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Decluttering Checklist: List of Things to Declutter Right Now

Decluttering Checklist – 60+ Things You Can Get Rid of Right Now That You Will Not Miss!

This simple decluttering checklist contains a list of things you can get rid of today that you will never miss.

If your house is getting cluttered and untidy and you don’t really know how or where to start decluttering and organization, then you can simply start with getting rid of a good portion of the clutter by removing items you won’t ever miss.

decluttering checklist for your home

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Here is a decluttering checklist for you to follow to easily get rid of things that are no longer useful to you.

60+ Things to Declutter Today that You Will Not Miss


#1. Expired refrigerator food (Leftovers that are older than 4 or 5 days)

#2. Cans without labels (Are you really going to try that mystery food?)

#3. Chipped or cracked glasses or coffee mugs (You’ve already used and abused them so let them go)

#4. Cooking Utensils you never use and don’t even know what they are to be used for

#5. Plastic containers with no lids, and lids with no containers

#6. Worn out scrubbers and sponges

#7. Worn out dish towels

#8. Mystery frozen food (Do you really want to play name that meat?)

#9. Old pantry items (If you need to use a hammer to break up that gravy packet you will never want to use it.)

#10. Expired Coupons

#11. Those little condiment packages from fast food and take out


#12. Old make-up (Are you really going to apply 4 years old mascara to your eyelashes?) Here are simple tips for decluttering your makeup.

#13. Expired medications (They lose their medicinal value after the expiration date)

#14. Worn out towels and washcloths

#15. That collection of old toothbrushes (One toothbrush for cleaning crevices is all need.)

#16. Expired facial products

#17. Those tiny soaps and shampoos you picked up at hotels or were sent as samples

#18. Almost empty product bottles (Do you really want to spend an extra minute pounding that shampoo bottle to get out the last drop of shampoo to wash your hair?)

#19. Those tiny slivers of soap


Some of the things to get rid of in your bedroom include:

#20. Damaged Sheets and Blankets (Ripped sheets and blankets are not going to keep you warm.)

#21. Old uncomfortable pillows (No one is going to miss sleeping on a lumpy pillow that makes you neck ache.

#22. Socks with no mates (Of course you can always wear one gold and one red sock and start a new fashion trend.)

#23. Broken or old jewelry that you no longer use

#24. Broken toys (Kid’s bedroom)

#25. Broken crayons that are too small to use (Kid’s bedroom)


#26. Extra top sheets

#27. Clothes that don’t fit, are damaged or that you simply don’t wear. (Do you really think you ever going to return to that size 5 you were at 15?)

#28. Uncomfortable or worn down shoes and slippers (If the only thing without holes is your shoe strings it times to get rid of those sneakers.)

#29. Wire hangers (When you changed to padded hangers you continued to hold on to those wire hangers just in case.)

#30. Old tote bags and backpacks (They’re dirty and in some cases even smell.)

#31. Damaged luggage (Do you really want that suitcase with the broken lock to come open as you are running to catch a plane?)

Living Room

#32. Old Remote controls

#33. Books you don’t read or don’t intend to read

#34. Old Magazines (That’s right you are never going to read that People’s article from 1976)

#35. VHS tapes when you no longer have a VHS machine

#36. Any knick-Knack you are sick of dusting

#37. Games and Puzzles with Missing Pieces or your kids have outgrown

#38. Burned out Candles

#39. Those worn out accent pillows and rugs

Home Office

#40. Old phone books and address books or any phone book that you can easily find the numbers for on the Internet.

#41. Broken electronics or those 3 outdated computers you are keeping “just in case”

#42. Broken pencils, pens with no ink, dried up markers

#43. Those old product manuals for home products you no longer use or own

#44. Cables and cord that no longer go with anything in your home

#45. Last years Calendar

#46. Old receipts you no longer need

#47. That copy paper printed on one side that you saving to make notes on, but never do


If your family is like families your garage has become a catch-all for all those items that you no longer want, can’t use or plan to repair one of these days.

#48. Old buckets of paint

#49. Unused or broken yard tools (Handless hoes, rakes with broken tips)

#50. Unused or broken yard furniture and old cushions you’ve long ago replaced

#51. That abandoned exercise equipment

#52. Those old bent bicycle rims

#53. That broken house furniture you were going to fix one day

#54. Those unused baby items that your kids outgrew 10 years ago

#55. Those stored decorations you never use

#56. Those old artificial Christmas trees that you long ago have replaced

#57. Scraps of wood for DIY projects

Other Items That May Be Found Wherever

#58. Scrap paper

#59. Old craft supplies and those half-finished projects you got tired of doing

#60. Those small scraps of wrapping paper

#61. Those cardboard boxes that have piled up in case you need a box for something

Tips for Making Decluttering as Simple As Possible

  • Don’t try and declutter every room all in one day, go room by room area by area
  • Put on your favorite music while you declutter you’ll enjoy the chore more
  • Don’t declutter your child’s room while your child is in the room (Toys they have not played with years will suddenly become their favorite.)
  • When in doubt throw it out.

Using this decluttering checklist and four simple tips you will be able to get rid of useless things you don’t need and declutter your home in no time at all.

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Things you can get rid of right now

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Saturday 10th of February 2024

May not be able to use most but they sure do motivate me to try to come up with ideas to fit my family and mobile home living. Mobile homes have smaller spaces to work with. Keep them coming. Glad you are there for us.


Tuesday 20th of September 2022

Yes, very useful. And very sensible. So why can't I just DO IT?! Well--I roped in my best friend - we are total opposites - I'm The Hoarder (almost), too romantic about bits'n'bobs. She's utterly ruthless. I have birthday cards from when I was celebrating turning 3 y.o. ... (I'm now late 50s !) My friend was kindly ruthless and then turned to cleaning my windows and carefully watched me poke at boxes and simply said, "I'm watching you" and the desperately necessary lime green vinyl bovver boots went back in the box.


Thursday 26th of May 2022

These are great ideas! I have a number of ones left to do.


Monday 28th of February 2022

Scrap paper- cut the sheets into 1/4 size; keep them in the drawer at your desk- saves having to spend a fortune on fancy little pads for scrap paper- SAVE.

Phone books- be careful- many people are no longer putting their phone numbers on Internet- need the number today? Too bad you threw out the older directory.

VHS tapes are worth their weight in gold. I have numerous VHS tapes of when the 'new ones' in the family were born, growing up, etc. Get them transferred onto a tape you can keep for your future generations.

Old coupons--Check with organizations- yes, pull your outdated coupons, but keep them in a big bag- many organizations receive credit for them- and the money is sent to i.e. orphanages in need of money.

Erna McIntyre

Tuesday 16th of March 2021

yes it was very helpful , thank you.

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