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New Year Party Decorating Ideas

Fun New Year Party Decorating Ideas!

These simple New Year party decorating ideas will help make your New Year celebration fun and memorable.

New Year marks the beginning of a new and sparkling year filled with new plans, new hopes and new dreams.

It is the time to celebrate the end of the old year and the hope of a brighter future in the New Year and your New Year Party decorating should include all of that sparkling hope and anticipation.

Here are some tips to get your New Year Party Decorating off to a good start!

New Year Party Decorating Ideas

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New Year’s Eve Vs. New Year Day

How you decorate for New Year is going to depend on whether you are planning a New Year’s Eve get together or one for New Year Day.

A New Year’s Eve party is more of a traditional party complete with party food, bright decorations and a festive atmosphere.

New Year Day get together are normally quieter and often involves a complete meal and fewer guests.

It tends to be a more intimate occasion and does require the lavish decorations that New Year Eve normally inspires.

New Year’s Eve Party Decorating

Some people keep their Christmas decorations up and add just a couple of other decorations to mark this special holiday, while other families, go all out and completely redecorate for this celebration.

Whichever, type of decorating you choose to do, here are a few tips that will help to make your New Years Party a huge success.

Timely Decorations

New Year’s Eve is all about the old year ending and the New Year beginning, so you want to add some reminders of passing time.

There are a variety of different ways you can accomplish their goals.

  • Adding a variety of different sizes and shapes clocks to your fireplace mantel or a stand combined with some gold or silver garland and some curling ribbons hung from the ceiling is a great reminder of teams passing by.
  • You can take plastic silver or gold chargers and paint clock numbers on them so when people have snacks they do so a clock like base.

Add Lots of Sparkles

New Year is the start of a brand new year, so you want your New Year’s Eve party full of bright sparkles.

Indoor white Christmas lights are great for stringing around doorways, windows, and around the parameter of the ceiling.

Add some crystal beads to hang from the ceiling along with some curling ribbon and other decorations.

Make a Picture Wall

Prior to the holiday itself, collect pictures of some of the activities you and your friends did together throughout the year like that weekend fishing trip you went on with friends, your husband’s bowling team, that Halloween party, or the wedding you all attended.

Arrange all of the pictures on a cork board or place them on poster board and tack it to the wall so everyone can relive their favorite memories throughout the year.

Add a Few Balloons

Balloons make any occasion more special, so add some white and black balloons to your New Year’s Eve decorations.

If you buy or rent a helium tank you can let your balloons float around the ceiling or use them to make a cute centerpiece for your snack table.

Don’t Forget the Party Hats and Noise Makers

The highlight of New Year’s Eve is the count down to the New Year. So you are going to want to include party hats and noisemakers for guests to wear and use.

Guests wearing hats, tiaras and using noisemakers will add to the overall party décor.

New Year Day Decorations

Most people who have a New Year Day Party or get together prefer quiet and elegant decorations for this special occasion.

Most New Year Day get together either involves a nice brunch or a football celebration since New Year’s Day is a big day for football with all the different bowl games.

If you are planning a brunch, then the majority of the decorations you will need will be centered around the table where everyone will dine.

You will want to make the table as attractive as possible with nice linens, good dishes and elegant platters to set the food on. A simple and attractive centerpiece of flowers and candles will give your New Years table the added touch.

Football Themed New Years Day Party

If your New Year Party is centered around one or all of the bowl games that take place on New Year day, then you are going to want to decorate your home in a football theme.

You don’t have to go overboard, but you want your home décor to help build the excitement of the big game.

Here are some simple decorations you can purchase or make.

Simple Football Chain Garland

You can make a cute and simple football inspired chain garland.

All you need is brown construction paper to which you add the white stitches you see on footballs. You can use white adhesive tape to make the stitches.

And put them together into a chain to hang from the walls of the room where the game will be held.

Add A Sports Field Runner and Team Colored Streamers

You can add a sports field runner either leading up to your door or across your living room.

This will not only keep your floor cleaner but will help to set the stage for your party and add to your overall décor.

Add some twisted crepe paper streamers in your favorite team colors around your doorways or across the ceiling to show your group’s support for the team you are rooting for.

Make Your Snack Buffet Table Foot Ball Themed

Football snacks are a big part of game day, so set up a buffet snack table perfect for game day.

You can take vegetable cans that you have washed out and paint the outside in brown with accented white stitching design in which to place any silverware that may be needed.

Add a fun inflatable football field buffet to keep drinks or food cold for your guests and to add to your party décor.

Whatever type of New Years Day party you decide on the right decorations can help to make your party a success.

Do you have other New Year party decorating ideas? Feel free to add to the list in the comment section.

New Years party decorating ideas

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