite like “pink” because it was too girly for me. But as I got older, I got back in touch with my feminine side and even began introducing pink touches in our home.

You’re out of touch if you think pink is strictly a girlish, princessy color. Although Millennial pink’s massive popularity has waned, terracotta’s rise has kept pink firmly in the spotlight.

Pink’s cornucopia of shades makes it a highly versatile, delightful color for any design approach and color scheme.

Best Benjamin Moore Pink Bedroom Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore’s luxury paints are guaranteed to be sustainable, non-toxic, and utterly gorgeous. Their range of pinks is vast, ranging from barely there pale pinks to vibrant fuschia and psychedelic magenta.

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#1. Opal 891

This is the pink for people who think they don’t like pink, as it’s really white with a pink undertone.

Choose Opal for the merest hint of soft, cool pink in an elegant bedroom, especially if it’s a little light-starved. Pale pink creates the illusion of spaciousness and airiness.

This barely-there pink is creamy and laid-back if paired with neutrals. But it shines if your color scheme is on the pink, red, or purple scale.

Benjamin Moore Opal 891.

#2. Ballet Slippers 1331

Blush pink’s warm rosiness makes it a perfectly pretty pink, ideal for retro-style and traditional bedrooms. Pair Ballet Slippers with white trim for a fresh finish, or add a hint of green for an Art Deco effect.

The color also works well with textures like satin, fur, and velvet. But don’t ignore its effect on modern organics’ use of textured materials, especially concrete.

Benjamin Moore Ballet Slippers 1331.

#3. Pacific Grove Pink 889

This season’s pinks lean heavily to the terracotta or coral, and radiant Pacific Grove Pink brings that energy. This cheerful color is gorgeous when paired with teal and aqua, leaning into a tropical feel.

Go for pretty florals in green and blue for traditional charm, or subtle with black and white. Use this color to brighten a dimly lit bedroom or paint your south-facing bedroom to enjoy the sunshine.

Benjamin Moore Pacific Grove Pink 889.

#4. Hot Lips 2077-30

For a pink that demands attention, go for vivid fuchsia Hot Lips, one of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling pinks. This rich pink has a fun eighties vibe that works well for a kid’s bedroom (or am I being too nostalgic?).

If Hot Lips is too much for you, try a single wall in your bedroom. I guarantee you’ll feel happy every morning.

Benjamin Moore Hot Lips 2077-30.

Top Bedroom Pink Paint Colors by Farrow & Ball

Some of Farrow & Ball’s fan favorites are from their pink range of handcrafted paints. Ranging from salmon to bubblegum pink, these paint colors will have the most saturated, lush version of your desired color.

#5. Calamine 230

When I saw this pink, my first thought was the soothing lotion my mom slathered me with when I was five years old and had chickenpox. I remember its cool, gentle texture and lovely, chalky color, perfect for an elegant bedroom.

Choose this soft color for an adult pink, as its gray undertone prevents it from being too sweet and girly. Pair Calamine with whites and neutrals for the best effect.

Calamine 230 by Farrow & Ball.

#6. Pink Ground 202

This warm, delicate pink paint is the color of pale terracotta clay. It has a lush earthiness that’s perfect for a serene bedroom. Pair it with grays for cool sophistication, copper for dazzling glamor. Or stone and peach for traditional charm.

Pink Ground 202 by Farrow & Ball.

#7. Sulking Room Pink 295

Okay, I admit it; I chose this color so that I could recommend it for a teenager’s bedroom! (Did you know that the word “boudoir” is derived from the French bouder, meaning sulk.)

But Sulking Room Pink is one of the most beautiful and unusual shades of pink. This muted, grayish rose pink is warm, luscious, and saturated with pigment. (I would like to paint my bedroom this color!)

Sulking Room Pink 295.


#8. Setting Plaster 231

Setting Plaster, is a gentle dusty rose with a yellow undertone reminiscent of the plaster used in our homes.

I love this antique shade in heritage interiors with chandeliers, velvet drapes, and mahogany four-posters. But it tones equally well with sophisticated luxury interiors. Choose Setting Plaster to add warmth to a north-facing bedroom.

Setting Plaster 231 by Farrow & Ball.

Best Pink Paint Colors for a Bedroom by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams’ premier paints don’t disappoint when it comes to their pink collection. As luxurious as their other paints, the variety of pinks is superb and worth a browse if you’re looking to paint your bedroom.

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#9. Persimmon SW 6339

Persimmon, an earthy terracotta pink, is HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year for 2024. This relaxing color is perfect for a bedroom sanctuary where you go to recuperate and rejuvenate.

Like all terracottas, Persimmon is cozy and comfortable. It has a refreshing hint of citrus that brings it up to date for an earth-tones-inspired palette.

Persimmon SW 6339.

#10. Romance SW 6323

This popular pastel pink doesn’t evoke prince and princessy romance. Instead, muted Romance is understated and suited to a more sophisticated and mature romance. Add rich burgundy drapes and a four-poster for a dramatic, romantic boudoir. Or layer pink, brown, and white for neutral elegance.

Romance SW 6323.

#11. In The Pink SW 6583

If you’re looking for a traditional, sweet pink, In The Pink is the hue for you. And it’s no surprise that this is one of Sherwin-Williams’ fan favorites. This cherry pink is bright and cheerful, toning with jewel colors like peacock blue, cobalt, and emerald green.

In The Pink SW 6583.

#12. Coral Reef SW 6606

Coral pink has been a popular Sherwin-Williams shade for the past five years. There are many iterations of this bright, lively color. Coral Reef is vibrant and flamboyant, it is perfect for a jazzy, glamorous bedroom or a maximalist boudoir.

You won’t need any accent colors or many accessories. Pair coral with crisp white and peach, and you’ll feel like you’re sipping a sunset cocktail.

Coral Reef SW 6606.

Final Thoughts

Luxury paint brands Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, and Sherwin-Williams have a veritable treasure trove of pink paints for your bedroom. Choose a paler pink for an elegant, smaller bedroom, a coral pink for sunny, vibrant rooms. And an exuberant fuchsia or cerise for a dramatic space.

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Room with pink wall background and wood floor, bed, assorted colors of pillows, flower vase on a stool and text overlay that says, "Best pink bedroom paint colors".

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