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How to Declutter Your Bedroom

How To Declutter Your Bedroom – 7 Easy Decluttering Tips!

Knowing how to declutter your bedroom is important if you really want to keep it clutter-free, tidy and organized.

Your bedroom is one place in your home where you can truly kick back and relax.

However, when your bedroom gets cluttered with clean clothes you tried on and then decided not to wear, dirty clothes you have dropped on the floor, that stack of books or magazines you have been meaning to read, and all that make-up and jewelry you’ve left scattered around on your dresser top or stands, then your bedroom can become far less comfortable and appealing.

If you are finding your bedroom to be so cluttered that it is no longer comfortable then it may be time to get busy and declutter your bedroom.

So, read on to get some tips on how to declutter your bedroom.

How to declutter your bedroom

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7 Tips on How to Declutter Your Bedroom

#1. Start With the Obvious

The easiest way to start decluttering your bedroom is for you to start with the obvious larger pieces that are scattered about. This usually means clothing, robes and the such.

Start by picking up all the clean clothes and either hang them up in your closet or put them away on shelves or in your dresser drawers.

Take all of the dirty clothing and put them into the laundry basket to be washed.

Keeping a hamper in your bedroom to put dirty clothes instead of tossing them on the floor will also help to keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Nightgowns and robes should be placed on hooks especially set up for that purpose.

#2. Get Rid of the Paper Clutter

You should never ever keep bills or letters in your bedroom. These types of papers tend to build up and can end up covering your stands, dressers, and other available services.

Instead, have a dedicated place to keep your bills in some other room in your home. Or better still, opt for paperless billing!

If you have bills or other papers in your bedroom go through them carefully and throw away those papers you don’t need and take the rest of the bills and put them away in a designated spot.

#3. Remove that Pile of Books and Magazines

You can only read one book or magazine at a time, so choose the book or magazine you are currently reading and put the other books into a bookcase and the magazines you plan to read later in a magazine rack.

Make sure that you get all of the books and magazines piled around your room. Any magazines or books that you have read you can put into a box of “recycle” or “give away”.

#4. Put All Your Jewelry Away

Pick up that pair of earrings from your night stand, that necklace from your vanity and those bracelets from the top of your dresser and put them into your jewelry box or any other place where you keep your jewelry.

Make sure that you don’t miss any of these items, but if you do, you can pick them up and put them away as you go.

#5. Put All of Your Make-Up Away

Pick up all of that make-up that is covering your vanity and put it neatly away in the drawers or any other place you have designated for your make-up.

Straighten up your brush and comb, put that hair dryer and curling iron away and your vanity should be all neat and tidy.

Get rid of any expired make-up as well as those you no longer need or use.

How to Know When to Throw Away Your Make-Up

The following time guideline will help you know when to throw away your make-up:

  • Powder Make-Up – 2 year
  • Cream Make-Up – 6 months – 1 year
  • Liquid Make-Up – 6 months – 1 year
  • Lipstick – 1 year
  • Eyeliner – 3 months
  • Mascara – 3 months

#6. Clean off Your Stands

Now go around your room and clean off all of your stands of any additional clutter that has accumulated.

Make sure that the stand next to your bed is cleared off and ready to hold only your cell phone or glasses and maybe a glass of water.

#7. Declutter Your Closet and Dresser as Needed

If you haven’t already decluttered your closet and dresser then now is the time to do so. That way, your entire bedroom will be clutter-free and organized and will simply add to the overall comfort of your bedroom.

Empty the drawers one by one and get rid of things you no longer need or like. Get rid of that socks with holes or ones with no mates, the underwear that has lost its elasticity etc.

To learn more about decluttering your closet read these posts on how to organize your closet and how to declutter your clothes.

Decluttering a Bedroom – Things you can Get Rid of Right Now That You won’t miss!

  • Damaged Sheets and Blankets (Ripped sheets are not going to keep you warm, so they are basically useless.)
  • Old uncomfortable pillows (You are not going to miss sleeping on a pillow that makes your neck ache.
  • Socks with holes or with no mates
  • Broken jewelry or those you no longer use
  • Expired and old make-up (And yes, they do go bad too.)
  • Extra top sheets
  • Clothes that don’t fit, are damaged or that you simply don’t wear.
  • Uncomfortable or worn down shoes and slippers
  • Wire hangers (Don’t hold onto those wire hangers when you changed to padded hangers.)
  • Old tote bags
  • Damaged luggage (Why hold unto it when you can’t use it because you don’t want that suitcase with the broken lock to come open as you are running to catch a plane?)


Decluttering your bedroom is vital for better sleep and relaxation. And knowing how to declutter your bedroom is the first step to achieving that clutter-free and tidy bedroom you so desire.

Did you find the tips on how to declutter your bedroom helpful?

Tips for Decluttering a bedroom

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.