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15 Best Basement Playroom Paint Colors – Vibrant and Energizing

One of the most fun — and most challenging —renovations is creating a basement playroom. This is due to the lack of light and the need for child-friendly colors. Let’s take a look at the best basement playroom paint colors.

My sister’s basement has undergone many transformations. It has gone from an elegant guest room (pre-kids) to a colorful playroom. Most recently, it became a quiet home office.

Sherwin-Williams’ best basement playroom paint colors are Extra White, Upward, Mindful Gray, Limón Fresco and Easy Green. Benjamin Moore’s are Morning Sunshine, Lily Lavender, Blue Nova, Lyons Red and Strawberry Freeze. Behr’s are Mocha Light, Perennial Green, Drip, Nairobi Dusk and Unmellow Yellow.

Kids room with yellow wall background, tables, chairs and toys, and text overlay that says, "Best basement playroom paint colors".

Choosing Paint Colors for Basement Playrooms

Children’s spaces have come a long way from garish primary colors and poorly painted storage units.

Playrooms now reflect more eco-friendly design. They include sustainable wood and gentle, natural colors to inspire little minds.

However, painting a basement has extra needs. You’re dealing with a light-starved space. It needs light but can shine unpleasantly yellow or green under artificial light. What are the best colors to meet the need for brightness and creativity?

I find it easy to choose playroom colors, especially if you know the child well. Whimsical pinks and lilacs for lovers of My Little Pony. Red and blue stripes for little sailors. Or serene gray for the junior artist to create a gallery wall.

Experts say that these three palettes are also great for basements. But what about basement playrooms?

Sherwin-Williams Basement Playroom Colors

You can always rely on Sherwin-Williams for high-quality, beautifully colored paints. They won’t discolor or fade, so they’ll keep your kiddies’ room fresh and bright for years.

#1. Extra White SW 7006

Okay, I know that white walls and kids don’t always work well together, but hear me out. A fresh, clean white makes a great backdrop for a playroom. Kids grow and change. This is true whether you’ve got boys or girls.

Extra White is a great choice for brightening a dull basement with zero natural light. It has a neutral rather than sickly yellow undertone and high reflectivity.

Extra White SW 7006.

#2. Upward SW 6239

A serene, clear blue is popular for basements and playrooms, and Upward is the ideal choice. Sherwin-Williams’s Color of the Year 2024 is a calm, grayish blue that won’t overwhelm a small space or make it feel dark.

Pair this dreamy blue with crisp whites and whimsical lavender to stimulate your little one’s imagination.

Upward SW 6239.

#3. Mindful Gray SW 7016

Gray interiors are slowly being replaced by ones with warmer tones. But for a basement playroom, Mindful Gray is a soothing, relaxing color.

This versatile shade is light enough to illuminate a sun-starved room. It creates a spacious, airy feeling, and works well with pastels and brights. It’s also my favorite backdrop for a gallery wall of kiddy art.

Mindful Gray SW 7016.

#4. Limón Fresco SW 9030

Limón Fresco is one of Sherwin Williams’ recommendations for a kid’s room. It has charming inventiveness, creativity, and playfulness. My nephews see a green space as a wild jungle, a magical garden, or a mystical swamp.

A vibrant lime green makes a gorgeous accent wall in a room filled with fresh white and citrus brights.

Limón Fresco SW 9030.

#5. Easy Green SW 6450

Soft blue-greens are on trend and are suitable for an elegant living room or a basement playroom. Create a glowing kiddies’ space with fresh, Easy Green, and gentle pastels like mint, buttercup, and aqua.

Decorate with natural textures, like cotton, sea grass, rattan, and blond wood, to carry a biophilic theme through your home.

Easy Green SW 6450.

Top Basement Playroom Colors from Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s premium paint colors are fan favorites. People love them for their easy application and rich colors. Here are my recommendations for painting your basement playroom.

#6. Morning Sunshine 2018-50

A warm, buttery yellow is ideal for a basement lacking natural light. Let this lush shade create the sensation of sunlight, reflecting and amplifying whatever light comes in.

