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17 Best Sherwin Williams Coastal Paint Colors for a Serene Home

Bring a serene, beach-inspired vibe to your home with the best Sherwin Williams coastal paint colors.

I love all versions of the coastal or beach aesthetic, from my current favorite, coastal grandma, to modern Malibu, classic Cape Cod, and retro Miami.

I even love the kitschy beach look, complete with starfish and anchors. When it comes to paint colors for your coastal vibe, there is no better option than Sherwin-Williams.

The best neutral Sherwin-Williams coastal paint colors are Samovar Silver, Comfort Gray, Greek Villa, and Accessible Beige. Add blues like Upward and Naval; greens like Sea Salt and Oyster Bay; yellows like Lucent Yellow and Fun Yellow, or pinks like Lei Flower.

Blue and white throw pillows on beige couch, light blue wall and text overlay that says, "Sherwin Williams coastal paint colors".

Coastal paint colors are some of the most evocative shades, channeling the calm of the ocean and the relaxation of a beach vacation.

The joy of a coastal palette is that it’s not limited. Inspired by sky, sea, and sand, the palette is based on gently washed blues, greens, and tans. But from there, you can build in a wide variety of colors.

Coral pink, tropical florals, misty grays, and sunset reds all belong to the coastal color scheme. Let’s look at the best paint colors to evoke a day at the beach.

Best Sherwin Williams Coastal Neutrals

Neutrals are essential anchors for a coastal palette, from sandy beiges to the glinting silver of a dolphin’s tail.

Use them as peaceful backdrops to more vivid tropical shades or dive into their soft, enveloping shades.

#1. Samovar Silver SW 6233

Samovar Silver SW 6233.

The color of the month for October 2022, Samovar Silver is a blue-toned silver-gray, hinting at the magic of mermaids and freshly caught fish.

It’s an elegant, tranquil color that’s cool and icy. I’d use it in a spa-like bedroom, a vacation living room, or to accent a coastal Boho living room.

Pair with white, blue and green to prevent the space becoming too stark or cool. Add rustic woods, textiles, and greenery to finish the look.

#2. Comfort Gray SW 6205

Comfort Gray SW 6205.

This blissful gray-green shade is soft and gentle, the ultimate anchor for a vibrant coastal palette.

The cool undertone balances brighter shades, so you can indulge in tropical pinks and oranges without being overwhelmed.

Or lean into misty grays for the most comfortable afternoon nap and reading nook — the color of rainy afternoons on Cape Cod.

#3. Greek Villa SW 7551

Greek Villa SW 7551.

Maybe white’s not the most obvious coastal color, but this stalwart Sherwin-Williams shade is one of their top 50 best-sellers for good reason.

Greek Villa has a bright, warm whiteness that any coastal grandma would demand in linen and muslin.

It’s also an excellent option as a background for vibrant colors to pop — think Grecian blues and turquoise in a classic blue-and-white scheme.

#4. Accessible Beige SW 7036

Accessible Beige SW 7036.

The color of damp beach sand, Accessible Beige is the earthiest, coziest neutral in any coastal palette.

With its gray undertone, you could describe it as greige, that warm, puttylike color that was uber-trendy a few years back.

Build on this sandy foundation, adding layers of cream and white, dried grasses, and rattan, for a serene coastal living room.

Best Coastal Blues From Sherwin Williams

Blue is the ultimate coastal shade, whether tinged with neutral gray for moody shades or underpinned with green for aqua.

With its associations of tranquility and restfulness, blue is the ideal base for any coastal palette sandcastle.

#5. Upward SW 6239

Upward SW 6239.

Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year for 2024 is coast: Upward, is a dreamy blue-gray so gentle that it could be a neutral.

Choose this airy shade to enfold a bedroom, whether you paint the walls, shelving, woodwork, or trim.

I love partnering this calm color and its cool undertone with misty grays, silver, and cream.

#6. Watery SW 6478

Watery SW 6478.

A beautiful green-toned aqua, Watery is the color of seawater, evoking gentle waves, a salty breeze, and sandy feet.

Pale enough for washing over your bedroom walls, Watery has an inner brightness and energy that’s perfect for busier spaces, like entrance halls, living rooms, and kitchens.

Pair with crisp whites and plenty of natural texture. Watery changes with the light, so make sure you paint a sample to see if it reads blue or green in your space.

#7. Naval SW 6244

Naval SW 6244.

Navy blue is essential to a coastal palette, adding the drama of ocean storms and evening skies.

