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13 Best Man Cave Paint Colors to Reflect Your Personality & Passions

The days of an ill-lit, cave-like basement room full of dusty memorabilia and lumpy sofas are long past. So, what are the best man cave paint colors?

My brother doesn’t have a man cave. He still calls it a den, and it’s a scruffy space with a Lazy Boy and an old TV. I keep telling him to renovate it with my vision of a British men’s club. Those aristocratic institutions where white-mustached old fellows sip port and read the newspapers. I love the colors of hunting prints, the reds and greens, paired with the gloss of well-worn leather. But my brother has other ideas. Which are the best colors for a man cave?

Glidden’s best man cave paint colors are Rich Navy, Red Gumball, and Dark Hunter Green. Benjamin Moore’s are Intense White, Trench Coat, French Press, and Van Deusen Blue, and Behr’s are Red Red Wine, Ranch Brown, and Almost Famous. Farrow & Ball favorites are Plummet, Imperial Purple, and Railings.

Book and fruit on a coffee table, light brown couch, green wall background and text overlay that says, "Best man cave paint colors".

Contemporary Man Caves

Today’s man caves are well designed and inspired by modern sports bars rather than dingy pool halls. The colors are welcoming, making the man cave an inviting room for friends and family.

They are appealing spaces where you can indulge your love of sports, music, cars, or games.

Where walls were once brown or gray, you’ll find your favorite sports team’s colors on a wall. Or a fresh white paint anchoring a sophisticated color scheme.

Glidden’s Best Paint Colors for a Man Cave

This premier paint brand has rich, saturated colors, perfect for a gentleman’s retreat, not the 1980s man cave.

#1. Rich Navy 50BB 08/171

Dark blue has always been popular for masculine bedrooms and formal living rooms. It’s the ideal color for a classy man cave. You can go nautical with gold and white tones. Or, use it to show your your love for the Philadelphia Union soccer team. Navy is also serious enough if your space doubles as a home office.

Rich Navy 50BB 08/171.



#2. Red Gumball PPG1187-7

Bright, fire-engine red is a cheerful color for a sophisticated media room — or the man who supports a team in red (Chicago Bulls, anyone?). Pair red accents with classic black or white, chrome elements, and moody photography. And keep the furniture pared back.

Red Gumball PPG1187-7.

#3. Dark Hunter Green 30GG 06/113

If your man cave has a traditional study or library vibe, go for this English hunter-green. Add leather armchairs, a selection of single malts, and old-fashioned golfing or hunting prints. This will give the room country-house charm.

Green velvet sofas and some hardy indoor plants are also an excellent choice. (Unless your man cave alternates as a conservatory.)

Dark Hunter Green 30GG 06/113.

Best Man Room Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore, one of the US’ favorite paint brands, has a vast selection of colors perfect for a man cave.

#4. Intense White OC-51

Instead of the stereotypical dark man cave, I love this shade. It’s a fresh, soothing white to help you relax. The clean background is not blindingly sterile one. It refreshes you as you spend the afternoon watching touchdowns or playing pool.

Accessorize the room as you wish, with your walls the timeless neutral.

Intense White OC-51.

#5. Trench Coat CSP-1020

A rich, brown-toned khaki is the ideal masculine color for military uniforms, safari gear, and classic chinos.

Like well-worn cargo shorts (I bet every husband has a pair), khaki walls go with everything. They especially work well with brown leather and set a relaxed tone.

Trench Coat CSP-1020.

#6. French Press AF-170

French Press is the darkest of browns, almost as black as roasted espresso. This brown is full of personality. It suits a vintage-style music room or coffee den, with decadent cream contrasts.

It’s the coziest, smokiest brown that embraces you like a plush sofa and puts on a Humphrey Bogart movie. (“Play it again, Sam?” Yes, I know the quote’s wrong but it’s too good to ignore.)

French Press AF-170.

#7. Van Deusen Blue HC-156

This rich Delft blue is a gorgeous home office/den option. It adds depth and interest to a functional room, making it an appealing place to relax.

For a moodier atmosphere, go for a deep blue room with sophisticated gold accents and an Art Deco wet bar.

Van Deusen Blue HC-156.

Top Behr Man Cave Colors

Behr paints are known for their fade-resistant technology. They offer a selection of stunning shades for your man cave, a space where you can express yourself.

#8. Red Red Wine S-H-130

Deep burgundy is a wonderful man cave color. It evokes images of cozy pubs with beer on tap and sports on big screens.

Go the pub route. Paint the walls deep red. Install a dark wood bar, foosball table, and comfy armchairs for catching the game. Or just paint one wall with Red Red Wine to add warmth to a simpler color palette.

Red Red Wine S-H-130.


#9. Ranch Brown S240-6

Ranch Brown is a paint color to inspire modern cowboy or South-western interiors. It is the exact color of a freshly polished saddle. Go all out with barn wood or stone cladding and rustic touches. These include rope lamps, exposed beams, and cowhide, with cozy ethnic rugs for color.

Ranch Brown S240-6.


#10. Almost Famous T11-6

If you dream of a classy golf club or your grandad’s mid-century modern living room, go for this lush, mossy green. Almost Famous has luxe blue undertones. It is casual and elegant. You could use it in a gentleman’s study, library, or music room.

Almost Famous T11-6.

Top Man Cave Colors from Farrow & Ball

With their nostalgic colors, Farrow & Ball’s paint colors have history — you’ll definitely find a story that matches yours.

#11. Plummet 272

Gray is seen as a masculine color. It’s formal, no-nonsense, neat and crisp.

Plummet is named after the lead fishermen use to weight their lines. It is perfect for industrial-style interiors. Go for exposed concrete and brickwork. Add black and white portraits, and brown leather furniture.

Plummet 272.

#12. Imperial Purple W40

If you’re king of all you survey, choose a rich and regal purple for your man cave. It has a rich blue undertone. This gives it an indigo-like purple color. It works well with blues, reds, grays, metallics, and glassware.

Moody Imperial Purple is gorgeous for den-like sanctuaries and home cinemas.

Imperial Purple W40.

#13. Railings 31

Railings is a softer option than stark black for a traditional, enveloping man cave. Like the metalwork that gives this color its name, this dark blue hue is solid and reliable. But it is also dramatic and commanding.

Railings also works well in brightly lit interiors. It is the ideal color if you have art or memorabilia to display and prefer a less cave-like den.

Railings 31.

Final Thoughts

Unless you’re into industrial or modern cowboy vibes, there’s no need to be tied to traditional man cave blacks and browns. Instead, paint brands offer a range of shades from white to purple. You can find colors to match your favorite team or lush, deep color you can indulge in.

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Book and fruit on a coffee table, light brown couch, green wall background and text overlay that says, "Top paint colors for a man cave".

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