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15 Best Benjamin Moore Blue Gray Paint Colors

Here are some of the best Benjamin Moore blue gray paint colors you may be interested in.

It’s not often that fashions in hair color and interiors match up, but blue gray is on trend for both this year. While gray has been on the interiors’ radar for some time, its combination with blue updates the look, making it sleek and contemporary.

The best Benjamin Moore blue gray paint colors are Lily White, Silver Cloud, Solitude, Beacon Gray, Instinct, and Mt Ranier Gray. Mid-tones are Little Falls, Water’s Edge, November Skies, Oxford Gray, Providence Blue, and Evening Dove. Lead Gray, Gentleman’s Gray and Blue Note are dark.

Blush pink throws on gray couch, bluish gray wall and text overlay that reads, "Best Benjamin Moore blue gray paint colors".

I never seem to tire of blue walls and cabinetry in my home. With a gray undertone, blue becomes a little more sophisticated, mature, and elegant. It works as well for traditional as modern interiors, so I’ve curated the ideal blue gray paint colors from Benjamin Moore.

15 Top Benjamin Moore Blue Gray Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore is known for gorgeous shades, so let’s look at their best bluish gray paint colors.

#1. Lily White 2128-70

Lily White 2128-70.

The palest of blue-grays, Lily White is a crisp, off-white shade. I love this color for large or busy spaces, like double-height entrance halls or family living rooms.

Go for Lily White if you want an inviting neutral to anchor a blue and gray palette. It also looks terrific with beige, taupe, and ivory.

#2. Silver Cloud 2129-70

Silver Cloud 2129-70.

Silver Cloud is a dreamy option if you like a little more gray whispering through your blue-gray. This ethereal color is lovely for peaceful bedrooms.

Combine Silver Cloud with white, cream, and ivory, or enjoy it as a calm backdrop for more intense blues and greens.

#3. Solitude AF-545

Solitude AF-545.

Solitude is slightly more intense than the soft blue-grays so far. This paint is more intensely blue but remains soft, cool, and harmonious.

This is the perfect color for a home office or study as it’s tranquil and airy. But it would look equally gorgeous in a Scandi kitchen with blush pink, sage green, and creamy yellow. For a bolder vibe, pair Solitude with spicy orange and rust red in an organic modern living room.

#4. Beacon Gray 2128-60

Beacon Gray 2128-60.

This clean, fresh blue-gray has an old-world charm: Beacon Gray is ideal for traditional Americana aesthetics and historically protected homes and neighborhoods.

However, Beacon Gray is timeless enough to refresh a dated home, giving it a clean, classic appeal.

#5. Instinct AF-575

Instinct AF-575.

Lavender had a moment this past season, and if you didn’t get enough purple charm, Instinct is a charming option. I love how this color is elegant, timeless, and formal but has a touch of whimsy.

Choose Instinct (sound like a fragrance commercial?) for a feminine sitting room, inviting entrance hall, or Art Deco dining room.

#6. Mt Rainier Gray 2129-60

Mt Rainier Gray 2129-60.

This soothing shade is one of Benjamin Moore’s most recommended blue-gray paints, and it’s easy to see why. This icy, sleek blue epitomizes minimalist sophistication for grown-up bedrooms and living rooms.

Replace dated powder blue with Mt Rainier Gray in your guestroom for an instant refresher. It will also look delightful in a powder room.

#7. Little Falls 1621

Little Falls 1621.

With the trend to biophilic design, such as the organic modern aesthetic, colors tend to be natural. Little Falls is a mid-tone blue-gray inspired by the sea and sky, so it pairs beautifully with sandy tan, mossy green, and earthy brown.

Use Little Falls as an anchor for a coastal aesthetic or as a pop of color in a neutral scheme. Either way, it provides an inviting bridge between blue and gray.

#8. Water’s Edge 1635

Water’s Edge 1635.

This beautifully balanced blue-gray has subtle green undertones, giving it depth and interest. Just as sunlight plays on water, light shines differently on Water’s Edge, giving it a teal look that’s gorgeous for bathrooms.

Water’s Edge would also be gorgeous for kitchen cabinets or bookshelves in a home library.

#9. November Skies 2128-50

November Skies 2128-50.

Moody and storm-colored, November Skies reflects the fading beauty of a rainy afternoon. It’s a versatile shade, and I foresee it becoming a workhorse of neutral interiors.

Perfectly balanced between blue and gray, November Skies isn’t too dark and overwhelming for a smaller living room, adding just the right dose of breezy freshness. It’s equally happy as a hero of a room or just the sidekick.

#10. Oxford Gray 2128-40

Oxford Gray 2128-40.

Oxford Gray is a masculine color, in the best sense of the word: tailored, crisp, and elegant. This handsome blue-gray shade works best in formal interiors like a luxe dining room.

Choose Oxford Gray for traditional aesthetics, such as a French farmhouse kitchen with brass accents and on-trend terracotta ceramics.

#11. Providence Blue 1636

Providence Blue 1636.

Benjamin Moore has both a Providence Blue and a Providence Gray, the first a slate blue and the second a gray-blue. Both have a green undertone that changes with the light, adding a moody nuance.

Like Oxford Gray, this is a beautiful color for traditional English and French country interiors, especially when paired with crisp white or cream trim.

#12. Evening Dove 2128-30

Evening Dove 2128-30.

Blue-gray isn’t only soft and billowy. Evening Dove offers an inky injection of pigment that combines charcoal and navy blue.

I love using this dramatic shade to add personality to small bathrooms or dull hallways. Pair it with icy white for a modern edge or yellowed ivory for more traditional looks.

#13. Lead Gray 2131-30

Lead Gray 2131-30.

Another blue-gray that leans towards teal is Lead Gray. This smoky color is perfect for cabinetry in vintage kitchens.

I’d also love an eclectic living room drenched in lead gray and filled with exotic pink, turquoise, and orange furnishings.

#14. Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20

Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20.

For lovers of darker blue-gray, Gentleman’s Gray is rich and intense. Benjamin Moore describes it as a “blackened blue teal,” introducing a charred, smoky element.

This is another candidate for color drenching in a contemporary living room or elegant dining room, creating a sense of space.

#15. Blue Note 2129-30

Blue Note 2129-30.

This paint color makes a statement wherever you use it. Darker than Evening Dove, this deep navy-gray is almost black, shining blue in certain lights.

It’s a lovely color for a bedroom, as it is tranquil and hypnotic rather than joltingly overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

Benjamin Moore’s selection of blue gray paint colors ranges from ethereal off-white and silvery shades to richly pigmented mid-tones and teals. Darker navy blue and charcoal mixtures add drama, looking black under certain lights.

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Pink throw blanket and pillow on gray sofa, grayish blue wall and text overlay that reads, "Best blue gray paint colors from Benjamin Moore".

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