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6 Best Fall Curtain Colors for a Cozy Autumn Vibe

Discover the warmth and charm of autumn indoors by selecting the best fall curtain colors for your space. I’m here to help you make the right right choice in choosing your curtain colors.

John Keats poetically called fall the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. A time to set aside summer’s frivolity and prepare for a long winter. While we no longer need to get the harvest in, dressing your house for the colder months is a symbolic way to welcome the new season.

Decorating with pumpkins and wreaths may create a holiday spirit, but changing your wardrobe, bedding, and accessories also sets the tone for fall. What curtains are suitable for fall?

Fall curtains prepare your home to move from summer to winter. The best fall curtains are on-trend earth colors, like burnt orange, ochre yellow, olive green, terracotta red, clay brown, and sandy beige. Signal a transition to fall with curtain textiles, such as velvet, chenille, wool, and flannel.

Orange curtains, white valance, yellow wall and text overlay that says, "Best fall curtain colors".

I’m a big fan of decorating for each season, but overdoing the cutesy holiday decor isn’t my style.

Instead, I like to mark the seasons by changing the colors in my home, and fall is all about earthy tones of burnt orange, rusty red, mustard yellow, and earthy brown.

Let’s look at how to introduce these spicy shades into fall decor, particularly looking at your window treatments.

Using Curtains to Transition to Fall

As the weather turns chilly, I start packing away my summer wardrobe and unpack my cozy cardigans, snuggly sweaters, and warm boots.

In the same way, I like to prepare my home by packing away the light cotton sheets. It’s time to bring out the brushed cotton and buttery flannel. Setting out plush throws on the sofas and beds, and swapping out my lightweight drapes for heavier ones to keep out the cold.

Curtains and furnishings can signal the shift from one season to the next, both in terms of their weight and their color. I love soft velvets, nubbly weaves, chunky knits, faux shearling, tweed, and plush rugs.

Their added warmth is perfect for chilly weather. And a change in color from seaside blues and greens to muted earthy shades adds to the effect.

6 Best Curtain Colors for Fall

I have seen curtains patterned with pumpkins; if that’s your style, embrace it. But I like to transition from summer to fall using gorgeous colors that last the whole season, not just Halloween.

These gorgeous shades are trending, so you’ll find plenty of terracotta reds, chocolate browns, and all shades of green.

#1. Orange

Room with burnt orange curtains.


Orange is the defining color of fall, with all its associations with pumpkins, piles of crisp leaves, and crackling bonfires. And in fall, this color is surprisingly easy to live with.

Burnt orange works well with neutral color palettes, including black and white. If you hang orange curtains, you pick up the color with smaller accents, such as an orange rug, or it will look out of place.

Choose a muted butternut to enliven a minimalist gray interior. Pick up the orange in your furnishings.

Butterscotch is a gentle orange shade that’s suitable for bedrooms. It tones beautifully with blues and grays.

You can also add sunset tones to brighter color palettes. Being a nature-inspired shade, orange goes well with greens, reds, and browns. Bring nature indoors with dried flowers to echo the earthy tones.

Layering is a trending feature for window treatments and is a way of introducing bold shades into your home without them becoming overwhelming. Layer orange with buttery cream for a calming atmosphere.

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#2. Golden Yellow

Golden yellow curtain.

The color of warm honey, yellow, is one of my favorite colors, and in fall, it reminds me of the glorious golden light that signals shorter days. Yellow is also an energizing color, giving you a spurt of brightness as darkness and coldness set in.

Luscious amber yellow is a versatile color that suits both modern and traditional interiors. Go for heavy silk, satin, or shantung if you have a living room filled with antiques and glowing wood floors. You’ll want to keep the curtains up beyond autumn.

Honey yellow is also a heritage shade and looks beautiful with blues and whites.

Muted gold curtains tone down natural greens, just as a stunning autumn tree can have both green and gold leaves on it.

Another favorite shade of yellow is ochre, reminiscent of sun-kissed earth and Moroccan souks. You can introduce this earthy color into a contemporary interior to give it elegance and gravitas.

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#3. Red

Brick red curtain.

People travel hundreds of miles to see New England’s beautiful red autumn leaves, so add some of this color to your autumn interiors. Choose a spicy paprika red to tone with sunset orange and yellow in a modern, color-rich, maximalist interior.

Red is also eye-catching in darker color schemes and looks dramatic against gray or black walls. And there are very few decor accessories as dramatic as red velvet.

Red can be a bold decorating choice, especially for an item as large as your curtains.

Tone down the vividness by choosing one of this season’s it-colors: terracotta red. (This has a dose of brown to calm it and make it cozier.) Use terracotta in Scandi, farmhouse, and Mediterranean interiors.

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#4. Green

Room with white walls and green curtains.

Autumn brings the change from greenery to contrasting reds and yellows, but green is such a natural shade that it still belongs in a fall palette.

It is also the perfect color to help you transition from summery mown-grass greens to the next season. Hanging muted green curtains and accessorized with yellow.

The ideal greens for this season are those with a hint of brown or gray: olive, sage, and moss. Like old oak leaves, these shades tone perfectly with organic browns and creams. Accessorize this peaceful pairing with a vase of stark branches to herald the coming winter.

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#5. Brown

Brown curtain, white walls and couch.

More than any color, brown tells us that it’s not summer anymore. The loamy earth is bare after harvest, and the structural beauty of the trees’ branches is silhouetted against a gray sky. Indoors, brown is a rich, lush color, as are hot chocolate, brownies, and gingerbread.

Brown belongs to the neutral group of colors, so I’ve found it works well with white, cream, ivory, and beige. Add muted color through dried grasses rather than a large bunch of summer flowers.

Flannel shirts are typical fall wear. Channel some of that energy into your window treatments with brown checks. Introduce cozy hygge elements like twinkling lights and candles, bright against the dark evenings.

Go for a seventies vibe with a mocha and orange pairing. But keep it up to date with organically shaped and textured wicker furniture and brass-toned accessories.

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#6. Beige

Beige curtain.

This gentle color is an unsung hero of interior design. Often maligned for being boring, beige is the color that defines quiet luxury. It underlies most neutral color schemes, and softens the starkest white interior.

Many of our interiors are built for versatility, with layers of soft neutrals creating a cozy, inviting ambiance. You only need a few accessories to go from a summer, coastal vibe to snuggly fall neutrals.

Beige curtains may not signal autumn explicitly but through the textiles used. Fluffy chenille, soft wool, beautifully draped flannel, and cozy velvet have magnificent textures that instantly warm up an interior.

Accessorize with worn and weathered pieces, rough jute, rattan, nubby rope, distressed leather, craggy clay pots, and wooden ornaments. Add color through plants, feathers, and stone, and enjoy nature’s gentle interplay of textures and hues.

A versatile beige and neutral color scheme fit in with minimalist, Scandi, and Boho interiors.

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Final Thoughts

Welcome fall to your home by transitioning from summer blues and brights to lush, earthy orange, yellow, green, red, brown, and beige tones. Choose curtains made from heavier wool and woven textiles, and layer up cozy accessories through throws, candles, pillows, and rugs.

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Orange curtains, yellow wall and text overlay that says, "Best curtain colors for fall".

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