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What to Do with Decluttered Items

Not knowing what to do with decluttered items is one of the mains reasons that a lot of people dread decluttering their home. Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of the decluttered stuff.

You have decided it is time to make a plan to declutter your home, but are a little bit unsure of what to do with those items you will be removing from your home.

In fact, leaving decluttered items to hang around too long is one of the most common decluttering mistakes that most people make.

That being said, there are a lot of things that you can do with all of those purged items.

Here are a few items you may find helpful.

What to do with decluttered items

5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Decluttered Items

#1. Get Rid of Trash Immediately

The easiest decluttered items to get rid of are all of those papers and other trash that you can simply throw away.

Anything that is considered garbage that your trash company accepts should immediately go into your garbage bin.

#2. Give Special Items to Friends and Family

There may be some items that you no longer want that friends and family may be thrilled to take off your hands.

Start a special container for these items and then set a date by which family and friends need to come and choose the items they want.

By setting a specific date for these items to be picked up you can rest assured that the items won’t remain in your home forever.

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#3. Sell the Stuff

You can make money selling your decluttered items There are several places to sell the stuff you no longer need or want, but are still in good condition.

Best Places to Sell Items Online

Here are some of the best places to sell your decluttered stuff online:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Bonanza
  • Craiglist (Local Sales)
  • Facebook Market Place (Local Sales)
  • Letgo(Local Sales)
  • Poshmark (Clothes)
  • Rubylane (Vintage, Jewelry)
  • Etsy (Vintage, Crafts)
  • Swappa (Electronics)
  • Glyde (Electronics)
  • Gazelle (Electronics)

Look into Places that Buy Back Books

Most of us accumulate books at a very rapid rate, and before we know it, they have taken over our home.

So if books are going to be part of the items you are removing from your home, look for those places that will often buy used books.

That way you will get a few dollars back on those books you purchased and enjoyed.

In some cases, you may decide simply to exchange the books for others you are longing to read.

Here are the best places to sell used books:

  • Book Scouter (
  • Half Price Books (
  • Amazon (
  • Sell Back Your Book (
  • Bookstores (
  • Powell’s Book (
  • Your Local Indie

Consider a Yard Sale

If you have the time and organizational skills, consider holding a yard sale to get rid of those items you are removing from your home.

That way you can make a little money back and allow people to get needed items at a cost that is maybe more affordable to them.

It’s not only a great way to get rid of those no longer wanted or needed items but also a great way to meet some of your neighbors you may not know.

You may also want to read this article for more information on different ways to make money decluttering.

#4. Consider Donating those Items

If you have neither the time nor the energy for a yard sale, or simply have leftover items from the sale then why not donate those items to a church, a Salvation Army or Goodwill store or other places that sells or gives away items to the needy.

Many of these places take everything from clothing to small working appliances and even pieces of furniture.

It can be a great feeling knowing that your good no longer wanted items are going somewhere where people who really need them to gain access to them at a really affordable price.

#5. Recycle

There are many items such as old cell phones, small and large appliances and so much more that may no longer be good or usable, but are capable of being recycled.

In fact, some areas have specific laws of how you are to dispose of or recycle any items that may contain gases or other substances that could harm the environment.

In some cases, there are businesses that will actually purchase your old cell phones, laptops, computers, tablets and other technology for a small amount depending on the age and the condition of the pieces.

Final Thoughts

The key is to get rid of those decluttered items as quickly as possible to ensure that they do not make their way back into your home.

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What to do with decluttered stuff

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