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15 Top Colors that Go with Green for Beautiful Home Interiors

For each shade of green, there’s a color that harmonizes with it. Let’s look at the best colors that go with green.

I went to the kind of high school where we wore uniforms — unflattering dresses in bath soap green. These put me off the color for years until I renovated our first kitchen and chose cabinets in a gorgeous minty green.

Since then, I’ve been a fan of this beautiful, natural hue and am forever looking for colors that go with green.

Colors that go with sage green are taupe, yellow, and pale gray. White, blush pink, and sky blue work with mint green. Muted olive green pairs with beige, dark gray, and gold. Bright emerald green shines with red, rust, and coral pink. Darker green is best with orange, purple, and royal blue.

Pink and pink pillows on pink couch, lamp, green wall and text overlay that says, "Best colors that go with green".

Choosing Colors that Go Well with Green

As sustainable design, eco-chic, and organic modern aesthetics gain popularity, our use of green in homes is being reinvented.

We’re not just going green for the environment, but also for the natural vibe, tranquility, and optimism it brings to interiors.

Saying you love green is like saying you love ice cream: which flavor is your favorite? Green is a magically versatile color, ranging from the palest mint to the darkest forest and jungle greens.

It can have a yellow or a blue undertone, making it a winner with almost every color.

Whether you’re matching herbaceous greens, jewel-toned greens, or muted greens, there’s a color that perfectly complements 2024’s fan-favorite trend.

Colors that Go with Sage Green

Beautiful gray-green sage is one of this season’s trending colors. This shade of green is named after the subtly scented herb with its soft, pointed leaves. It is gentle, earthy, and almost neutral.

#1. Taupe

Sage green wall, taupe chair.

Sage enlivens taupe, a glorious mixture of gray and brown. One of the on-trend earth tones in home interiors, taupe is warm against the cool green of sage, creating a peaceful, organic feel.

This color pairing is ideal for relaxed bedrooms or Boho-style living rooms. Accent with natural fibers like jute, rattan, and linen.

#2. Yellow

Yellow chair with sage green wall background.

Yellow and green make a versatile palette, as you can pair various shades. But my favorite combination for a real pop of color is sage with a rich, buttercup yellow.

Yellow’s warmth shines, while the sage green becomes a gentle neutral. This is a particularly appealing and cheerful combination for a family room or kitchen.

#3. Pale Gray

Pale gray couch with sage green wall background, books and potted plant on the floor.

With its gray undertone, sage works well with most shades of the color. Lighter grays create a cool, tranquil ambiance that suits minimalist interiors. Inject some interest with a darker green or some natural wood tones and textures.

Colors that Go with Mint Green

This pale, fresh color remains popular in home interiors for its soothing effect.

Mint green has a slightly blue undertone. This makes it especially cool-toned and an excellent match for similarly toned colors. I, of course, recommend it for kitchens!

#4. White

White couch in front of mint green wall, books and flower vases on a coffee table.

White has the gift of enhancing all shades of green. The combination of white and mint green is refreshing and ideal for a bathroom or kitchen. The pairing suits ultra-modern, airy interiors, with sparkling terrazzo floors and dark wood cabinetry.

Mint and white also have an English country or cottage core charm when paired with warm wood and touches of pastel pink and yellow.

#5. Blush Pink

Blush pink couch in front of mint green wall.

Mint green and blush are a charming and romantic match. The pink highlights the blue in the mint, and the green offsets the warmth in the blush.

This playful combination is delightful in feminine bedrooms. But I urge you to consider it for an elegant Art Deco dining room.

#6. Sky Blue

Modern living room with blue chair and green wall.

Take your cue from nature and match sky blue with minty green. This bright combination is crisp and fresh, working well with neutrals like stone, beige, and cream.

Use these colors in a coastal-style living room or a tranquil bedroom.

Colors that Go with Olive Green

Olive green is a muted shade with yellow and brown undertones. The color tends to be associated with the outdoors, so it is ideal for nature-inspired interiors.

