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Daily Cleaning Routine – 8 Things to Do Each Day to Keep Your House Clean

Simple Daily Cleaning Routine (Schedule) – Easy Tasks To Do Each Day To Keep Your House Clean!

If you are wondering what to do each day to keep your house clean, then you will find this simple daily cleaning routine very helpful.

With most women working outside the home, chauffeuring children to and from practices and tending to 101 other tasks, keeping your house as clean as you’d like can be a real chore.

However, if you tackle some cleaning tasks on a daily basis, your home can remain neat and tidy. You can always save the big cleaning chores for the weekend or your day off.

I personally don’t like chores piling up for me, because I feel so overwhelmed and don’t know where to start if they do.

So I established a cleaning routine that allows me to tackle the tasks bit by bit every day. This strategy has been working really well for me and I’m sharing the daily cleaning schedule with you today.

You may want to read this post on how to clean a messy house if you have already allowed the mess to be overwhelming.

Once you adjust to this daily cleaning routine you should be able to tidy your home in just 15 or 20 minutes a day.

Daily cleaning routine

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8 Simple Things to Do Each Day to Keep Your House Clean (Daily Cleaning Schedule)

#1. Make Your Bed As Soon As You Get Up in the Morning

No matter how clean and tidy your bedroom may be, it will look messy if your bed is unmade.

Making your bed as soon as you rise up in the morning will keep your bedroom looking neat and tidy.

If your children are old enough to make their own beds, then teach them to make their beds in the morning when they get up as well.

This way, the largest bedroom task will be completed before breakfast.

#2. Put Items Away After You Use Them

Oftentimes everyone in the family gets in a rush and simply gets in the habit of leaving hair dryers, make-up, and other items lying around in their rush to get out the door.

Give yourself an extra 5 minutes each morning so that you have the extra time to put everything you use back away.

This will help your bathroom counters and bedroom stands remain neat and tidy.

Hang up any clothes that you decide not to wear and put dirty articles into the laundry.

By putting away everything that you use as you use it you will keep your home tidier now and save a lot of work on the real clean up day.

#3. Do A Quick Bathroom Wipe Down

After everyone has showered do a quick bathroom wipe down.

Swish out the toilet bowl with the brush, and wipe everything down with some disinfectant spray and a damp rag.

Wipe dry your shower curtain and then using the same damp towel do a quick wipe of the bathroom floor.

You should also wipe down the mirror and faucets to remove any spots. You can do this after evening showers or after both the morning and evening showers.

A quick wipe down will keep everything looking its best.

Free daily cleaning routine printable checklist

#4. Do One Load of Laundry Each Day

While you are cooking dinner, you can throw in a load of laundry. Try to get it washed, dried, folded and put away.

Taking care of a load of laundry each day will keep it from piling up so there is less to do when you do get the time to completely clean your home.

#5. Empty and Load Your Dishwasher

Another thing you can do while cooking dinner is to empty your dishwasher and then after dinner, rinse off the dishes and reload the dishes.

By so doing, all the dirty dishes are safely being cleaned, ready to unload prior to dinner the next day.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, then take the time to wash your dinner dishes and put them away rather than let them pile up.

Not only does having clean dishes make your entire kitchen cleaner and keeps bugs at bay, but it also makes it easier to cook meals the very next day.

#6. Wipe Down Your Kitchen Countertops and Appliances

After your dishwasher is loaded or your dishes are done, wipe out the sink and wipe down your kitchen countertops and appliances.

A quick wipe down of these will only take a couple of minutes and will keep your kitchen looking clean.

It will also make it easier to give them a thorough cleaning come your day off when you have more time to clean well.

#7. Sweep Your Kitchen Floor

Once you’ve tidied up the kitchen, the last thing you should do is sweep the floor. This will leave your kitchen looking good and ready for those quick morning breakfasts.

#8. Do A Quick Pick Up Check Before Bed

About an hour or so before going to bed, or once you have all the children in bed, make a quick tour of your home and pick up anything that may have been missed.

This will ensure that everything is neat and tidy when you climb into bed.

It will be more pleasant going to bed knowing that your home is neat and tidy.

Additional Tips on How to Keep Your How Clean

  • If you have older children that are able to perform some household tasks, assign them one house maintenance task to do each day for a week. You can have one child vacuum the living room, one dust, or have them put away dishes, or sweep the kitchen floor. Everyone working together to keep the house neat will mean that everyone spends less time on chores. Make sure that you alternate chores each week so everything is fair.
  • You can even teach young children to pick up their toys after playing and put their shoes into an assigned place such as under their bed to help keep the house tidier without you having to do all the work to keep your home clean.

Once you and your family develop a daily cleaning routine and form good habits, keeping your home clean and tidy on a daily basis will only take a few minutes each day.

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Did you find the daily cleaning routine (simple things to do each day to keep your house clean) helpful? leave your comment below.

Free daily cleaning routine printable checklist

Things to do each day to keep your house clean (Daily cleaning routine)


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