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9 Popular Home Decor Styles

Here are the most common and trending home decor styles. You can update your home with any of these popular styles or even use several different styles that blend well together throughout your home.

When it comes to home decor trends do change but some staples stick around longer than others.

To truly make room to flow with the trends you may want to consider blending more than one popular home style to help create a design that will last you for years.

If you tend to enjoy the same style for many years choosing a more defined design can be a great way to give your home the perfect feel for you.

Popular home decor styles

These popular home decor styles are here to stay for a while making them a great option if you want a lasting style for your home.

Each of these styles has its own personality and can be pulled together with special touches, comfortable furniture, and an eye for style.

Look for something that blends well with your personality and what makes you happy.

You can even use several different styles throughout your home like a cottagecore living room with a farmhouse kitchen for a fun way to express yourself throughout your home.

9 Most Popular Home Decorating Styles

#1. Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse decor

The farmhouse style is one of the most popular home décor styles that have been trending for quite a while now.

Farmhouse style focuses on simplicity with clean lines, limited patterns, and a dash of cozy color to create a visually pleasing and uncluttered space with rustic charm.

When creating a farmhouse space, keep it simple and cozy while making sure you include enough modern comforts to help give your space a welcoming feel with all the comforts of home.

Most farmhouse-style spaces have adorable rustic elements like wooden signs, natural elements like flower arrangements or live plants, and plenty of clean open space.

White is a common dominating color in farmhouse decor spaces.

Ironically farmhouse decor is nothing like the busy space found inside most actual farmhouses.

Farmhouse decor originated from the rustic homemade style that was often used to decorate farmhouses using items that were readily available.

Modern farmhouse decor was popularized by decorating shows on TV. Look for fun yet simple touches to build the perfect farmhouse decor in your home.

You may also want to check out these farmhouse Christmas table centerpieces and farmhouse Christmas tree skirt ideas.

#2. Cottagecore Home Decor Style

Cottagecore decor

Ever look at the photos of the small cottages covered in plants and blossoms in a magazine and dream of having a cozy home like that?

Cottagecore is inspired by these beautiful oases and can be a wonderful addition to any space in your home. From flower prints to house plants and vintage furniture, cottagecore brings back days gone by.

By incorporating cottagecore into your home, you can enjoy a simpler life without the downsides of stepping back in time.

Filling your home with simplistic and rustic accents can help make your home feel cozy, welcoming, and stress-free as it embraces the charm and tranquility of the English countryside.

This style incorporates more than indoor decor but spreads into the garden and even general fashion.

Cottagecore mixes well with other styles including farmhouse and contemporary. This style is perfect for the whole home and blends well in homes with children.

Cottagecore Decor Ideas for the Outdoors

Cottagecore lends itself really well to outdoor spaces. When you think about cottagecore you think about the little cottage in the woods with a vegetable garden, flowers everywhere, and birds enjoying bird feeders.

Taking this feel from inside your home to your outdoor entertaining spaces is a great way to allow your home decor to flow out of your home.

Try adding plenty of plants to your space, bird feeders, wooden furniture, and bohemian accents like macrame hanging chairs to bring this home decor style to life on your porch, patio, or other outdoor space.

Mirrors and water features can make amazing access for this style to help draw the eye around your space.

Here are some fun cottagecore decor ideas you can use to decorate your home.

#3. Bohemian Home Decor Style

Bohemian home design

Bohemian or Boho style is all about breaking the rules and creating a bright and personal style that stands out.

Boho unlike many other styles is perfect for adding your own personal touch, busy patterns, and plenty of colors. There are no rules for decorating in a bohemian style.

Colors often include a lot of neutrals, browns, metal, and jewel tones, taking a cue from the beauty of nature itself.

When using a boho style in homes, bright colorful walls or accent walls are popular though a white or cream may be used as a backdrop for brighter busy spaces to help give a less cluttered feel.

Bohemian decor is anything but minimalistic. With this style, the more the better.

Add plenty of bright accents, rugs, wall hangs, and decor elements that pop and even contrast. With this style of decorating you can do what pleases you and even mix in other styles.

Popular additions to boho decor include things like live plants, macrame, and cozy relaxing furniture that invites you in to sit awhile. Add candles or incents to help pull the space together or change the mood.

Outdoor Bohemian Decor Ideas

Bringing bohemian home decor style to your backyard can be a lot of fun.

Consider adding light and airy textures like macrame hanging accents, solar-powered fairy lights, and a bright and colorful hammock for relaxing in your backyard.

This is the perfect style for an entertainment space near or even nestled inside of a garden.

Here are amazing bohemian decor ideas on a budget to help you add hobo style to your home without spending a fortune.

#4. Rustic Country Interior Decor

Rustic country interior decor

Rustic country decor is highly popular for its warm cozy feel that helps make any space feel like home.

With a mix of vintage and natural elements, the rustic country decor blends well with farmhouse and cottagecore but tends to take on a more masculine-friendly style.

The warm cozy feel of this style makes for a great addition to any space indoors and out.

To truly make the most of this style, look for rustic vintage lighting, natural wood, and cozy fabrics. Rustic and country can be both a blended style or pushed in one direction or the other.

Rustic decor is a bit narrower of a style while country tends to be a bit softer with more wiggle room for personal style. Together you get a welcoming blend that brings the outdoors in, while weathered accents help you step back in time.

This is a great style for wood crafters that can make their own rustic wood accents.

Rustic Country Decor Ideas for the Outdoor Space

When it comes to styles that move well into the outside of your home you can not go wrong with the rustic country style.