It’s also an ideal neutral, but not for light-starved spaces where it can look dull.

#7. Beige

Beige wall and olive green couch and bench.

Pale neutrals work exceptionally well with olive green, creating tranquil, earth-toned interiors. Beige, with its yellow undertones, is a harmonious match with olive, reminding us of the beauty of mountains, trees, sand, and stone.

Use this pairing in comfortable, welcoming living rooms with an eco-chic vibe.

#8. Dark Gray

Dark gray wall and olive green couch.

Olive green and dark gray make a moody combination. Enjoy this pairing in a home library or study, with deeper charcoal for upholstery and rugs and a lighter gray for contrast.

House plants and glowing wood add interest and vibrancy to this muted scheme.

#9. Gold/Brass

Olive green and pillows wall and brass lamps.

Pair olive green with gold for a sophisticated, elegant impression. The yellow undertones in olive green harmonize with the richness of the gold, creating understated opulence, warmth, and welcome.

Brass and bronze accents also work successfully with olive green.

Colors that Go with Emerald Green

My sister has emeralds in her wedding ring, but I never really understood the beauty of this color until I visited Ireland. I’m happy to report it’s called the Emerald Isle for good reason.

Verdant green field after field in the brightest jewel tone was a feast for the eyes. This color is also associated with abundance and renewal, making it a special color to use in your home.

#10. Red

Red and green bedroom.

Green and red can be tricky, creating visions of holidays and Christmas trees. However, the two colors lie opposite one another on the color wheel and always have a dramatic, vibrant effect that is great for living and family rooms.

Darker emerald green and delicious cherry red combine magnificently, creating a rich and luxurious ambiance.

#11. Rust

Rust throw pillow on green chair, houseplant, green pouf.

Deep orange-brown rust adds an earthy, cozy feel to any interior. Pair it with deep emerald green, natural wood tones, and bronze accents for an elegant, organic, modern aesthetic.

Or, what I would love, is a color palette with mustard, rust, and teal for a more retro, mid-century modern living room with a star-shaped clock on the wall.

#12. Coral Pink

Green and pink pillows on coral pink couch, green wall.

For a tropical paradise vibe, combine emerald green with vivid coral pink. This cheerful pairing works well in sunrooms with wicker furniture and a rattan rug for jungle chic.

Or combine the two jewel tones in an updated William Morris style with gorgeously patterned wallpaper.

Colors that Go with Forest Green

The lush depth of forest green is moody and rich, the perfect color for a dark, dramatic color scheme. Or if you’re one of the three bears.

#13. Orange

Orange couch, green wall.

Forest green and orange are a natural combination, like a ripe satsuma. (Although I can’t imagine living in a satsuma or clementine, for that matter). Dark green rooms can be overwhelming, so add a pop of zesty orange to brighten your interior.

You could also go full-on in the sixties or seventies with this partnership.

#14. Purple

Purple throw pillows on green couch, purple wall.


Pairing forest green and regal purple can only result in an opulent, somewhat decadent effect. This color palette is perfect for a luxurious bedroom with velvet cushions, plush upholstery, and cashmere throws.

Or imagine a magnificently Bohemian living room, with other spicy shades like mustard and teal and plenty of eye-catching paintings.

#15. Royal Blue

Royal blue chair and green wall background.

Another jewel-toned combination is forest green and royal blue, deep, moody shades.  However, both are cool-toned, natural colors, so imbue an interior with serenity. Choose this pairing for vintage interiors, where you can play with spicy mustard and cinnamon.

Or go for a relaxed, tranquil living room with nature-inspired linen, jute, and bamboo textures.

Final Thoughts

If you want to decorate with green, you’ll find a shade that matches any color combination. Pale greens, muted greens, bright greens, and dark greens harmonize with most other colors, creating the indoor gardenscape you choose.

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Green throw pillows on white couch, green wall and text overlay that says, "Colors that pair well with green".

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