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16 Colors that Go with Yellow for a Balanced and Vibrant Home

Want to unlock the potential of yellow in your living space? Find out the best colors that go with yellow in home decor. Get inspired by these beautiful and harmonious color schemes.

Isn’t it crazy how colors can trigger memories, taking you right back to another place and time? In the nineties, I had a little yellow cardigan. And seeing that bright, lively shade takes me straight back to a chilly spring visit to London, when the daffodils were starting to bloom.

Those intense yellows and greens are paired in my mind, but there are several other colors that work equally well with yellow.

Colors that go with pale yellow are white, pink, and violet. Buttercup yellow works with neutrals, mint, pale blue, and navy, while mustard pairs with brown, red, teal, and gray. Bright yellow goes with slate blue, black, aquamarine, charcoal, and terracotta.

Yellow and gray wall, houseplant, gray couch and text overlay that says, "Colors that go with yellow".

Choosing Colors that Go Well with Yellow

Gorgeous, sunny yellow is an immediate mood lifter and one of my favorite wall colors. The joy of yellow is that it transforms even the dimmest, most sun-starved room into an airy, cheerful space.

It’s also incredibly versatile, with shades ranging from the palest cornsilk to the most vivid neons.

Creating a color palette with yellow as the anchor or just an accent color depends on the shade of yellow you’ve chosen. For example, a bold sunflower yellow works well with bright colors and is best in a busy family room rather than a bedroom.

On the other hand, a muted mustard pairs with jewel-tones found in the treasures of a vintage store. Which colors pair best with the different shades of yellow?

Let’s look at which colors best complement yellow in your interiors.

Colors that Go with Pale Yellow

The palest yellows, like flax, cornsilk, pastel, and butter yellow, are muted and easier to decorate with than their more vibrant cousins.

These gentle shades are ideal for warming up a large space without overwhelming it. They reflect natural light for brightness, and create a calm but positive energy.

#1. White

Yellow and white dining room.

The classic combination of white and yellow is clean and fresh, perfect for a kitchen or bathroom. The palette is colorful but pared back and works beautifully for Scandi and cottage core styles.

#2. Pink

Yellow throws on pink couch.


Pale pink and yellow are a delicious pairing, with their warm tones infusing even north-facing rooms. This elegant combination is as lovely in a kitchen as in a bedroom.

It works particularly well for English and French country styles, with glowing wood and florals. And can have a charming retro feel if combined with other ice cream shades.

If you want to use a brighter pink, ratchet up the heat of the yellow as well.

#3. Violet

Yellow wall purple couch.

Being opposite each other on the color wheel, yellow and purple can make a vibrant contrast.

However, using pale yellow and blue-toned violet softens the intensity of the complementary pairing, giving you the best of warm and cool tones.

Colors that Go with Buttercup Yellow

I had a charming book of English children’s stories in which characters held buttercups under one another’s chins to determine if they liked butter.

Well, I’m sure they all liked butter (who doesn’t?). But I hope they didn’t get too close to the flowers, which are known to be gorgeous but poisonous. Gone are my childhood dreams of a buttercup lawn.

However, I’m free to decorate with this glowing, mid-tone yellow, which ranges from quite a muted shade to almost lemon yellow and has plenty of natural color pairings.

#4. Neutrals

Neutral and yellow living room.

Warm yellow pairs beautifully with yellow-based neutrals like beige, tan, and cream. Choose these rich, earthy tones to create a serene yet sunny interior, accessorized with natural materials like wood, wicker, jute, and rattan.

This combination suits an organic modern aesthetic.

#5. Mint

Room with mint couch and floral yellow pillows and curtain.

Green and yellow conjure up endless flowery combinations, with shades of both colors matching well. One particularly exquisite combination is minty green and buttercup yellow.

However, take care with this combination in north-facing rooms, as mint green is a cool shade that won’t bounce light around.

#6. Pale Blue

Room with relaxing chair yellow pillows, pale blue wall.

Blue and yellow are a timeless pairing, the stalwart of Scandinavian decor. Most shades of blue work with yellow, with pale blue and buttercup yellow a delightful combination.

