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15 Best White Paint Colors for Interiors and Exteriors

Even white isn’t just white! So, what are the best white paint colors to use?

One of the first lessons you learn when decorating your home is that paint colors aren’t straightforward. The swatch or on-screen example suddenly looks different once you start painting, as the light changes and the room’s orientations differ.

The best white paint colors are Behr’s Frost, Polar Bear and Falling Snow. Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, White Dove and Atrium White; Farrow & Ball’s Wimbourne White, Pointing and All White. PPG’s Off White, Pegasus and Vanilla Milkshake; and Sherwin-Williams’ Pure White, Snowbound and Sanctuary.

To be honest, I wouldn’t want to paint my whole house white. Still, I can see the charm of a fresh white kitchen or relaxed neutral living room. To get the perfect white paint color, I’ve looked at the best sellers and fan favorites from the top paint companies — here are the best white paint colors.

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Choosing the Right White Paint Color for Your Home: Factors to Consider

When selecting the best white paint to create a serene, spacious effect, it’s essential to consider the following:

  • Do you want a warm white, with a yellow or red undertone, creating a glow?
  • Do you want a cool white with a blue or gray undertone for the ultimate in crisp freshness?
  • Do you want a pure, sparkling white or a creamy off-white?
  • What is the room’s orientation?
  • How much natural and artificial light does the room get?

Once you have considered these questions, choosing the ideal white paint for your home is much easier.

The Best White Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams is the largest paint brand in the USA, which has been producing premium paints since 1866 and is synonymous with quality interior paints.

#1. Pure White SW 7005

This timeless paint color is Sherwin-Williams’ most popular white because of its versatility, brightness, and balance. Pair Pure White’s fresh tones with any interior style, textures, colors, and finishes. If you genuinely want a background color to let your furniture and accessories shine, go for Pure White.

Pure White SW 7005.


#2. Snowbound SW 7004 

I know that greige isn’t as cutting-edge as it once was, but I’m still a fan of the lush gray-beige combination. Snowbound is the ideal shade of white for a neutral color scheme, with its greige undertones.

However, if you pair this chameleon shade with other whites, the undertone will be less overt, and you’ll have a true white.

Snowbound SW 7004.


#3. Sanctuary SW 9583

A cooler white, Sanctuary has a soft gray undertone that makes a soothing backdrop for a zen bedroom. This color works well with biophilic design, toning with stone and sand shades and letting natural greenery pop.

Sanctuary SW 9583.


Top White Colors by Behr

Behr paints are known for their superior quality, ease of application, gorgeous range of colors, and pocket-friendly prices. Let’s look at their best-selling shades of white.

#4. Frost 57

This incredibly popular white paint color is a clean, off-white shade with deep blue undertones. As the name suggests, the color is cool, crisp, and fresh, ideal for a sunny kitchen.

Frost 57.


#5. Polar Bear 75

This is the ideal shade if you want white paint with balanced, pure, and bright undertones. It is perfect for making rooms look more spacious or for contrasting trim. Polar Bear is also great for ceilings.

Polar Bear 75.


#6. Falling Snow PPU18-07 

This remarkable white has a gentle green undertone, making it gorgeous with neutrals and cooler color schemes, with blues, greens, and purples.

Falling Snow PPU18-07.

Top White Colors by Benjamin Moore

This high-end, award-winning paint brand has created some of the best-selling white paints. The brand is popular with interior decorators and ordinary folks (including myself) alike. These luxury paints are known for their durability and saturated colors.

#7. Chantilly Lace

This consistent favorite is a true cool white with slight gray and blue undertones. Chantilly Lace’s beauty and versatility make it popular in kitchens and dining rooms, especially in light-starved spaces that become clean and fresh-looking. Pair this white with cooler colors.

Chantilly Lace OC-65.

#8. White Dove OC-17

Another designer favorite, White Dover, is a warm, creamy off-white, perfect for brightening up interiors that don’t get enough sun. It’s lovely with heritage shades but dynamic enough to contrast vividly with black in more contemporary interiors.

White Dove OC-17.

#9. Atrium White OC-145

This gorgeous off-white has a warm peach undertone, making it a gentle and appealing shade. Atrium White is a pretty, calming white color that works well in playrooms, kiddies’ bedrooms, and family rooms.

Atrium White OC-145.

The Best White Paint Colors by Farrow & Ball

This iconic English brand has been active since 1946. It produces richly colored paints that are excellent historic matches for heritage homes and eco-friendly colors for more contemporary homes.

#10. Wimborne White 239

This signature shade by Farrow & Ball is named after the town in Dorset, England, where the paint company is based. Wimborne White is a rich, creamy white with a buttery undertone for depth and softness. It’s the perfect color for traditional and farmhouse interiors.

My sister recently redecorated her kitchen and went cream walls on cream cabinetry with a stunning blue island. I’m in love.

Wimborne White 239.

#11. Pointing 2003

A fan favorite, Pointing has nothing to do with fingers. Instead, it’s named for the lime mortar (called pointing) in traditional brickwork. If you prefer your white neutrals without yellow, this warm white has a reddish undertone.

With enormous depth and nuance, Pointing will remind you of parchment paper, ivory, or old books, making it as ideal for a sunny playroom as a cozy study.

Pointing 2003.

#12. All White 2005

This appropriately named paint color is categorized as pure white, which means it won’t glow either yellow, red, or blue as the light changes. All White is equally at home with warm, cool, bright, or dark colors. Use it to anchor a relaxing, neutral scheme or be on trend with a deep terracotta red.

FB All White 2005.

Top White Colors By PPG

PPG is a global paint supplier and a Fortune 500 company, the biggest in the USA, after acquiring Glidden in 2013. Their paints are durable reliable, and come in a wide range of lovely colors.

#13. Off White PPG1024-1

This unassumingly named Off White is like the caramel latte of whites — it’s white but with a delightful dollop of earthy taupe.

My sister in-law painted her tiny loft in this warm neutral, and it looks beautiful. She experimented with pairing it with beige and brown — we all raved. But she needs her dose of color, so she added vivid yellow trim and the combination sings.

Off White PPG1024-1.

#14. Pegasus PPG1010-1

I love the image of a flying horse, all billowing mane and tail, that this name conjures up. Like the horse leaping through the fog, this color is a pale, snowy white with a gray undertone. Pair it with deep, jewel colors and dark wood furniture — my mind goes straight to mid-century modern.

Pegasus PPG1010-1.

#15. Vanilla Milkshake PPG1015-1

Like a homemade vanilla milkshake, this white color has the slightest pink undertone and creamy richness. I recommend it as the go-to white for pairing with sandy shades and layering up on-trend earthy neutrals.

Vanilla Milkshake PPG1015-1.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best white paint colors for your home depends on whether you want a cool, true white or a warm off-white. Also, look at your room’s orientation and changing natural and artificial light. The top paint brands, including Behr, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, PPG, and Sherwin-Williams, will have the perfect white shade for you.

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White wall background, wood floor, potted plant, throw pillows on a couch, coffee table, and text overlay that says, "The top white paint colors".

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