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10 Best Sherwin Williams Blue Gray Paint Colors

Looking for blue gray paint colors for your home? Here are some of the best Sherwin Williams blue gray paint colors you can choose from.

Earthy shades are on trend right now, and I’m in love with the season’s rich terracotta, muted green, and buttery yellows. The watery, misty blues in vogue are also gorgeous, so I’ve been hunting for the best blue gray paint colors.

The best Sherwin Williams blue gray paint colors include pale blue grays, stormy gray blues and intensely pigmented midnight blue. The top 10 blue gray paints are Upward, Aleutian, Moonmist, Steely Gray, North Star, Samovar Silver, Jubilee, Wall Street, Storm Cloud, and Outer Space.

Couch in front of bluish gray wall and text overlay that reads, "Best Sherwin Williams blue gray paint colors".

Interior designers agree that elegant, serene blue remains popular, whether for the bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens.

While the all-gray look has had its moment, this year’s blues have a gray undertone, be it silvery, slate, or dramatic charcoal that adds mature stability.

Top 10 Blue Gray Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

Let’s see what Sherwin Williams, a perennial favorite, has to offer in the blue gray shade.

#1. Upward (SW 6239)

Upward (SW 6239).


Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2024 is Upward, a blissfully tranquil blue with a silver-gray lining. It’s ideal for relaxed, comfortable interiors and works perfectly with Scandi and coastal aesthetics. I love this breezy shade for kitchen cabinetry and have fantasies of a little she-shed painted blue-gray.

However, because Upward isn’t a true pastel blue, it’s sophisticated enough for the Art Deco look that’s a current vintage favorite. And it’s neutral enough for layered beige and ivory fans who want a hint of color.

#2. Aleutian (SW 6241)

Aleutian (SW 6241).

Aleutian is a denim-inspired blue gray, one of Sherwin-Williams’ top 50 interior colors. It is more intensely pigmented than Upward but has a similarly tranquil vibe ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

Choose this shade for airy, sunny rooms and pair it with crisp cotton curtains, bleached linen upholstery, and an anchoring gray rug. It will also look stunning with gray tones, for those who can’t let go of the gray look.

#3. Moonmist (SW 9144)

Moonmist (SW 9144).

Moonmist is probably one of the most charmingly named paint colors! Another of Sherwin-Williams’ top 50 for interiors, this blue-gray has a hint of yellow that makes it unusual. Moonmist is a pale, nebulous paint that shifts color depending on the time of day and the quality of the light.

The color works well for living and dining rooms, as it is bright and airy during the day but mysterious and mature in the evening light. I love the color for minimalist interiors, especially the new contemporary organic aesthetic.

#4. Steely Gray (SW 7664)

Steely Gray (SW 7664).

While blue-gray shades lean towards the blue rather than the gray, Steely Gray tends towards the grayer side of the spectrum. This moody, cloudy color is richly pigmented and perfect for contemporary, minimalist interiors.

That said, I’d love to design a traditional, elegant dining room around Steely Gray with creamy accents. It also works well in a modern kitchen, combined with dramatic charcoal or quartz tones.

#5. North Star (SW 6246)

North Star (SW 6246).

Another blue-gray that tends to the cooler gray side, North Star is a light, airy color. It exudes calmness and is perfect for large spaces like bedrooms and family rooms.

Like Oyster Bay, North Star can shine a little green under certain lights, so it’s wise to paint a color sample before decorating. Still, North Star is predominantly slate undertoned and neutral.

#6. Samovar Silver (SW 6233)

Samovar Silver (SW 6233).

Samovar Silver is ideal for sophisticated interiors with its elegant silvery appearance and nuanced blue undertone. The dominant gray tones make this the perfect neutral. Consider Samovar Silver for a welcoming entrance, a charming bedroom, or a refined library.

This silvery blue works well in vintage interiors, particularly an Art Deco style dining room or bathroom. It is also suitable for a home office, especially if you want an elegant, professional environment.

#7. Jubilee (SW 6248)

Jubilee (SW 6248).

Jubilee is a slightly more intense version of North Star and shares its calm gracefulness. I love this color for study, where you need a peaceful environment to be productive.

However, Jubilee has a pastel blue element that makes it more playful and quirky, fantastic for a retro-style bathroom. Add silver or chrome elements to make the blue pop.

#8. Wall Street (SW 7665)

Wall Street (SW 7665).

This sleek, sophisticated color perfectly exudes mature elegance, balancing its blue and gray elements. Intensely pigmented Wall Street was created as part of the Vintage Homestead Color Collection and is gorgeous in traditional and retro interiors.

This versatile color is at home in a study, library, or music room and looks the part when combined with brass, leather, wood, and black accents. It also tones beautifully with earthy reds and spicy yellows in retro interiors.

#9. Storm Cloud (SW 6249)

Storm Cloud (SW 6249).

Blue-gray doesn’t have to be a light or bright color—dark, moody blue-gray is a dramatic option. Consider Storm Cloud if you want to color-drench a cozy living room, as the deep shade isn’t overwhelming. If you’re nervous, keep the ceiling white.

I also love more intense colors in a grown-up bedroom. Imagine this blue-gray in a room with a four-poster bed, lush velvet drapes, and a plush carpet.

#10. Outer Space (SW 6251)

Outer Space (SW 6251).

For an even more brooding option, try Outer Space. This blue-gray tends towards charcoal but with a midnight-blue pigment that reminds me of the night sky.

This versatile color works well in a contemporary, masculine interior paired with black or white. I think it’s also magnificent as a backdrop to an eclectic living room, full of spicy tones.

Final Thoughts

Sherwin-Williams has a vast selection of blue-gray shades. Colors range from classic misty, airy shades perfect for lightening up small rooms to intensely pigmented denim blue-gray for vintage kitchens. There is also the on trend, dramatic option of a deep blue gray, ideal for color-drenching a modern bathroom or living room. Whatever blue-gray you’re looking for, Sherwin-Williams will have the paint color you need.

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Blush couch in front of a grayish blue wall and text overlay that reads, "Best blue gray paint colors from Sherwin Williams".

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Suzanne Davis

Wednesday 1st of May 2024

Just what I needed to read as I am contemplating blue greys for study and bedroom off of my tan beige living room. Great article!


Thursday 2nd of May 2024

Hi Suzanne,

I'm happy to hear that you found the article helpful for choosing choosing the right blue grays for your study and bedroom.

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