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30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable for Fall (Pre-Holiday)

Free 30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable for Fall (Pre-Holiday)

It’s time to get ready for fall clean up and decluttering! This 30 day declutter challenge printable will help you purge the things you no longer need or want, making your home look tidy as well as making room for the new stuff that will come in during the holiday (holiday shopping and gifts from friends and family).

30 day declutter challenge printable fall holiday

With the holiday right around the corner, it is time for fall and pre-holiday cleanup and decluttering.

Knowing how to declutter before Christmas and making decluttering part of your pre-holiday clean up will help you make room for the new stuff (holiday shopping and gifts), which will result in helping your home and holidays sparkle brighter.

While most people realize that decluttering their home results in their home being tidier, what they may not realize is that it also makes their home much more comfortable.

No matter how large your home may be, most people find that they simply don’t have enough storage space.

Removing those items you no longer want or need from your home can make the most of the storage space you do have.

This allows you to have the space for those seasonal items you do want to keep and use when the occasion arises.

Pre holiday decluttering will also make cleaning your house for Christmas easier and faster.

30 Day declutter challenge pdf free

Don’t Forget to Declutter those Old Decor Items!

When decluttering the home many people forget or simply ignore those old seasonal décor items.

However, over the years people tend to have boxes and boxes of tangled Christmas lights, balding garlands, and cheap ornaments you bought when you first started out and had limited income, but now would never use in holiday décor.

Decluttering those old décor items makes it easier to find and use those seasonal items you really do enjoy and that help your home look more festive.

In addition, by getting rid of those old décor items you make room for those new items you have your eye on and helps you keep your seasonal décor organized and easier to use.

How Can This Printable Help You with Your Decluttering Efforts?

If you are like most people, the idea of trying to declutter your home and those holiday decorations leaves you feeling overwhelmed and not sure where or how to start such a large project.

This printable can help make that decluttering effort simpler and easier in a number of different ways.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions – First and most importantly this printable actually takes you step by step through the decluttering process. This makes it easier to get started and to stay on track as you go through every area of your home.
  • Helps Make Sure that nothing is Overlooked – By making use of this handy printable you make sure that no area of your home gets overlooked. So when you have completed your decluttering efforts your entire home is neatly organized from top to bottom.
  • You Don’t Have to Do Everything at Once – Even though this is a 30 day declutter challenge, you don’t need to finish the decluttering project in 30 days straight. Because this printable is divided into steps and sections it allows you to declutter at your own pace. You don’t have to try and declutter your entire house at one time. Using this printable you can declutter one area today, and another area next week. Making the decluttering process less overwhelming and easier to fit into your busy schedule.

What is in this 30 Day Decluttering Challenge Printable

  • Cover Page
  • Introduction Page
  • 30 Day Decluttering Checklist – 2 Pages
  • Christmas Decor Decluttering – 1 Page
  • Christmas Decor Shopping List – 1 Page
  • Decluttering Notes – 3 Pages

30 Day declutter challenge pdf free

It’s Time to Start Purging the Old Stuff to Make Room for New Stuff!

There is no better time than now to get started with those decluttering efforts and what better way to begin than by downloading The Fall Holiday Home Decluttering Challenge. So go ahead and get your printable right now.

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If you decide to give the 30 decluttering challenge a try, please come back and share your experience with us.

Fall pre holiday declutter challenge printable free

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