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12 Best Blush Paint Colors – Chic and Subtle

The top paint brands have created the most fantastic blush pinks for every room. So let’s look at the best blush paint colors available.

Do you remember when Millenial Pink burst into our interiors? It became the “it” shade for the apartments of the young and beautiful. Rooms were drenched in an undefinable light, dusty pink. Designers arguing over the exact shade: Was it salmon? Coral or Peach?

The most popular answer was blush, that muted, feminine shade named for women’s pressed powder. Blush has remained on the designer radar, with several brands creating different shades of it.

The best blush paint colors by Benjamin Moore are the delightful Marry Me, Featherstone, and Rosetone. Try Clare’s charming Wing It, Meet Cute, and Rose Season, or Sherwin-Williams’ delightful Mellow Coral, Rose Colored, and Malted Milk. Behr’s best blushes are Radiant Rose, Etiquette, and Ole Pink.

Dusty pink wall, wood floor, pillows on a bed and text overlay that says, "Best blush paint colors".

Defining what makes blush pink so, well, blushy, is also tricky. I’d describe it as pale to medium pink, with a hint of blue but sometimes a hint of yellow and gray. (Sounds a bit like the explanation of being a woman from Barbie!)

Blush can tend to rose but also to a barely there breath of peach. Either way, it is always warm, elegant, and appropriate, whether you’re decorating a powder room or the family living room. Let’s look at the most loved examples of this versatile, radiant color.

Blush Color Longevity

Despite what the millennials may say, blush pink isn’t new. Antique rose was a Victorian favorite (when it was a boys’ color).

There were shades of pink and mauve in the seventies. And there were lilac and pink florals in the eighties, and pink roses at every wedding. Its longevity is because blush has pink’s charm and radiance without the over-sweet cutesiness of ballet slippers and unicorns.

The Best Benjamin Moore Blush Paints

You can count on premier paint creator Benjamin Moore to have the most charming blush paints. These colors are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Here are the three most delightful blush paint colors by Benjamin Moore.

#1. Marry Me 1289

Typical of flushed pink paint colors, this radiant, elegant pink is soothing and perfect for a bedroom. It’s upbeat without being girly and can hold its own against bold colors and darker neutrals.

Marry Me has an unusual black undertone, making it the ideal companion for gray and taupe.

Marry Me 1289.

#2. Featherstone 1002

Featherstone is a pale, elegant powder pink with enough beige to qualify as a neutral. With hints of stone and gray, it is a charming choice for girls’ bedrooms. This is because it’ll carry them through the powder pink unicorn phase and into edgy teenagerhood.

I love pairing this color with cooler schemes, like watery blues, to keep a bedroom tranquil.

Featherstone 1002.

#3. Rosetone 1186

I always associate the word “demure” with pink — think downcast eyes and blushing cheeks. But Rosetone is a little more robust, closer to terracotta than cotton candy. It has a lush earthiness that works beautifully with natural tones, like polished wood, clay vases, and cool flagstones.

Rosetone 1186.

The Best Clare Blush Paint Colors

Shop for Clare’s blush colors from your couch. They are guaranteed to be excellent quality, zero VOC, and a delightful range of pinks for your home.

#4. Wing It

Choose Wing It for a sophisticated blush with a hint of coral. This elegant shade is pale enough to work as a neutral. Imagine replacing beige or taupe with this warm yet muted shade.

I recommend this blush paint as an option for people unsure if they like pink. (They begin with an accent wall and end up drenching whole rooms when they fall in love with its radiance.)

Wing It by Clare paint.

#5. Meet Cute

Look, blush is supposed to be a feminine, romantic shade. We should embrace that in the amusingly named Meet Cute. This paint color has all the charm and none of the saccharine quality of blush, making it an easy shade to live with.

Add a touch of refined elegance and ease to your home with this light, airy shade. It reflects warm light around a room.

Meet Cute by Clare paint.

#6. Rose Season

Bubbly and playful like the wine, Rose Season is one of the crisper blush paint colors. It has a gorgeous vibrance that combines well with bold color schemes. This is especially true with red, peach, or complementary rose gold.

Use Rose Season to create a sense of comfort and relaxation in a charming bedroom.

Rose Season by Clare paint.

Best Sherwin-Williams Blush Pink Paint Colors

This luxury supplier always surprises with their innovative spin on regular colors. Sherwin-Williams’ blush paints have unexpected undertones, making your home unique and elegant.

#7. Mellow Coral SW 6324

A peach undertone ensures a more sophisticated shade of blush. It tones beautifully with blues and grays. It’s warm enough to brighten up a north-facing room and looks amazing, with plenty of greenery in a laid-back living room.

Mellow Coral SW 6324.

#8. Rose Colored SW 6303

Rose Colored is a cooler blush with a violet undertone. It complements rich teal, magenta, and emerald green shades.

I love the shade’s saturated intensity and would like to use it in a jewel-toned living room. The room will have lots of velvet and embroidered cushions.

Rose Colored SW 6303.

#9. Malted Milk SW 6057

If you’re excited about the drenching trend, where you paint the walls and ceiling of a room in one lush shade, pour out a glass of Malted Milk. This dusty, delicious pink has a deep, grayish vibe with a muted, almost plaster-like feel.

I love developing the drenching approach. And I do it by adding furniture in a darker version of Malted Milk. I also add sensual textures, metallic, and rich chocolate.

Malted Milk SW 6057.

Top Behr Soft Pink Paints

For decades, Behr has been one of the US’s most popular paint brands, known for its extensive color palette. It’s tough to choose the best blush pinks among so many beautiful shades, but these are my top three.

#10. Radiant Rose S140-1

If there’s one room where blush is an utter delight, it’s a nursery. The soft, suffused glow of pink is gentle and cozy, like a bed of roses. Perfect for your precious tiny bundle!

Radiant Rose S140-1.

#11. Etiquette S120-2

The popularity of Millennial Pink brought pink out of the nursery and into adult spaces. Etiquette has a lavender undertone. It creates light and airiness by bouncing light around a room.

The subtle warmth adds interest and character to an otherwise neutral space. It does this without overwhelming a serene, pared-back bedroom or living room.

Etiquette S120-2.

#12. Ole Pink S170-1

This gorgeous powdery pink is calm and restrained, with a muted tone. Balance Ole Pink with warm neutrals. These include stone, sand, and caramel. Also, add plenty of natural textures like linen, wood, and ceramics. Or, create a sophisticated contrast and use chalky gray and crisp white in an elegant bathroom.

Ole Pink S170-1.

Final Thoughts

Blush pink’s versatility makes it a designer and homeowner favorite. It is appropriate in romantic bedrooms, Japandi bathrooms, and cute nurseries alike. Top paint brands Benjamin Moore, Clare, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr have a range of luscious muted pinks to choose from.

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Dusty pink wall, wood floor, pillows on a bed and text overlay that says, "Top blush pink paint colors".

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