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5 Warm Curtain Colors for a Cozy and Inviting Home

If you want a cozy and inviting home, then try selecting curtain colors that will add warmth to your home. Here are the best warm curtain colors you can choose from.

As soon as summer is over, I like to start dressing my home warmly. There’s the fall stage, with pumpkins galore, and then winter, with all the festive colors.

However, curtains are one item I don’t change with the holidays. So I need to make sure they’re warm throughout the cold spells.

The best warm curtain colors include red and yellow-toned neutrals like taupe, beige, ivory, cream, and brown. Red, yellow, orange and pink are traditional warm colors, while jewel tones add warmth through their vividness. Combine warm colors with heavy fabrics and thermal lining to retain heat.

The Danish philosophy of hygge means creating a cozy, homely atmosphere to welcome friends and family.

Hygge-inspired décor focuses on snuggly throws, plush-textured pillows, and gorgeous toe-warming rugs in front of roaring fires. What can we learn from the experts on choosing the warmest curtain colors and materials?

The Best Warm Curtain Colors to Cozy Up Your Home

When dressing my home for chilly weather, I know I’m guilty of focusing on throws and pillows and ignoring curtains.

But curtains can play an important role in creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. They literally help to keep a room warm, depending on what they’re made of. What are the best warm curtain colors and materials?

#1. Earth-toned Neutrals

Beige curtain.

I want to start with a neglected group of colors that aren’t obviously warm. We often tend to associate lighter colors with a cooler palette, but neutrals with a yellow or pink undertone are also warm colors.

Choose curtains in beige, cream, ivory, and greige to match a layered neutral scheme.

Another option is to choose a darker neutral, like chocolate brown, olive green, or charcoal. These timeless neutrals are associated with warmth and create a soft, welcoming atmosphere.

Earthier neutrals are on trend and work well with tranquil organic neutral, Boho, and coastal grandma interiors. Just remember to add plants that can live in a warm environment.

Choosing curtains that are darker than the walls also offer a grounding effect, which you can reflect in a rug, pillows, and throws.

Gorgeous heavy fabrics like velvet or brushed cotton prevent heat from escaping, making the room even cozier.

Ensure your neutral living or bedroom is extra cozy by layering up fluffy throws, mohair blankets, and brushed cotton sheets. Add decorative accents in bronze, yellow, and orange for extra warmth.

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#2. Yellow 

Blue couch, yellow curtains in a room.

These sunset shades are more typically what we consider warm colors. Add these rich, saturated colors to a largely neutral scheme for bright, fiery warmth.

Yellow isn’t a regular bedroom color, but the curtains warm up the room even when it’s winter.

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#3. Orange

Bedroom with rust orange curtains.

Orange is an ideal foil for rich earthy browns. You don’t need to choose tangerine. Amber, rust, and gold are subtler versions of the color. Plush chenille looks beautiful in orange, and has a finger-entwining texture to add coziness.

Gold, brass, and glowing wood tones are ideal options for decor in a room with yellow or orange curtains. Add plenty of lamps or candles to contribute to the evening glow.

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#4. Red

Living room with white and red curtains and white arm chairs.

Red is the ultimate warm color, with associations of the holidays, of royalty, and of magnificence. A red and gold color scheme is theatrically magical, especially if you use luxe fabrics like velvet or heavy sateen.

An all-red color scheme can be claustrophobic, so add red curtains to a neutral palette to infuse it with warmth without being dramatic.

Accessorize with red through patterns and prints, such as plaid, florals, or gingham. This color palette is very inviting and welcoming to guests.

Red’s classic warmth works well with dark wooden furniture and traditional aesthetics. Add buffalo checks and flannel curtains and you can hint at a rustic style. Add a gorgeously patterned rug with red tones to draw the color scheme together.

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#5. Pink

Coral pink curtain.

Another somewhat unlikely warm color, pink tends to be associated with feminine or children’s bedrooms.

However, pink has matured into a sophisticated color with a subtle warmth—think magenta, cerise, or coral. Pink curtains in a white bedroom are elegant, especially when the pink is picked up in smaller accessories.

This season’s terracotta pinks inject sunbaked heat into your interiors. Also look out for blush pink and antique rose, softer pinks that can be as pale as a warm white. These shades are ideal for vintage interiors with antique furniture and gold and brass accents.

There is, of course, hot pink, which is, well … hot. Go full on Barbiecore by adding intense pink to a colorful interior. This shade shines in a tropical palette, along with green and yellow.

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Styling Tips for Warm Colored Curtains

A room with a warm color palette can be styled in several ways to achieve that cozy, hyggelik atmosphere winter calls for. Here are some of my favorite warm palette ideas.

Focus on Textures

While colors can give the illusion of sunshine or a glowing hearth, soft textures are what make us feel warm by trapping heat.

Choose curtain fabrics like brushed cotton, chenille, wool, flannel, and luxurious velvet and mohair. (This isn’t the time or place for sheers or linens.)

These gorgeous fabrics hang well and look luxurious. For extreme temperatures, invest in thermal curtaining which is specially lined to prevent heat loss through windows.

Also accessorize with textured decor. Faux fur throws, mohair blankets, handknitted pure wool pillows, and shaggy rugs all add to warmth of the room.

Patterned Pieces

In summer, you want your curtains to blend into the background for a cool, wide-windowed effect. However, in winter, you want to pull the drapes and create a cocoon. I find that patterned curtains somehow seem to be warmer than plain ones. I think they remind me of snuggly flannel shirts!

Old-fashioned florals are also in, especially if you are keen on farmhouse or cottagecore aesthetics. Look for vintage fabrics or reprints of classics, like William Morris.

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Warm Up with Wood

Dark, light, and mid-toned wood glows against warm colors. Choose dark wood for a traditional aesthetic. Mid-toned and mixed wood—reclaimed or recycled—works well for a rustic or farmhouse vibe.

Include natural colors of rattan, jute, and wicker for a Boho feel. Remember that wooden floor and wooden trim add to the effect.

Layer Up for Luxe

Create a toasty room by layering textures and colors. Worn leather chairs, velvet upholstery, tapestry and needlepoint all add to a traditional and cozy vibe.

Even textured neutrals will infuse a room with heat if layered in an appealingly tactile fashion. Consider paintings against the wall, heavy rugs, and wallpaper.

You can also layer curtains for extra warmth and color, particularly if they’re unlined. Keep the darker curtain close to the windows to block out cold and sound.

Final Thoughts

The color wheel categorizes reds, yellows, and oranges as warm colors, and they’re used in interior design to infuse a room with sunshine and heat. However, earth toned neutrals are also cozy colors, especially when layered in gorgeous textures. Also consider jewel tones, especially in lush fabrics like velvet, wool, chenille, and mohair.

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