Add in fun accents like wagon wheels or windmills to your space. Use plenty of planters and if your area is dry enough give some potted cacti a try to help bring some dessert flair to your outdoor space.

Wicker or distressed wood furniture makes great options for bringing this style out to your patio or entertainment space.

Add a pergola with a shade on the top and some trailing vines for a fun touch that will help keep you cool on hot summer days.

Here are some rustic country decorating ideas for your home!

#5. Zen Style Interior Design

Zen style interior design

Zen decor is molded after the Asian style that embodies Fung Shui, a popular guide for setting up a zen space.

A zen home is minimalist and relaxing. It is centered on the belief that less is more and that by creating a visually uncluttered space you can reduce stress and help you feel more balanced.

When aiming for a zen home decor style, you should look to clear out excess clutter, add in hidden storage, and keep your colors clean and natural.

For items in your zen home, you should focus on clean lines and true function.

While striving to avoid clutter, zen homes do welcome in natural light and even encourage bringing life yet easy to care for plants into the home.

Zen is the perfect interior design for people that need a safe stress-free space they can clear their minds in.

Whether it be your entire home to relax at the end of the day or a zen home office without a lot of distraction to help improve productivity, you can use this style to help simplify and declutter your life.

Zen  Decor Ideas for the Outdoors

Zen home decor is great for bringing out of the home and into your garden space. Try adding elegant touches to your outdoor spaces such as a fire pit, rock garden, and a waterfall.

Tall clumping bamboo makes a wonderful wall for privacy that is simple yet elegant, using live plants as part of your backyard decor.

Here are some zen decor ideas for creating a zen living room on a budget.

#6. Contemporary Decor

Contemporary design

Contemporary design is modern 21st-century style and makes a great option for home decor.

Contemporary decor is all about the present and the trends that are currently taking hold with a dash of speculation for the future. This means that it can be a mix of pretty much anything.

When creating a contemporary style home you can use a mix of current trends like farmhouse, boho, and midcentury modern to give a personal touch.

Contemporary home design is known for its history of being clean-cut and often cold. Modern contemporary homes showcase clean lines while still offering a cozy at-home feel.

This is the perfect style for showcasing your love of art and creativity while embracing warm textures from cozier more home-like design trends.

Contemporary Decor Ideas for the Outdoor Space

Modern contemporary style is likely the easiest option for decorating your outdoor spaces. Most outdoor furniture will fall under this category and there are no limitations to using your imagination to set up your dream outdoor space.

From plenty of live plants to furniture gathered around a bonfire, you can create a wonderful outdoor entertainment space with Modern Contemporary style.

Here are elegant contemporary decorating ideas for your home to help you add a touch of contemporary style to your home decor.

#7. Vintage Shabby Chic Decor

Vintage shabby chic decor

Shabby Chic is a popular trend that embraces vintage and even alters furnishings to make them appear antique and distressed.

This style is cute and simple encouraging pastels, neutrals, and a dash of bright and airy.

Shabby Chic is all about style. It isn’t just tossing together elements but planning and placing them in such a way as to guide the eye where you want it to go.

This can make any space feel welcoming and stylish. Look for weathered and distressed items to help achieve this style.

You can have a lot of fun with layering, distressing, and adding your own touches if you have a crafty side and wish to give this style a try.

Vintage Shabby Chic Decor Ideas for the Outdoors

Vintage Shabby Chic home decor is easy to bring out into the garden with old galvanized pieces, teacup players, and bird feeders using vintage pieces from the local resale shop and adding plenty of blooms to your landscaping and garden.

This eclectic style is perfect for making the most of your backyard space while allowing you to upcycle items for an Eco-Friendly space.

Here are some vintage shabby chic decorating ideas on a budget to help you add a touch of shabby chic style to your home.

#8. Industrial Style Decor

Industrial style decor

Industrial home decor takes a cue from old factories and industrial buildings. This chic trend is popularized by the conversion of industrial spaces into homes.

This style helps to incorporate elements already in the building to help it blend well with the home.

To give your home an industrial look, incorporate raw materials for an unfinished appearance.

Great ways to do this is to use copper piping, Edison bulbs, and plenty of open space. Brick, exposed plumbing, and cement flooring all help add to the industrial look.

Avoid clutter and look for salvaged and recycled materials when adding decor to your space.

Outdoor Industrial Decor Ideas

Industrial style is a lot of fun to take out to your entertainment spaces. From a hand-crafted steel fire ring to Edison bulb garden lights you can mix in a lot of great industrial accents into your outdoor home decor to make for the perfect outdoor space.

Choose chunky black or metal frames and learn furniture to pull the whole thing together.

Here are some modern industrial decorating ideas that will help add a touch of the industrial style to your home.

#9. Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid century modern design

Mid-century modern decor makes use of clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold colors.

Often this style uses dark stained wood and tweed fabrics. Form and function are both just as important as style.

This style goes back to the 40s and the 60s, putting vintage pieces and modern replicas to work.

For those with older family members that tend to hold on to things for long term, this can be easier to achieve than you can imagine.

Many modern conveniences are now being made in retro designs to help achieve the mid-century look.

Look for fun touches, bold rugs, and pin leg furniture and add accents of bold colors, upgraded retro style electronics, and bright lighting to pull it all together.

Here are some mid century modern decor ideas for the living room and bedroom.

Final Thoughts

There are several different home décor styles you can incorporate into your home decoration. Just choose one that goes with your personality and makes you happy. And the good thing is, you don’t have to stick to just one style, you can always use different styles throughout your home.

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