Yellow is very cheerful. It’s fitting for a playroom, adding energy and vibrance. This is true whether your theme is buzzy bees or seaside fun.

Morning Sunshine 2018-50.

#7. Lily Lavender 2071-60

This floral purple is a charming backdrop for a playroom, washing the space with luminous color. Lily Lavender is a whimsical color, satisfying fairy tale and Disney princess lovers alike.

Keep the room neutral by pairing lavender with light browns. Or go full unicorn and add pink, mauve, lilac, and glitter.

Lily Lavender 2071-60.

#8. Blue Nova 825

There’s no need to stick to pale colors in a basement. Go for a moody blue that creates an exciting sanctuary for playtime. A blue accent wall becomes the night sky, a rolling ocean, or the distant mountains.

Blue Nova is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2024. It’s a sumptuous shade of blue that will be as appropriate for toddlers as for teens.

Blue Nova 825.

#9. Lyon’s Red CC-68

There is something energizing about fire-engine red. Lyon’s Red is perfect for adding a splash of color in a red, white, and blue nautical scheme. It also works in a teens’ game room with board games and a TV.

Limit red to an accent wall in a basement with no natural light, as it can be overwhelming.

Lyon’s Red CC-68.

#10. Strawberry Freeze 2090-60

Let your feminine side rein free with a pink basement playroom. This pink is sherbert colored and has a touch of peach. It will brighten a light-starved room and keep it from being too powder pink if your children are a little more discerning.

I paired this color with leafy greens, as it reminds me of spring blossoms, and created a magic forest playroom for my niece.

Strawberry Freeze 2090-60.

Behr’s Basement Playroom Paint Colors

Behr’s paints are mildew — and stain-resistant, ideal for damp basements. They also have a selection of gloriously bright shades for your kids’ playroom.

#11. Mocha Light BWC-24

Mocha Light is a soft, neutral shade perfect for poorly lit basement areas. It has a high LRV, meaning any natural light will be reflected as brightly as possible. It’s also one of Behr’s recommendations for playrooms.

If you love warm beiges, carry this gentle color to the playroom. Add Scandi-style wooden toys, wicker furniture, and a warm woolen rug. Add accents of muted blue or green for color.

Mocha Light BWC-24.

#12. Perennial Green M410-7

This lush, deep green is ideal for a games room for older children and teens, with a snooker table, dart board, and sports channels on the TV.

Create a “teen cave” with this moody color, but stick to an accent wall. Remember that the ceiling is the fifth wall — rather than the entire room. It’s also a perfect color for a camouflage or military-themed playroom.

Perennial Green M410-7.

#13. Drip S460-2

Drip is a light, joyful blue with a clear, clean, refreshing feel in a small, darker room. It’s the color of the morning sky and creates a serene space for children to learn and play.

I would pair Drip with light wood, sage green, and crisp white for a Scandi playroom.

Drip S460-2.

#14. Nairobi Dusk PPU3-10

Cozy earth shades are gorgeous in a kids’ room. They infuse a basement space with warmth and personality. Nairobi Dusk is the magnificent color of an African sunset. Its rich yellow undertones combine beautifully with lush cream and radiant white.

Nairobi Dusk PPU3-10.

#15. Unmellow Yellow P300-7

Unmellow Yellow is described by Behr as “the happiest hue we’ve ever seen”. It’s a richly pigmented, spicy yellow that will lift your spirits.

This is the yellow of taxicabs, street signs, and racing cars. So, it will work perfectly with a car-themed playroom (yes, I’m blessed with many nephews). Add plenty of red and black for an energizing space.

Unmellow Yellow P300-7.

Final Thoughts

The basement is an excellent place for a playroom, keeping the kids safe and busy. However, the lack of natural light can make it a murky space. So brighten up a basement playroom with soft, natural shades of blue, beige, and green. Vibrant reds, yellows, and blues work, as do feminine pinks and purples.

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Kids room with yellow wall background, storage bins, chair and toys, and text overlay that says, "Top paint colors for basement playrooms".

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