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11 Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors to Refresh Your Home

Gray is a timeless classic and a staple of neutral color palettes. This paint color isn’t going anywhere, so let’s look at the best Sherwin Williams gray paint colors.

You may have read that gray is on its way out or is no longer on the must-have list. (I’m referring to interiors here, not hair color.) Either way, I disagree.

I can’t imagine dropping this workhorse of interiors, which is still voted one of the most preferred colors by home buyers.

Gray is modern, simple, fresh, yet familiar, and its many shades are the most popular paints. Let’s look at Sherwin-Williams’ best gray paint colors.

The best Sherwin-Williams light gray paint colors are First Star, Repose Gray, and Monorail Silver. Medium-toned grays are Agreeable Gray, Mindful Gray, Lazy Gray, Amazing Gray, and Rare Gray. Darker-toned, moody grays include Gray Shingle, Dovetail, and Iron Ore.

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The Popularity of Gray

Gray’s continued popularity is because it is versatile and can be warm, cool, or neutral. It can have beige, blue, or green undertones, as light as mist, or as dark as charcoal.

It won’t surprise you to learn that gray is one of Sherwin-Williams’ best-selling paint colors. You’ll find several of my recommendations below on their top 50 list.

Their range of grays is versatile and elegant, from icy grays to warm greiges and stormy charcoals. What are Sherwin-Williams’ best gray paints?

Best Sherwin Williams Light-Toned Gray Colors

Pale gray is the gentlest shade of gray (no jokes here, please) and is ideal for children’s rooms and nurseries. It’s also a perfect alternative to white.

#1. First Star SW 7646

First Star SW 7646.

This ethereal shade is one of Sherwin-Williams’ lightest grays, described as a cool white with a hint of gray.

It’s ideal when you want a fresh, clean look but feel that stark white is too bleak, so you get the slightest tinge of color.

#2. Repose Gray SW 7015

Repose Gray SW 7015.

One of Sherwin-Williams’ top 50 paint colors, tranquil Repose Gray has a cool undertone. This paint creates a light, airy space with a tinge of color to add interest.

Repose Gray can lean slightly green or violet depending on the light, so it blends with other cool shades, including soft blues and greens.

It’s neutral enough to work with most textures and finishes, the perfect canvas for a fresh, uplifting living or bedroom, especially with white trim.

#3. Monorail Silver SW 7663

Monorail Silver SW 7663.

This beautiful silver-gray is soft and magical, with a blue glow like moonlight. I’d love to paint a nursery in this color, with a silver moon and stars mobile above the crib and silver-painted furniture.

Monorail Silver is a cool gray, a playmate for blue, and is also recommended for bathrooms.

Best Medium-Toned Gray Paint Colors by Sherwin Williams

These medium-toned grays have a stronger undertone, leaning either to the warm, greige side or the cool blue or green side.

These colors make the perfect backdrop for a bedroom or living room and are gorgeous for bathrooms.

#4. Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Agreeable Gray SW 7029.

Agreeable Gray had to be on this list — it’s Sherwin-Williams’ overall best-selling color. A medium-toned warm gray, Agreeable Gray has a beige undertone, which, strictly speaking, classifies it as greige.

The joy of Agreeable Gray is its versatility, working well for almost every interior, aesthetic, and color palette. This gentle shade is a kitchen workhouse, paired with marble or limestone, or on walls or cabinetry.

This gray is at home in a bedroom or living room with wooden furniture, forming the perfect neutral backdrop for blues, greens, earth tones, and brights.

#5. Mindful Gray SW 7016

Mindful Gray SW 7016.

Another color in the top 50 most popular Sherwin-Williams paints, Mindful Gray is a medium-toned greige, a little darker than Repose Gray.

Mindful Gray’s depth can stand up to bolder pairings and is the ideal neutral for a brighter color palette. It’s also a fantastic exterior shade, as it doesn’t look washed out in bright sunlight.

#6. Lazy Gray SW 6254

Lazy Gray SW 6254.

This gorgeous, medium-toned gray leans toward blue, with a serene, cool undertone. Choose this color for a tranquil bedroom, layered with slate blues and charcoal, or for any room where you want to relax.

And yes, it is also among the top 50 best sellers.

#7. Amazing Gray SW 7044

Amazing Gray SW 7044.

This gray is amazing in its chameleon-like ability to change under different lights. It has a warm yellow undertone but a green-gray slant in cooler spaces.

Amazing Gray has great depth and works beautifully with crisp white, especially in the kitchen or a modern, monochromatic living room. (Top 50? Tick.)

#8. Rare Gray SW 6199

Rare Gray SW 6199.

Another greenish gray, Rare Gray is medium-toned and earthy. In the sun, Rare Gray shines more gray than green, but on overcast days, you can see the green depth of this shade.

It’s perfect with other muddy colors, like olive green, brown, pumpkin, and terracotta. It does well in organic modern and Boho interiors.

Top Sherwin Williams Dark-Toned Gray Paint Colors

These darker-toned neutrals are far moodier than the lighter grays, dramatic rather than ethereal or earthy.

#9. Gray Shingle SW 7670

Gray Shingle SW 7670.

Gray Shingle is one of Sherwin-Williams’ darker neutrals, a cool, purple-toned color. This color is both relaxed and sophisticated, depending on your color pairing.

For example, layer Gray Shingle with other dark shades, like navy and aubergine, for a moody, mysterious ambiance. Choose lavender and slate blues for a playful kid’s room.

#10. Dovetail SW 7018

Dovetail SW 7018.

For a darker-toned, soothing gray, choose Dovetail. My friend Heather has used this as a neutral anchor in her new home, contrasting with brights, especially blue.

Dovetail can also take the starring role in a neutral palette, as it has a brown undertone that works with this season’s earth tones. Oh, and it’s a top 50 bestseller.

#11. Iron Ore SW 7069

Iron Ore SW 7069.

The darkest, moodiest gray, Iron Ore is a true cool charcoal. This not-quite-black shade is intense and sophisticated, best used in spaces with abundant light.

It’s recommended for both interior and exterior use, especially with a solid white trim.

Final Thoughts

Gray is a staple neutral of the interior designer’s palette as it works with most aesthetics and interior styles. While gray is traditionally used for bedrooms, try a silvery gray for an elegant dining room or an intense charcoal for a cozy TV room.

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