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How to Reduce Clutter in Your Home

10 Ways to Reduce Clutter in Your Home – Simple Decluttering Tips

Reducing clutter in your home is very important if you want your home to look neat, tidy and organized. Learn how to reduce clutter at home to help keep your home clean and tidy.

One of the best ways to keep your home tidy and neat is to prevent clutter from building up.

A cluttered home is more difficult to clean because it can make you feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. Clutter also makes a home look untidy and dirty.

It is also important to note that once you have spent the time to declutter your home you are going to have to work to keep the clutter from creeping back in.

Reducing clutter in your home is not a one-time project, it is a daily ongoing to process.

By following a few simple steps and the rules for decluttering, you can keep your home clutter free.

How to reduce clutter in your home

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10 Easy Tips on How to Reduce Clutter at Home

#1. Make Your Bed Daily

While most of us don’t think of our bedding as clutter an unmade bed looks messy and can make your entire bedroom look more cluttered than it actually is.

By making your bed as soon as you get up each morning you automatically make your bedroom look far less cluttered.

#2. Follow the Flat Surface Clutter Rule

It’s so easy to allow clutter to take over our flat surfaces such as the countertops and tables. Unfortunately cluttered flat surfaces will make your home look untidy.

The good news is, not only will following the flat surface rule help keep your flat surfaces uncluttered, but it will also help you reduce clutter at home.

#3. Reduce Paper Clutter

Reducing paper clutter will go a long way in keeping your home tidy and neat.

Paper clutter builds up so easily and if you don’t do anything about it, it will take over your flat surfaces and storage spaces.

You can reduce paper clutter by opting for electronic billing.

You should always trash junk mails to avoid any pileup. Get rid of old receipts and any other receipts or papers you wouldn’t need in the future.

#4. Learn to Put Bathroom Items Away after Use

Instead of leaving those curling irons and hair dryers on your bathroom vanity after use, put them away.

Taking a minute to put items you use back into their place will leave your bathroom looking and feeling much more clutter and make it easier to keep the room clean.

You will also find this article on how to organize your bathroom very helpful.

#5. Keep Your Bathroom Decor to a Minimum

Of course you want your bathroom to look nice and match the rest of your décor.

But too many decorations in your bathroom can make your bathroom look cluttered and make it difficult to remove all the hair and grime as well.

A more sparsely decorated bathroom will be easier to keep clutter free.

#6. Keep Your Kitchen Sink Empty

A kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes not only makes your entire kitchen look cluttered, but also that full sink then makes people start stacking newly dirty dishes on the kitchen cabinets as well.

Rinsing your dishes and placing them immediately in the dishwasher will keep your kitchen neater and tidier.

Once the dishwasher is full, run it and immediately put the clean dishes away, so the dishwasher is ready to load again.

#7. Take Care of Food Prep Clutter as You Go

When preparing meals keep a small plastic bag next to your prep area to put garbage and foods scraps into and then throw it away.

If you clean up your prep as you go you will have less to clean after dinner and you’ll keep that clutter to a minimum.

Learn how to declutter your kitchen here.

#8. Try to Limit Your Clothes Shopping to Twice a Year

Except for those extra special occasions try and limit your clothes shopping to twice a year, spring and fall.

Before that shopping trip, go through your closet and drawers and get rid of those clothes you no longer wear or that don’t fit properly anymore.

When buying new clothes replace only those clothes you have purged from your wardrobe.

When shopping for those new clothes check carefully to make sure that each item really fits and that you really love the item.

You may want to read this article on how to declutter your clothes.

#9. Develop the Habit of Putting Things Away Immediately

It may take a while, but you want to form the habit with your whole family of putting things away immediately when you walk in the door.

Teach your children to hang up their jackets and place their backpacks into the designated place rather than drop it wherever they want.

Sports items and toys should be put away immediately after the child finishes using them, and other items should go in their appointed place.

#10. Spend a Few Minutes Each Day on Clutter Management

At the end of each day spend 10 or 15 minutes walking through the house and clearing up any clutter off stands, tables, etc.

Spending a few minutes each day policing your home and keeping it clutter free can save you hours of extra work a week or a month from now.

Final Thoughts on Reducing Clutter in Your Home

Keeping your home clutter free is a continuous assignment. You don’t just do it once and forget about it. However, it is doable if you do the right things.

And following the tips listed above will surely help you reduce clutter and keep your home neat and tidy.

Now that you know how to reduce clutter in your home, it’s time to get started.

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How to reduce clutter at home

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