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How to Create a Weekly Cleaning Routine (Schedule)

How to Put Together a Weekly Cleaning Routine + A FREE Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable PDF

Learn how to create a weekly cleaning routine that suits your family’s needs, plus a free downloadable weekly cleaning schedule printable to help you get started.

Keeping your home clean can be a challenge and one of the best things you can do to make it easier is to set up a series of routines and make a schedule that allows you to make sure all of your essential tasks get done every week.

With a plan and a solid routine, you can make the most of your week and keep your home nice and clean.

Weekly cleaning routine printable

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Decide What Needs to be Done Weekly

Most of the weekly cleaning schedule printables found online already have the tasks filled in. However, every home is different and will find that the tasks that need to be done once a week can vary from home to home.

If you have kids you may find that more tasks that could be done monthly become a weekly chore while those with fewer people and pets in the home may be able to get away with doing some daily chores only once a week.

Because of this, your weekly list will be different than someone else’s.

Look for Hot Spots in Your Home

These are areas that tend to collect odds and ends throughout the week.

Do a walk-through of your home and make notes of these areas like side tables, counters, and bookshelves where things that do not belong end up.

These areas should get a spot in your weekly routine to ensure that they do not get out of control easily.

Look for Areas that Get Neglected Often

Every home has areas that get neglected when we do our daily chores. The things no one wants to do or even things to do because it doesn’t come to mind until it really needs to be done.

When you have this list, you can then break it down between what belongs in your weekly to-do list and what can be added to your monthly list.

Plan Around Your Trash Day

Some weekly chores like cleaning out the refrigerator and cleaning up the yard, and changing litter boxes are best planned to be done as part of your routine on trash night. This way you get all of this done and out to the trash can before it gets picked up and out of your way for the week.

  • As part of your weekly routine, you should make a few things a standard on the night before trash pick up. Some examples of this include:
  • Emptying trash cans around the house
  • Taking out your kitchen garbage
  • Clean leftovers out of the refrigerator
  • Change cat litter
  • Clean pet waste from the backyard

Doing these less than great smelling chores the night before trash pick-up means you can always keep on top of these things by making them part of your weekly cleaning routine.

This way you can avoid issues with odor build-up in your outside trash can.

If you have a recycling program in your neighborhood you should make a point of filling your recycling bin even if it is with stuff you are decluttering from your home on this day as well to make the most use of the service.

Set a Room for Each Day

Instead of running through your house every day, set a schedule to go into one room each day to give good cleaning.

This can include sending toys back up, putting dishes in the kitchen, and gathering up things that do not belong.

By setting up a day to go in and do a clean-up of one or two rooms you can give your home a full cleaning each week without a lot of stress.

This is the perfect time to delegate chores to your family like having everyone clean their bedrooms on Saturday for example.

Work Your Way through the House Each Week

After you have figured out the essentials that are unique to your family, like which rooms in your home need a quick weekly clean, what needs to be dealt with on trash night, and hot spots that need a bit of extra attention, you are ready to start a traditional weekly cleaning routine.

Chores used to be done in a specific order in hopes of making it easier to stay on top of things.

This was done to help make it easy to stick to a routine. There would be a day for laundry, a day for bathrooms, a day for baking, etc to help ensure that tasks get done every week.

You can make a schedule like this to fit your personal needs for each day of the week, breaking down your weekly list to ensure that everything gets done and building a healthy routine to do the cleaning.

This schedule will look different for your family than others, so build the schedule yourself to fit your needs. This makes room for things like taking a day off on a day you have that is extra busy every week.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable

Weekly cleaning routine downloadable

The printable above is designed with 2 pages to help you build the right routine for you and your family. The first page is designed to help you find what needs to be done and to make sure nothing important gets missed.

The second page is designed to allow you to build a weekly schedule that breaks down tasks under each day allowing you to create a custom detailed list that you and your family can follow.

You can print this in color, fill in the tasks and laminate or place it in a sheet protector on the refrigerator for marking off or print in black and white to keep in your homemaking binder.

Click Here to Download the Weekly Cleaning Routine Printable

Now that you know how to create a weekly cleaning routine, print out the free printable and start creating a weekly cleaning schedule that’s right for your family.

Weekly cleaning schedule printable

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