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13 Best Blue Green Paint Colors

Between blue and green on the color wheel is a treasure trove of colors (shades). The names of these shades are like jewels, from cyan to aqua and turquoise to peacock. Let’s look at the best blue green paint colors from popular brands.

One of my most prized childhood possessions was a stubby box of Crayola crayons. The names were like poetry: apricot, violet, burnt sienna, and cornflower.

My favorites were aquamarine, which conjured up ocean images, and blue-green, a mysterious and undefinable color that I later learned was called teal. These colors now fascinate me in paint form, and I’ve listed my best blue-green paint colors.

The best light blue green paint colors are Seafoam, Breezeway, Dusty Dream, Waterscape, and Chapelle Green. Capri Teal, Ballroom Blue, Surf City, and Treasure Isle are mid-tone. Green Cucumber, Slate Teal, Deep Sea Dive, and Coppice Blue are darker shades.

While Crayola only introduced blue green in the 1930s, this gorgeous color has been around for centuries, particularly in English and French stately homes.

With its multitude of shades, ranging from sea glass to slate, blue-green is a romantic, dramatic paint color, appropriate in any room in your home.

The Best Light Blue Green Paint Colors

The palest blue green hues are barely there. They are inspired by the marine colors of sea glass, rock pools, and misty days.

#1. Seafoam 2123-60 by Benjamin Moore

This watery shade is light and fresh as white, making it ideal for a bathroom or soothing bedroom. Use this cool, gentle color to add a cleansing quality to any room. Add crisp white and ice cream mint as complementary tones.

Seafoam 2123-60.

#2. Breezeway MQ3-21 by Behr

Breezeway was Behr’s 2022 Color of the Year. This sea glass shade is tranquil and uplifting, created for coastal-style interiors. Pair it with natural seaside tones of bleached white, gray, and sand. And add natural textures like seagrass, wicker, linen, and rope.

Breezeway MQ3-21.

#3. Dusty Dream DE6312 by Dunn-Edwards

This gorgeous grayish blue green is sophisticated, elegant, and pale enough to be neutral. Use Dusty Dream to anchor a black-and-white palette. Or as a background for bold jewel tones of peacock blue and crimson.

Dusty Dream DE6312.

#4. Waterscape SW 6470 by Sherwin-Williams

For a warmer blue green that evokes the tranquility of nature, go for Waterscape. This versatile color works well in coastal grandma interiors. But it also nods to Art Deco and French interiors to liven up glamorous white interiors.

Waterscape SW 6470.

#5. Chapelle Green 83 by Farrow & Ball

This is the trendy sage of the blue green palette. It has the same muted depth but a lush undertone. You can go the neutral route, layering up beige, cream, and taupe for an eco-chic interior. However, I love this chalky shade as a backdrop for bolder blue-green, turquoise, and teal.

Chapelle Green 83.

The Best Medium Blue Green Paint Colors

Warmer blue-greens, including turquoise, are like doses of dopamine. They are bright, happy, and mood-lifting. Here are the top five mid-toned blue-green colors.

#6. Capri Teal 50GG 43/213 by Glidden

This glorious turquoise is the color of tropical vacations. It is perfect for brightly decorated living rooms or bedrooms. The color of a Caribbean sky, this shade makes a crisp, elegant contrast with sparkling white. And it takes on Miami Deco charm when combined with pastels.

Capri Teal 50GG 43/213.

#7. Ballroom 24 Blue by Farrow & Ball

Ballroom Blue reminds me of the iconic Tiffany’s blue, the color of birthday and anniversary gifts, presented in a tiny box and bag.

Historically, this was the color of ballrooms, filled with beautiful couples in swirling gowns and sauve evening suits. However, it’s still ideal for larger spaces, with a depth and saturation that works well with cream or Eau de Nil.

Ballroom 24 Blue.

#8. Surf City 731 by Benjamin Moore

If turquoise is on the blue side of blue-green, aqua is the green-toned companion. This color conjures visions of 1950s beach resorts with pink flamingo decor, but need not be overwhelming. Try painting cabinetry or shelving this gorgeous color. It will give your kitchen, boot room, or laundry room a delightful lift.

Surf City 731.

#9. Treasure Isle PPG1141-5 by Glidden

Treasure Isle is a vivid aqua that looks amazing with other bold colors like yellow, coral, and green. It also works as an accent color in a neutral coastal palette of beige, tan, sand, and stone.

Treasure Isle PPG1141-5.

The Best Dark Blue Green Paint Colors

Darker blue-greens are rich and moody, injecting coastal chic with a stormy element. These dark teal and slate shades are also ideal for Boho maximalism or minimalist drama.

#10. Garden Cucumber 644 by Benjamin Moore

Scandi chic needn’t be all about pale colors. Anchor your whites and beiges with a saturated blue-green to add depth and interest. Your natural textures, lively greenery, and accents of jute and wicker will pop.

Garden Cucumber 644.

#11. Slate Teal 2058-20 by Benjamin Moore

Designers are predicting that slate and teal will overtake navy in the dark blue popularity stakes. And I’d suggest going this route if you’re painting your kitchen cabinets. This color is gorgeous when paired with white or light countertops, brass hardware, and moody gray.

Slate Teal 2058-20.

#12. Deep Sea Dive SW 7618 by Sherwin-Williams

Stormy ocean depths inspired this deep blue, green, and gray blend. It creates a tranquil, soothing color that I love for a cozy living room or bedroom. Go the color-drenching route to create a sanctuary for reading and relaxing. Ensure you have plenty of candles or artificial light.

Deep Sea Dive SW 7618.

#13. Coppice Blue G9 by Farrow & Ball

I love the history of Farrow & Ball’s colors almost as much as their incredible paints. Coppice Blue was inspired by the moody teal paintwork at a stately home in Gloucestershire, England. It has been reproduced for your own English idyll.

Indulge in a gorgeous teal living room, entry hall, or dining room, and imagine the lord of the manor striding in for tea.

Coppice Blue G9.

Final Thoughts

Blue green is a color full of personality, whether the peaceful shade of sea glass, the whimsy of aqua, or the drama of teal. The color is at home in both traditional and contemporary homes. And you’ll find gorgeous examples from all the premier paint brands. These include Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Farrow & Ball, Glidden, and Dunn Edwards.

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White wood floor, wall painted with Sherwin-Williams Deep Sea Dive, white pillows on a bluish gray couch and text overlay that says, "Top blue green paint colors".

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