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6 Best Winter Curtain Colors for a Stylishly Warm Home

Are you looking to select a window covering color that will help create a winter ambiance? Let’s look at the best winter curtain colors.

I’m always excited at the beginning of winter, looking forward to festive decorating, celebrating, and feasting in my own winter wonderland.

However, after the holidays are over and it’s still cold (and miserable) outside, I desperately need to brighten my mood. Color elevates your dopamine levels, so filling your home with mood-lifting hues is an excellent idea

The best winter curtain colors transcend holiday decor. Think of warm neutrals, rich reds, earthy greens, and light blue. Darker tones of brown and gray are also effective. Consider insulation and aesthetics, such as layering curtains or adding thermal lining.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is an actual mental health condition where the lack of sunlight causes a depressed mood. Even if you’re not a sufferer, it’s a great idea to surround yourself with warm colors, creating a cozy winter atmosphere.

Colorful floral curtains, window view of winter landscape and test overlay that says, "Best winter curtain colors".


The Best Curtain Colors for Winter – Cozy and Chic

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winter marks the end of the year and is punctuated by festivities, family visits, and a slew of decorating and eating.

But winter lasts beyond this period, so how do you decorate your house for this season without it looking like a theme park?

#1. Warm Neutrals

Neutral living room with white couch, coffee table, white wall and cream curtain.

Layering your home with warm, gorgeous neutrals and swapping out light linen or sheers for wool means your house will be winter-ready through the holidays and beyond.

Snowy white is a winter decorating favorite, but avoid your room being too stark and chilly. Think arctic tundra—by adding soft tones of cream, ivory, gray, and beige. Let your curtains be a backdrop to warm glowing wood both in furniture and as elegant decor.

Farmhouse chic is an ideal winter aesthetic as it adds textural interest to a possibly bland color scheme.

Create a winter scene with rustic elements like a weathered basket, rattan mats, bleached wood, and gingham pillows. Plants add welcome greenery without looking like a Christmas tree.

Creamy curtains anchor a black and white winter scheme with clever use of clean lines. Decorate Scandi-style, where your firewood adds natural color and sculptural charm.

A neutral color scheme doesn’t have to be all white. Warm-toned grays look beautiful with taupe curtains. Add lighting to your interiors to keep the dark at bay.

Earth tones also work beautifully with neutrals, so layer in rich clay, stone, and earth colors for warmth, especially in a bedroom.

Neutral curtains tone down brighter color schemes and can replace lighter curtains that create a summer effect. Flannel, wool, chenille, and velvet curtains add coziness.

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#2. Red

White and red living room.

Let’s get this out of the way immediately: yes, red is the go-to color for December holiday decorations. And it does have associations with festivity, gifts, and the big fat man with a long white beard.

But hear me out. Red is one of the best colors for lifting your mood and generating energy. Stick to rusty hues, deep wine red, burgundy with a touch of brown, and terracotta to avoid the post-Christmas blues about reds. (I think that makes sense.)

Make your curtains do double duty. Layering a block of red curtain over florals gives a festive air that can last well after the family dinner. Doubling up on curtains is an excellent strategy for style and insulation. It keeps your home warmer and your electricity bills down.

Add red curtains to a neutral color scheme, picking up the color in wintry plaid upholstery. This look easily transitions into a Christmas palette. Simply pare down the red elements after the holidays.

Wine-red curtains and a burgundy color palette are warmly gorgeous for winter and have no festive hints unless you choose to add them.

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#3. Green

Room with green curtain and couch.

Green and red tend to signal holidays, but on their own, this vibrant shade infuses your interiors with life, the promise of spring so essential in the dead of winter. All shades of green are mood-boosting, but go for the jewel tones to perk up your decor.

Is there anything cozier than bottle green velvet curtains? Pair with a velvet couch, perfect for decadent snuggling and hibernating.

Green and white is a fresh and lively color scheme not generally associated with winter. However, it is so enlivening that you’ll get a new spurt of productivity instead of spending the winter like a bear.

Go for a delightful Boho or organic modern aesthetic, with lots of plants and light wooden furniture.

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#4. Blue

Room with blue and white curtains, gray chairs and blue rug.

Generally considered a cool color, icy blue is an elegant choice for a winter interior. Crisp blue curtains add color to a white wintry palette and Boho aesthetic. Key decor includes macrame, rattan rugs, wicker furniture, and silvery-leafed plants.

Blue injects color into an otherwise neutral gray color scheme. This calming color is perfect for a busy family room.

Clear blues create a cocoon-like atmosphere, ideal for snuggling in a winter bedroom. Layer cozy knits, blankets, and pillows for a hyggelik Nextflix and chill experience.

Bright turquoise curtains glow like precious stones against a snow-white setting. If you love color, vivid blues are an ideal non-Christmassy color for winter interiors.

Dark blue curtains are moody in a blue cocoon-like room. Keep the vibe cozy with plush textures and bright lighting.

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#5. Brown

Brown curtains.

Winter is the season to indulge in dark, chocolatey brown, the color of gingerbread, bare earth waiting for spring, and the rough bark of forest trees. Brown instantly adds warmth and coziness to any space.

Transform your living room into a cozy sanctuary with heavy brown curtains, preferably wool or uber-trendy boucle, which hangs elegantly. Bringing outdoor colors into your home is as effective in winter as in summer, with gorgeous wood and earth browns.

Shut out the chilly evening with shiny brown curtains. Accessorize hygge-style with beautifully grained wood, glowing brass, and plenty of twinkling lights to keep darkness at bay.

If you update only one room’s curtains this winter, make it your bedroom. Deep brown curtains provide a lush backdrop for holiday lie-ins and breakfast in bed. Complete with cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

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#6. Gray

Bedroom with gray curtains and white bedding.

I find dark, brooding skies exciting, with the promise of thunderstorms or snow. Channel some of this energy into your home with cloudy gray curtains in a neutral color scheme. Dark tones like these instantly shift the mood to winter.

An all-gray color scheme is stunning for winter, stark and pared-back like the branches of winter trees. Add some gold and yellow to prevent the palette from being too depressing.

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Balancing Aesthetics and Insulation

More than any other season, winter curtains are not only a decor element/ They are crucial for insulation, keeping our homes cozy so that we don’t only rely on electric or gas heating. Winter window dressing can act as a barrier to chilly drafts and prevent heat loss while looking gorgeous.

My top winter curtain tip is to ensure your curtains reach the ground. You’d be surprised at how much heat is lost through that tiny gap. For ultimate insulation, hang ceiling-to-floor curtains in a heavy material.

Another tip is to layer your curtains for additional insulation and an exciting design vibe.

Thermal curtains have a specialized lining to trap the warmth inside and block the cold air, making your home more energy efficient.

Using thermal curtains or adding a layer of thermal lining to your existing curtains offers insulation. It also offers light-blocking, soundproofing, and privacy to your interiors.

Final Thoughts

Winter home decor needs to look cozy beyond the holidays. So choose non-traditional colors like warm neutrals, light and dark blue, brown, and gray for your curtains. If you love red and green, stick to dark, jewel tones. Remember to prioritize insulation to keep your house warm and your heating bills down.

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Colorful patterned curtains, window view of winter landscape and test overlay that says, "The best curtain colors for winter".

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