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12 Colors that Go with Gray for a Chic and Modern Home Interior

Looking to enhance your gray decor? Here’s a list of colors that go with gray. From bold accents to subtle tones, find perfect color combinations for your home.

My perception of gray has changed for the better over the years. I’ve come to terms with this washed-out shade, no longer likening it to a sun-drenched pavement but to mist, ocean, and clouds.

Gray is a natural color, and you should embrace it as such in your interiors, especially when paired with one of the many colors that go with it.

Colors that go with pale gray are sapphire blue, sage green, and taupe. Blue-gray works well with soft powder blue and blush pink. Go for red, orange, or navy with mid-toned gray, and white, purple, emerald green, and pale yellow with dramatic dark gray.

Gray pillow on red, couch, gray and red wall and text overlay that says, "Best colors that go with gray".

Choosing Colors that Go Well with Gray

We all agree that natural, earthy tones are in — terracotta, green, clay, and stone fill the interiors of those in the know. But can I make a case for gray?

The on-trend shade from a season or two ago, gray doesn’t deserve a reputation of being dull or boring. It’s tranquil, elegant, and versatile, working with various beautiful interior colors.

Gray remains a stalwart of interior design because it ranges from silver to almost-black charcoal, with several shades in between. It has a chameleon-like ability to change tone and undertone, depending on which color it’s paired with.

This makes it a handy color for most color palettes and aesthetics, as you can seldom go wrong with gray. Let’s look at the best color combinations for gray.

Colors that Go with Pale Gray

Pale gray is a cool, gentle shade with a neutral undertone, although it can shine slightly yellow, blue, brown, or green, depending on the pairing.

Silver gray is a mystical, metallic element, while cloud gray tends to be almost white.

#1. Sapphire Blue

Sapphire wall, gray couch and white pillows.

Cool-toned, ashy gray can look a little lifeless without a vivid accompaniment, like cobalt or sapphire blue.

These intense shades bring out the blue undertones in gray, while the gray prevents the blue from becoming overwhelming.

Blue and silver are also ideal accompaniments to a glamorous interior.

#2. Sage Green

Throw pillows, sage green couch, lamp on a stool, yellow floral curtain and gray wall background.

Sage’s muted gray undertone makes it an ideal pale gray companion. The light green and gray create a charming ambiance that suits a cottage core or country house vibe.

#3. Taupe

Light gray chair and taupe wall.

Another warm-toned neutral that works well with light gray is taupe, a lush gray-brown shade. Layer taupe, light gray, and beige for a cozy, welcoming living room.

Colors that Go with Blue Gray

Blue-gray or dove gray has a soft blue undertone, making it one of the most appealing grays for interiors, especially bedrooms. As blue-gray darkens, it turns to slate with a muted blue undertone.

#4. Powder Blue

Powder blue couch gray curtain and wall.

The combination of blues and grays is always calm and tranquil, with a nod to the coastal, even if you’re not doing the whole seaside hideaway aesthetic.

Gray elevates powder blue, adding a level of sophistication

#5. Blush Pink

Blush pink couch bluish gray wall.

While blush and powder blue lend themselves to a nursery, blue-gray adds elegance and sophistication. This muted pairing is perfect for a bedroom, with the cozy cashmere throws and heaps of pillows.

Add a vintage chandelier and shimmery silver accessories for lashings of charm.

But blush and blue-gray aren’t limited to a romantic bedroom. I love the combination of pink and gray for Scandi interiors, paired with elegant light wood.

It would also be delightful pairing in country or cottage core styles with wood finishes to add warmth.

Colors that Go with Mid-Toned Gray

Mid-toned gray is a little moodier than pale and blue-gray, with a punch of depth and interest. It is the perfect foil for bold, rich colors, whether for a silvery flint gray or a more dramatic battleship gray.

#6. Red

Red and gray room.

Red and gray are traditional bedfellows with a sophisticated, contemporary vibe. This season, add warmth through a more muted terracotta red — leave the fire engine shade for the kid’s room.

#7. Orange

Gray and orange bedroom.


Vibrant orange shines against a muted, mid-toned gray with yellow undertones. This palette will immediately update your gray living room or bedroom, especially if you choose an on-trend, earthy pumpkin orange.

#8. Navy

Navy blue and gray kitchen.


Balance serious, sophisticated navy with a mid-toned gray to prevent it from being overbearing — or nautical.

Soften the blue further with softly textured or charmingly painted furniture for a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, especially in a kitchen or family room.

The combination is also ideal for a minimalist or industrial vibe.

Colors that Go with Dark Gray

Dark grays, like charcoal or gunmetal, can be moody with purple or royal blue or dramatic with jewel tones. Another option is to pair brooding gray, like onyx, with fresh neutrals, white, and black.

#9. White

Gray and white living room.

Intense charcoal on white is a glamorous, dramatic combination that works best with a pure, bright white.

It’s more relaxed than black and white and looks fantastic when you can play with the tones in woven fabrics, streaked marble, or smoked glass.

Add warmth through glowing wood, or go for minimalist chic with black furniture, textiles, and lighting.

#10. Purple

Gray and purple pillows on gray couch.

Lush berry and violet shades add opulence and luxury to dark blue-toned gray, making the neutral seem mysterious rather than a background color.

Play up the regal theme with smooth satin and plush velvet textures in an eclectic living room or magnificent bedroom. Gilt or silver accessories add to the elegant ambiance.

#11. Emerald Green

Green dresser and chair against gray wall.

Soften a dark, brooding gray with jewel-toned emerald green through sumptuously painted furniture, velvet drapes, or an accent chair.

Dark green and gray also lend themselves to an English country home look. Pair with warm wooden furniture and vintage elements — like hunting or botanical prints on the wall.

#12. Pale Yellow

Gray and yellow living room.

One of the childhood rhymes that lives in my head is, “Yellow, yellow, lucky fellow.” In this case, dark gray is the lucky fellow, with the combination creating a soothing and uplifting vibe.

This palette is typical of Scandi interiors with a mid-century feel (hello, graphic prints). It also works well for vintage interiors, especially when your yellow tends to marigold and appears in florals, checks, and stripes.

Final Thoughts

Gray is an elegant, versatile color that works well with cool and warm colors, whether you pick a pale or blue-gray, or mid-toned gray or an intense dark charcoal.

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White couch and coffee table and text overlay that says, "Colors that pair well with gray".

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