This pairing is beautiful for a peaceful bedroom or comfortable living room. Blue walls with yellow accents are perfect for a sunny, south-facing room, but stick to yellow walls for a poorly lit north-facing room for increased energy.

#7. Navy

Yellow and navy bedroom.

Another shade of blue that tones with buttercup yellow is navy. The combination is sophisticated and elegant, with the yellow preventing the navy from taking itself too seriously.

Warm yellow and somber navy are ideal for a masculine bedroom or formal dining room.

Colors that Go with Mustard

In mustard yellow, the color’s usual energy is tempered by its rich brown undertone, adding depth and earthiness.

Because mustard is a more muted yellow, it can pair with the darker, more saturated colors that are right on-trend.

#8. Brown

Yellow throw on brown couch.

Mustard yellow and brown make a mellow combination (apologies if I’ve given you a mellow yellow earworm). The combination is ideal for this season’s earthier palettes.

Shades of rust and terracotta are gorgeous additions, creating a typical fall palette. I love this color scheme for a cozy, inviting living room or study lined with books and lifted by hints of greenery.

#9. Red

Yellow throw pillows on red couch couch.

Look, there’s no escaping it: muted red and mustard are a retro combination. Indulge in colorful spiciness with a vintage, mid-century aesthetic, with a touch of burnt sienna for added piquancy.

This pairing makes a gorgeous living room or exotic boudoir bedroom with bronze accessories, velvet pillows, and plush throws.

#10. Teal

Teal wall background mustard yellow chair.

Teal’s intense blue-green tones glow like jewels against dull mustard yellow.

The combination is perfect for eclectic or retro interiors, with statement artwork and richly patterned rugs, pillows, and soft furnishings. To tone down the drama, go for neutral walls.

#11. Gray

Yellow throws on gray couch.

Balanced, serious gray is the perfect foil for zesty mustard, creating a relaxed, serene feel.

The two colors create a Scandi flair, especially if you incorporate black and white graphic prints and a wooden floor.

Colors that Go with Bright Yellow

Bright yellow is the color of sunshine, demanding your attention and exuding happiness and positive energy.

You can’t ignore this color, so it’s not for the shrinking violets of decor. Make a statement with vibrant yellow walls or furniture, or stick to vivid accents.

#12. Slate Blue

Yellow and slate blue room.

A beautifully muted slate blue makes an elegant background for bright yellow, adding cooler tones essential in a sunny kitchen. Accessorize with chrome and silver metallics to tone with the blue.

#13. Black

Yellow, white and black living room.

Yellow and black are a dramatic pairing with such intense contrast. The yellow prevents the space from getting too moody, while the black adds adult sophistication.

This color palette adds a sleek, contemporary touch to a living or dining room, but is a little overwhelming for a bedroom. Add white to your scheme to avoid bumblebee vibes.

#14. Aquamarine

Aquamarine wall and yellow couch.


This pale, watery blue-green is calm and refreshing. It looks gorgeous against bold yellow, especially in serene spaces like bedrooms or family living rooms.

Yellow and aqua make a wonderful pairing for Miami Art Deco schemes.

#15. Charcoal

Yellow pillows on charcoal couch.

Dark charcoal gray works beautifully as a muted neutral against warm, cheerful yellow. Gray grounds the brightness, while yellow uplifts the more serious gray in this contemporary scheme.

Despite the vibrant color, this pairing works well in minimalist interiors.

#16. Terracotta

Terracotta wall yellow couch.

Sun-baked hues of terracotta, ochre, and bold yellow infuse any space with warmth and earthiness. This welcoming, on-trend palette is perfect for organic modern, Southwestern, and desert-inspired aesthetics.

It’s also ideal for Mediterranean-style homes, creating that sleepy vacation vibe.

Final Thoughts

Yellow is the most cheerful, luminous, and uplifting color to decorate with. From the palest, silkiest yellow to the hottest, most vibrant sunshine shade, yellow works with almost every color, creating appealing, welcoming interiors.

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Polka dots pillow on yellow couch, white wall and text overlay that says, "Colors that pair well with yellow".

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