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11 Best Behr Blue Gray Paint Colors

If you are looking for the perfect blue gray shade for your home, then here are the best Behr blue gray paint colors to consider.

I love the current trend of bringing the natural environment indoors, with lush greens, earthy reds, and sandy beiges filling our interiors.

But blue has long been one of the most popular colors for home interiors. It complements natural colors well, adding the changing hues of the sky and sea with their gray undertones. 

Blue grays are sleek, contemporary and versatile.  So, what are best blue gray paint colors by Behr?

The best Behr blue gray paint colors include Etched Glass and Absolute Zero. Dayflower, Peaceful Blue, and Half Sea Fog are light blue-gray. Mid-tone slate blues are Adirondack Blue, Atlantic Blue, Teton Blue, and English Channel. Blue Metal and Midnight Blue are dark and dramatic.

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Best Blue Gray Paint Colors from Behr

Interior designers call green “nature’s neutral,” but I think blue-gray is an equally beautiful, natural neutral. And when you combine blue with sophisticated gray, you get an even more elegant, serene shade.

Let’s look at Behr’s best blue gray paint colors.

#1. Etched Glass MQ3-27

Etched Glass MQ3-27.

Another of 2023’s bestsellers, Etched Glass, is an ethereal blue with a frosty gray undertone. Like Ice Sculpture, Etched Glass is an excellent neutral alternative to white. This sophisticated and elegant color complements duck-egg and sky-blues in monochrome palettes.

#2. Absolute Zero N490-1

Absolute Zero N490-1.


This delicate blue-gray is cool yet radiant, illuminating small, light-starved rooms. Absolute Zero is a gorgeous color for a vintage-style or Art Deco kitchen or dining room. Use creamy white or blush pink for contrast.

Also, consider Absolute Zero for bedrooms and nurseries, complemented by white to create a light, bright effect. Add warm accent colors—I’m not a fan of the beige baby trend as little ones need the stimulus of color.

#3. Dayflower MQ3-54

Dayflower MQ3-54.

Dayflower was launched in 2021 and remains a bestseller. This airy, dusty blue almost shimmers with mother-of-pearl gray tones, making it a relaxing, comfortable color.

I’d love a reading nook painted with Dayflower, with a window seat upholstered in teal velvet, mauve blinds, and a large, white bookshelf packed with my favorite classics.

It’s also an ideal color for a home office, as it’s serene and charming without being distracting.

#4. Peaceful Blue S470-3

Peaceful Blue S470-3.

Appropriately named, Peaceful Blue is the color of the sky on a crisp fall day. Channel this natural shade as an accent color in a neutral palette, toning with greige, gray, and taupe.

This is perfect for a country-style living room with exposed stone, wooden beams, and rustic furniture.

Or choose Peaceful Blue to anchor a coastal-style interior with earth tones of stone, sand, and clay. Layer natural textures for an updated take on the seaside cottage: rattan, rope, wicker, and linen are all ideal.

#5. Half Sea Fog N470-3

Half Sea Fog N470-3.

The colors of coastal fogs and mists, gentle and ephemeral, inspire this beautiful gray-blue. It’s a tranquil shade for an elegant living room or dining room. And it pairs well with gray, charcoal, pink and silver accents

#6. Adirondack Blue N480-5

Adirondack Blue N480-5.

Adirondack Blue is one of Behr’s top 10 bestselling paint colors. This deep slate blue makes the ideal accent color for kitchen cabinets or a feature wall.

The color of shadowy mountains, Adirondack blue, is timeless and works perfectly for traditional and contemporary interiors. Pair the color with warm wood tones and natural textures (like wicker or rattan) for a Boho or organic modern aesthetic.

Complementary shades include white and lighter blue-grays, like Ice Sculpture. This combination looks fresh in bathrooms and kitchens, especially if you include a warm accent color.

#7. Atlantic Blue 600F-6

Atlantic Blue 600F-6.

This rich blue-gray strictly belongs to the purple family, as it has a violet undertone, adding warmth and depth. Atlantic Blue is ideal as an accent color to refresh a dull or dated gray living room.

Paint a cabinet, shelf, or feature wall in this lush color as a focal point. Add cushions and a matching armchair to draw the eye around the room.

Mustard, rust, and forest green pair beautifully with Atlantic Blue, especially in retro or eclectic interiors.

#8. Teton Blue N490-4 

Teton Blue N490-4.

One of 2023’s best-selling colors, Teton Blue, lies on the gray end of the gray-blue scale. This medium-toned slate color has a blue undertone, evident as light moves across it.

Use Teton Blue as a neutral to anchor a blue and white Japandi palette, glowing with natural wood. You could also pair Teton Blue with sage and terracotta for an on-trend Scandi look.

#9. English Channel PPU14-19

English Channel PPU14-19.

My dream job would be thinking up those crazy, creative labels that capture the essence of a paint or lipstick color.

For this dramatic blue-gray, the image that springs to mind is the open sea, deep and mysterious. Bring some of this intensity into your home by creating a dark backdrop for your living room. It will really make your decor pop.

Alternatively, go for the intimate cocooning effect and combine this color with other deep hues like charcoal and paprika.

#10. Blue Metal HDC-AC-25

Blue Metal HDC-AC-25.

A deep blue gray, Blue Metal is a smoky charcoal with blue undertones. I love this color’s complexity. It shifts from gray to blue and even to green, making it the perfect backdrop for various color palettes.

Use Blue Metal to give a room depth and add warm layers of earthy tones, brown, tan, and terracotta.

#11. Midnight Blue N480-7

Midnight Blue N480-7.

Midnight Blue verges on the blue-black, rather than the blue-gray, a color full of shadows and shade. This dramatic color comes into its own in intimate bedroom sanctuaries.

Toning colors include deep chocolate brown, tan, taupe, and white. Combine this palette with lush leather and chrome textures.

Final Thoughts

Blue gray paint colors top the lists of Behr’s 2023 and all-time bestselling shades. Blue gray paint colors range from almost white, through light pearly blues and mid-tone blue grays to dramatic charcoals. There is a blue gray paint color for every aesthetic and color palette.

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