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12 Most Popular Cream Paint Colors for Walls

There is, of course, a reason why cream is a delectable paint color for your home: it’s versatile, reliable, and delicious. Let’s look at premier paint brands’ most popular cream paint colors.

Decorators always refer to cream paint as a timeless classic. But greedy as I am, it always reminds me of dessert. Even the names of these paints are edible: whipped, thick, heavy, puffy cream!

The most popular cream paint colors by Sherwin-Williams are Alabaster, Creamy, and Steamed Milk. Behr’s are Whipped Cream, Heavy Cream, and Cream Puff. Benjamin Moore’s best creams are Swiss Coffee, Putnam Ivory, and Bruton White, while Farrow & Ball’s are Tallow, Slipper Satin, and White Tie.

Cream wall background, plant and book on coffee table, pillows on a couch, and text overlay that says, "Popular cream paint colors".

I’ve mentioned my aversion to white paint, being a color lover. However, cream is so much more than white or off-white: it reflects light, glows, and adds warmth to any space.

Cream stands at the intersection between white and beige. It has a warm yellow, peach or taupe undertone, but remains an understated neutral. These undertones make cream more inviting than stark white, imbuing your room with coziness and elegance.

It works with any design style and creates a serene backdrop for bolder shades. If you’re thinking of painting your home cream, take a hint from some of the best-selling creams.

Sherwin-Williams Most Popular Cream Paint Colors

The US’s most popular paint producer has a wide variety of lush, neutral creams. Many of these are best-selling and designer favorites.

#1. Alabaster SW 7008

This much-loved paint color is a soft, warm cream with taupe undertones. With an almost velvety texture, Alabaster is elegantly old-world. However, in a sunny room, it’s bright and fresh enough to be used instead of white.

Choose Alabaster for a serene bedroom or as the perfect trim shade in your kitchen — it looks beautiful in both natural and artificial light.

Alabaster SW 7008.

#2. Creamy SW 7012

This classic Sherwin-Williams neutral has the most delicious buttery undertone. This makes it a great match for warm, earthy tones. These include terracotta, yellow, orange, and red. ms. It works well in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Creamy SW 7012.

#3. Steamed Milk SW 7554

Don’t let the name put you off by conjuring up images of that nasty skin on warm milk. This color has beautiful pink undertones, creating a peaceful, cozy atmosphere. The usual colors, yellow or gray, make cream tend to beige. But, Steamed Milk tends towards the softest peach, which is ideal with trending terracotta.

Steamed Milk SW 7554.

Best Cream Paints by Behr

Many of Behr’s best-sellers come from their neutral range. Designers are turning to sophisticated and understated earthy shades this season. And cream, ivory, and off-white are all popular options.

#4. Whipped Cream DC-001

This lush, warm cream is one of Behr’s trending colors for 2024. The color is light and playful, perfect for a dull north-facing room that needs an injection of warmth. Whipped Cream combines beautifully with other neutrals, earth tones, and wood tones.

Whipped Cream DC-001.

#5. Heavy Cream PPU5-10

Richer than Whipped Cream, Heavy Cream is dreamy and casual, ideal for a bedroom. The paint is like vanilla ice cream, with a slight peach undertone that looks stunning with earthy and fruity shades. Heavy Cream glows in a south-facing room.

Heavy Cream PPU5-10.

#6. Cream Puff PPU6-10

Cream Puff is ivory, a light, yellowish shade of white that overlaps with cream. Its buttery undertones are inviting and warm. They create a sense of space and airiness in a smaller room.

Cream Puff PPU6-10.

Benjamin Moore’s Top Creams

Benjamin Moore is one of the US’s most loved paint brands. It is known for high-quality, durable paints in a vast range of gorgeous colors. They stock over 150 shades of white, including off-white, ivory, taupe, sand, and cream.

#7. Swiss Coffee OC-45

This delectable shade is one of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling paints ever. This creamy white is the color of milky coffee and has a soft warmth without a strong yellow undertone. Use this peaceful, neutral shade throughout your home, particularly where you have a nature-inspired design ethos.

Swiss Coffee OC-45.

#8. Putnam Ivory HC-39

This sophisticated shade of cream has strong peach and citrus undertones. Hence, it’s both a serene anchor to biophilic schemes with plenty of greenery. Use Putnam Ivory to warm up a north-facing room or as a backdrop for South-Western or desert-inspired interiors.

Putnam Ivory HC-39.

#9. Bruton White CW-710

Benjamin Moore is known for heritage colors. And this elegant shade is based on an 18th-century cream paint. Part of the Colonial Williamsburg collection, Bruton White is a chalky gray cream ideal for traditional and English and French country styles.

Bruton White CW-710.

Best Cream Paint Colors by Farrow & Ball

This distinguished British brand produces elegant, intensely saturated colors that suit antique and contemporary styles.

#10. Tallow 203

This lush cream is named after the material once used to make candles, appropriate for luminous red and yellow undertones. This warm color works especially well for rooms that need a glowing lift, as it has high reflectivity.

Tallow is effective in both contemporary and traditional interiors and is particularly inviting in a bedroom or nursery.

Tallow 203.

#11. Slipper Satin 2004

Choose Slipper Satin (not to be confused with the pink Satin Slipper), which is a classic cream without heavy pink or yellow undertones. This color is loved by designers for its elegance and versatility. It works well in cooler spaces and sun-kissed interiors.

Slipper Satin 2004.

#12. White Tie 2002

I love Farrow & Ball’s sense of history, with almost every color telling a story. This gentle cream may seem to be oddly named, considering the crisp whiteness of dinner jackets.

However, White Tie is reminiscent of the unbleached cotton originally used for these jackets, a much creamier shade. This is the ideal background and trim color, allowing the colors around it to shine.

White Tie 2002.

Final Thoughts

Cream is the essential neutral, suiting most design styles and color schemes. Look out for the best-selling and fan favorites by Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Farrow & Ball.

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Cream wall background, plant and book on coffee table, pillows on a couch, and text overlay that says, "Best cream paint colors".

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