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5 Common Home Organizing Mistakes

Home Organizing Mistakes Most People Make and the Best Ways to Avoid Them

Find out the common home organizing mistakes a lot of us make and discover the solutions to help you avoid them.

Common home organizing mistakes

We all know that a well-organized home looks cleaner and neater, makes it easier and more convenient to find items you want and makes living in your home more comfortable.

However, getting your home organized is no easy task and most of us tend to make the same mistakes over and over when organizing our homes.

Top 5 Home Organization Mistakes and Possible Solutions

Here are some of the most common organizing mistakes and some suggestions on how to avoid them.

#1. Not Making Organizing Your Home a Priority

Just thinking about getting organized isn’t going to get the job done. Yet many of us lead such busy lives we put organizing our home onto the back burner to tend to when we have “adequate time.”

Getting organized just doesn’t seem to a top priority. Yet getting your home organized can save you more time than you can possibly imagine in the future.

Solution – Just Start

The best way to avoid or overcome this problem is to simply make organizing a top priority.

Schedule a time on your calendar to start your organizing, whether that is organizing a small room or a single drawer in a desk.

Once you start, continuing to organize will be far easier than you ever thought it would be.

#2. Trying to Organize Before Decluttering

One of the worst organizing mistakes people make is trying to organize an area or a room before you declutter the area.

Before organizing you need to remove any items from the area and your home that you no longer want, need or are useful. This will help provide the space you need to organize what you do have in a logical manner.

Solution – Purge

The best way to avoid trying to organize before you declutter your home is to go on a purge.

Go through each area with a critical eye and remove those items that you no longer need or want, are broken or no longer serve a purpose.

Think of how many times we keep charging cords for electronics we no longer own, bread ties and clothing we haven’t worn in years and so much more.

Getting these things out of the home makes the space to allow you to organize things better.

Here is a list of things you can declutter right now.

#3. Failure to Plan Ahead

Some people attempt to organize their homes without first planning how to organize.

This often means that they lack the right tools, binge buy storage materials they end up having no use for.

Or simply trying to make due with the tools you have even if they are not right for the job.

Solution – Survey the Areas You Need to Organize

Before you actually begin organizing, look over the area you are intending to improve.

Make a list of the tools you will need such as drawer dividers, types of storage containers, hangers, shoe racks and other items that will fit into the space and help you divide, separate or adequately store the items in that area.

#4. You Start with the Largest Project First

Many people feel that they should start with the largest organizing project first to get it out of the way.

However, if you are new to home organization, a big project can quickly become overwhelming, making you give up before you really get started.

Solution – Start Small

It is actually best to begin your organizing efforts with a small project first.

By starting small you are much more likely to finish and experience a sense of accomplishment which you can build upon.

This will propel you forward to do more and more organizing. It also allows you to gain some organization experience before tackling those tougher areas.

#5. Failure to Get Everyone in the Home on Board with Your Organization Efforts

Unless you live alone, getting your home organized and keeping it that way is a group effort.

Many people make the mistake of organizing the home on their own and then trying to keep up with everything.

However, unless your family understands your organization systems and follows through on the system, your efforts won’t last very long.

Solution – Make it a Team Effort

To avoid having your organizing efforts go to waste, explain your system to the other members of your household and insist that they follow through.

You can even get them to help by assigning children specific areas to place their toys, art and craft equipment as well as by giving them the tools they need to separate their items themselves.

You can lend them a hand, but allow them some leeway to organize their items in a way that makes sense to them.

Final Thoughts on the Common Home Organizing Mistakes to Avoid

One problem many people have with organizing their home is that they simply don’t know how to organize or how to start. Just keep in mind that getting your home organized and keeping it organized take effort and practice. So take it one step at a time and you will continue to learn every time you tackle a new project.

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Home organization mistakes

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