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15 Colors that Go with Brown – Perfect Pairings for a Stylish Home

Is brown as versatile as gray? Let’s look at colors that go with brown.

Remember when brown was the new black? I went all out with a chocolate brown winter wardrobe, dying my hair to match. Well, designers are now saying that brown is the new gray, with the rich, earthy shade set to replace the reliable favorite as the go-to neutral.

Let’s explore the best colors that pair perfectly with brown for a chic and inviting home.

Colors that go with tan are celery green, off-white, and earthy red. Taupe pairs with gray, beige, and terracotta orange, while chocolate brown enriches dusty pink, slate blue, and golden yellow. Rust shines against hunter green, white, and black. Choose dark brown with teal, purple, or charcoal.

White and purple pillows on brown couch and text overlay that says, "Best colors that go with brown".

Choosing Colors that Go Well with Brown

Brown’s bad reputation from the 1970s and 1980s is long gone. The color is being re-embraced for its natural richness, comforting warmth, and neutral sophistication.

It’s ideal for rustic country, and organic modern interiors but also shines in vintage and retro aesthetics. Because of its diverse shades and tones, brown is highly versatile and has many amazing color pairings.

The joy of brown is its earthy neutrality, adding a timeless coziness to your home. There’s also a shade of brown for every interior, whether you want light, airiness, or a cocooning sanctuary.

Choose brown as a bolder, neutral shade that anchors any palette.

Colors that Go with Tan

This pale, slightly orange-brown takes its name from the oak bark used in ancient tanning processes. It forms part of the neutral palette.

Being a light color, tan creates the impression of light and space, perfect for a light-starved room.

#1. Celery Green

Pillows on green couch, tan wall.

Greens and browns are natural pairings as they occur together in our environment. The combination reminds me of trees, fields, and the sides of the mountains.

The two colors infuse any space with welcoming, nourishing energy. Cool, pale celery harmonizes with warm tan, adding a cool, airy feeling to an elegant living room.

#2. Off-White

Tan couch cream wall.

Neutrals like cream and ivory layer beautifully against tan, creating a peaceful ambiance.

The pairing works well in heritage and Victorian homes, especially with dark wood furniture. It also looks charming in country and cottage-core interiors.

#3. Earthy Red

Living room with tan wall and red chair.

Warm-toned red glows against similarly toned tan and is delightful as an accent color in a light brown interior.

This season’s earthy red adds energy to a neutral living room through Persian rugs, throw pillows, and gorgeous artwork. You can also combine these colors in a South-Western or desert-inspired interior.

Colors that Go with Taupe

Taupe, also known as beaver brown. (I loved this name in my Crayola colors.)

This gorgeous, understated neutral is a muted gray-brown with a soft reddish undertone that works equally well with pale neutrals as with other earth tones.

#4. Gray

Taupe throws on gray couch, gray wall.

Choose a warm-toned gray to harmonize with taupe for a charming, neutral interior. Dark gray adds interest and sophistication to a contemporary living room.

Accessorize with flourishing green houseplants to infuse the palette with life.

#5. Beige

Living room with beige chairs and taupe curtains.

Soft, sandy beige forms part of the wider neutral family, so it is a cousin to brown. This kinship is evident in the pairing of beige and taupe, a balanced, elegant couplet.

To add warmth and welcome, enrich the room with texture — in an Art Deco or Victorian scheme. Velvet in the soft furnishings, crystal in a chandelier, fringing on the drapes, and mellow, glowing wood furniture.

Beige and beaver brown are versatile enough for other styles, including organic modern or coastal grandma, with raw wood, wicker, and rattan.

#6. Terracotta Orange

Houseplant, burnt orange chair, taupe wall.

Another natural pairing with brown, orange uplifts a brown interior, adding a touch of fun and energy.

This season, look out for more muted terracotta orange shades. These tone beautifully with soft, pale taupe for a cozy, inviting space.

Use orange accents in a neutral palette, or combine the two in a retro-style mid-century modern interior.

Colors that Go with Chocolate Brown

This shade conjures up luscious images of brownies (see what I did there?), milkshakes, and steaming cups of creamy beverages. It’s one of the coziest colors you can use in your home and is bang on-trend this season.

Remember that darker wood furniture has a chocolatey hue, so factor it into your palette.

#7. Dusty Pink

Pink couch chocolate brown wall.

A gorgeous dusty or antique rose pink brings out the warm, red undertones in chocolate brown. The pairing reminds me of a delicious strawberry and chocolate dessert. Utterly charming and slightly decadent.

Cozy chocolate brown removes the juvenile element from pink, making it suitable for sophisticated, elegant interiors, whether a comfortable living room or a luxurious bedroom.

#8. Slate Blue

Throw pillows on blue couch chocolate brown wall.


Cool, muted blue and chocolate brown are complementary colors, meaning they are on opposite sides of the color wheel. Their pairing always creates an impact.

The blue adds elegant serenity to brown, while the brown looks cozier and softer than ever. This is a beautiful pairing for comfortable bedrooms and living rooms.

#9. Golden Yellow

I still have nightmares about my childhood kitchen, a brown and yellow relic from the 1970s. But this combination of buttery yellow and chocolate brown is good enough to eat.

The pairing fills a room with sunshine, whether it is naturally light or not. Gold accessories create a regal look, something Louis XIV would have designed for Versailles.

Colors that Go with Rust

I adore this vivid shade of brown with its intense red-orange tones. Similar to umber and sienna, this is the color of fall and ideal for retro and vintage interiors.

#10. Hunter Green

Living room with rust brown couch, green and rust brown pillows.

Hunter green and rust immediately evoke natural warmth and comfort. The pairing is vividly autumnal and as perfect for a modern rustic aesthetic as it is for an English country home vibe.

Plenty of trailing houseplants enhance the green’s energizing impact.

#11. White

Living room with rust brick wall white fireplace and wall, rust brown couch.

Earthy red-brown looks stunning when paired with crisp white, creating a balanced sense of drama and energy.

An anchoring white color allows rusty brown to take center stage, especially if you have a statement piece or architectural feature to highlight.

Remember that brickwork is a colorful and textural element in an otherwise plain room.

#12. Black

Black couch, rust brown wall.

Black and brown create a moody, dramatic, and luxurious color scheme. Rust adds an element of warmth to an otherwise brooding atmosphere and makes a room feel like a cozy sanctuary.

The combination is also perfect for making a statement in an industrial-style kitchen.

Colors that Go with Dark Brown

This magnificent, moody shade contrasts perfectly with jewel tones and creates rich, enveloping interiors when paired with a similarly dark shade.

#13. Teal

Dark brown couch teal wall.

Vivid teal is powerful against dark, somber brown, ideal for a comfortable family room or bedroom. The pairing will shine in a vintage or antique scheme with dark brown leather furniture and teal walls.

#14. Purple

White and purple pillows on brown couch.

Combine this regal shade with mahogany brown for a sophisticated, opulent impression. Purple, especially in luxe fabrics, glow against dark brown leather or color-drenched walls.

#15. Charcoal

Modern kitchen.

The darkest grays, like charcoal and lead, add a contemporary industrial touch to your interiors.

Combine with brown for intense harmony in an airy, sunny room, or go for an enveloping warmth in a study or bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Brown is more than a silent, hardworking neutral. With the right color pairing, it can soften a vivid palette, create a cozy cocoon of a room, or add contemporary drama to a moody scheme. Consider this on-trend earthy shade to enrich your home.

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Throw pillows on yellow couch chocolate brown wall and text overlay that says, "Colors that pair well with brown".

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