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How to Declutter without Guilt

8 Decluttering Tips to Help You Declutter without Guilt!

Today, we are going to discuss some of the tips that will help you declutter without guilt.

You have decided it is time to declutter your home, but hate the thought of parting with those perfectly good items (even though you no longer use them) that you paid your hard earned money to acquire.

All you can think of is the hard work that went into earning the money you paid for those items you need now to get rid of.

Getting rid of your stuff can make you feel guilty, especially if the items are still in good condition. But, you should not allow that to stop you from decluttering!

If you are looking for some tips to help you to declutter without feeling guilty of letting go of your possessions, then here are some tips that can help you accomplish your goal.

How to declutter without guilt

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How to Declutter without Guilt – 8 Helpful Decluttering Tips

#1. Find Your Reason Why You Want or Need to Declutter

Everyone has his or her own reason for wanting to declutter. For some, it may simply be that they have too much stuff to really enjoy anything they have.

For others, it may be that they feel hemmed in their own home. While still, others may have saved for that one large item they are longing for and simply need to make space for that object.

Whatever your reason for wanting to declutter, finding that reason will not only make the entire process easier for you, but it will also help to remove the guilt because you have a goal to work towards. Finding your reason is also one of the golden decluttering rules.

#2. NO Guilt Declutter – Picture Your Home Clutter Free

In some cases, you have lived with the clutter in your home so long that you simply can’t picture your home any other way.

The idea of removing some of your things may make you feel as though you are taking a step backwards.

So before you actually attempt to declutter, start by picturing how your home will look once it is clutter free.

Being able to see in your mind an improved version of your home will make you more anxious to make that vision a reality.

Just picture those sparkling uncluttered floors, those cleaned of countertops, and that coffee table with a bouquet of flowers instead of stacks of newspapers.

Imagining your home as you would like it to be may just give you the push you need.

#3. Declutter with No Guilt by Changing the Way You Think of Decluttering

When most people think of decluttering a room or their home, they tend to start thinking of all the things they need to get rid of, which ends up making them feel at least slightly guilty and depressed.

This “half empty glass” way of thinking sets the tone for the entire project by focusing on the negative.

Instead of focusing on those things that you need to get rid of, try turning your thinking around and focusing on those things that you want to keep.

Focus on how much more you will be able to enjoy that antique dining room table once it is no longer buried under a pile of items that you have no space for.

By focusing on those things that you are keeping you will eventually come to realize that you keep only those objects that add usefulness and happiness to your life.

This makes it easier to let go of those non-consequential things.

#4. You can Declutter without Feeling Guilty by Thinking of the Good those Idle Items Will Do

If you really want to make it easy to let go of some of those things in your home, then take a minute to think about that old vacuum that while it still works is just gathering dust in your closet.

And think about how much good it may do someone less fortunate who can’t afford to buy a new vacuum to keep their own home clean.

Think about how that nice dress you haven’t worn in two years, may help someone who needs a decent outfit to find a job.

Or how that old set of perfectly good dishes at the back of your cupboard may give someone the first real set of dishes they ever owned.

When you stop to think about how those items you no longer use or need can benefit someone else who will actually use them, it is much easier to let go of those things so they can serve the purpose they are meant to serve.

#5. Take Away Items as a Test

We all have those big or small items that we simply aren’t sure that we can ever let go.

If you have items like that on your list to declutter then test those items to determine just how important they are to you.

Pack them up and put them away in the attic, garage, basement or other out of the way place and set a reminder on your phone for 30 days away.

If you haven’t really missed those items within that 30-day span then go ahead and get rid of those items since they are not something you really need in your life.

#6. Declutter in Stages

One of the things that make it difficult to let go of your things is the fact that when you are decluttering your home you realize just how many things you have to let go of.

By decluttering your home in stages, it doesn’t feel as though you are letting go of everything at once.

It’s much easier to start with one room or even one small area of a room such as a dresser or a closet and complete that task before moving onto another area.

By decluttering in stages, the task is less overwhelming and you don’t really notice just how many things you are actually getting rid of, because you are removing them in stages.

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#7. Celebrate Your Achievements

Another great way to declutter without guilt is to actually celebrate your achievements as you declutter various areas.

When you take a load of items to the Salvation Army, stop for a nice lunch with friends.

By celebrating your accomplishments you feel good about the steps you have taken.

#8. It Gets Easier with Practice

Keep in mind that while decluttering your things may be difficult in the beginning, it does get easier with practice.

As you go through each room and declutter it, the processes of removing those things you no longer need become almost routine. You just need to start.

No Guilt Decluttering Book I Recommend

If you are looking for more resources to help you declutter without feeling guilty, then you will find Margareta Magnusson’s book “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning” very helpful.

In the book, Margareta suggests the items you can get rid of and the ones you can keep, plus other suggestions that can help make you feel comfortable with the idea of letting go of your possessions.

Buy the Book on Amazon

Now that you know how to declutter without guilt. it’s time to start decluttering your home.

How to declutter without feeling guilty

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