Naval is superb for color drenching, creating a cozy space ready for an afternoon of reading or board games (and here, I mean Scrabble, not Twister).

It’s also soothing enough for a home office and works well for kitchen cabinets. Pair with red and white for nautical cheer.

Best Sherwin Williams Coastal Green Paint Colors

Muted and seafoam greens are part of Sherwin-Williams’ Coastal Cool palette, adding shades of seagrass and seaweed to your interior.

These timeless, elegant colors are always serene, harking back to barefoot vacations on the beach.

#8. Sea Salt SW 6204

Sea Salt SW 6204.

One of Sherwin-Williams’ top 50 colors, this muted green has blue undertones for a breezy feel.

This color tones perfectly with soft blues like Upward, as well as sand and stone neutrals in a gorgeous coastal Boho living room.

It’s also ideal for eco-chic interiors paired with warm wood and fresh white.

#9. Oyster Bay SW 6206

Oyster Bay SW 6206.

This earthy, sludgy green makes me think of wetlands and sure-footed water birds that leave their footprints on damp sand.

It has blue-gray undertones, making it particularly soothing and ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms with slate or marble accents.

It’s also the ultimate color for an organic modern interior, balancing warm and cool tones.

#10. Clary Sage SW 6178

Clary Sage SW 6178.

Similarly, algae-colored to Oyster Bay, Clary Sage has a soft yellow undertone that makes it a warmer option.

Like dune grass, this herbaceous green is lush and soft, working well with muted blues and grays. It’s also a beautiful kitchen color, soothing in busy spaces.

#11. Restful SW 6458

Restful SW 6458.

The name of this mid-toned green says it all: it’s restful, relaxing, and refreshing.

This aqua-toned shade is perfect for vintage-style bathrooms, and it’s the optimal coastal shade for evoking mid-century charm.

Restful is friendly and inviting, so it pairs with darker tan colors, so long as you keep your wood tones light and warm.

Top Coastal Yellow Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams

Golden sands and bright sun introduce cheerful, optimistic yellow into a coastal palette. Here are my recommendations.

#12. Wheat Grass SW 6408

Wheat Grass SW 6408.

Muted golden yellow, Wheatgrass adds a gorgeous note to an eco-coastal interior, with plenty of greenery and light wood furniture.

Wheatgrass verges on the mustard, so tone it down with cool gray.

#13. Lucent Yellow SW 6400

Lucent Yellow SW 6400.

This pale, glimmering yellow-gold is gentle enough to work as a neutral, if you want a warmer option than beige or white.

Accessorize in a coastal grandma interior with warm wood tones and natural textures like jute, rattan, and wicker.

Lucent Yellow pairs beautifully with white.

#14. Fun Yellow SW 6908

Fun Yellow SW 6908.

This ice cream pastel yellow is pale and sunny.

One approach is to go Miami Art Deco with other delectable, edible shades of pink and orange.

Fun Yellow also lends itself to coastal Boho looks, with plenty of wood, bamboo, wicker and basketry.

Top Sherwin Williams Coastal Pinks

Warm pinks are reminiscent of sunrise walks on the beach, dripping strawberry ice cream cones, and tropical flowers.

#15. Lei Flower SW 6613

Lei Flower SW 6613.

This gorgeous pink terracotta is lush, earthy, and on-trend for this season.

Fashionistas are combining this muted pink with greens for eco-chic interiors, but for a coastal look, use it as an accent in a Hawaiian or tropical coastal scheme with rich greens and muted yellows.

You could also evoke Miami Beach with bright Deco colors.

#16. Youthful Coral SW 6604

Youthful Coral SW 6604.

A coral with a strong pink undertone is essential for a coastal color scheme, especially if you want something bold and happy.

Pair with vibrant yellow for a fresh, fun interior, or stick to creamy white and pink for a sunrise option.

#17. Rachel Pink SW 0026

Rachel Pink SW 0026.

Rachel Pink, one of Sherwin-Williams’ historic colors, is the exact pink of a romantic beach sunset.

This blush color is charming and elegant, pairing beautifully with blues and greens in a country coastal vibe.

It’s also muted enough to work with earth-toned browns and terracotta.

Final Thoughts

With their Coastal Cool and Coastal Calm color palettes, Sherwin-Williams encompasses every shade you need to create a coastal aesthetic in your home. From anchor neutrals to bursts of pink or yellow, coastal color paints will create that beach vacation vibe in all your interiors.

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