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7 Amazing Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

These amazing Christmas tree decorating ideas are sure to inspire you while giving you room to make your tree decorations unique and beautiful.

Are you tired of the same old, same old Christmas Decoration on the tree year after year?

Or is this your first tree in your new home and you want a tree that will impress your family and guests?

Or perhaps you simply need a great tree decorating idea for a special event or party. Whatever, the reasons I have great tree decorating ideas here for you.

I’m presenting these tree decorating ideas without any pictures for one reason.

While all of us love looking at those beautifully decorated Christmas trees in magazines and online, trying to recreate those picture perfect trees leaves most of us feeling disappointed and frustrated.

By not showing pictures of these tree decorating ideas you can use your own imagination to create your own special tree based on the ideas provided.

Christmas tree decorating ideas

Nature Inspired Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Since the Christmas tree, be it real or artificial is inspired by nature, what could be better than creating an entire nature inspired Christmas tree.

Here are great nature inspired tree decorating ideas suitable for different homes and each giving a different feeling.

#1. Poinsettia and Cardinal Natural Elegance

Creating an elegant Christmas tree using poinsettias and cardinals is simple and easy.

Start by stringing small white lights on your tree. Add some of those red cardinal bird ornaments to place on various branches on your tree.

The number of cardinals you’ll need will depend on the size you purchase, how large your tree is and how many birds you want to place on the tree.

Then you can buy some white, gold or red poinsettias and take the flower off the stem and place the poinsettias on various branches.

Add white pearl-like or gold beaded garlands and top the tree with a poinsettia, cardinal or beautiful bow and you are good to go.

Add a bright red ruffled tree skirt and your elegant natural tree will stand out.

#2. Country Birdhouse Tree

Another great bird theme tree is a country style birdhouse and nest tree complete with colorful lights and a cranberry and popcorn garland to add to the whimsical nature of this fun nature inspired tree.

While you can get a completed birdhouse of all types that are small in size, it is even more fun to get unfinished wooden birdhouses and paint and decorate yourself in berries, branches and other Christmas inspired ideas.

Add a few bird nests and some miniature colorful birds on the perch or roof of your birdhouses and some in the nests and then tuck sprigs of artificial berries or baby’s breath (both can be found in various colors) among the branches to give a real nature feel to this lovely country inspired tree.

Add this burlap and plaid tree skirt to enhance the country look and feel. Top with a large bird or a big bow.

#3. Rustic Nature Christmas Tree Idea

This tree can easily be created using old fashioned Christmas lights, some large pinecones (plain or spray painted white or gold), white wicker balls, lots of artificial berries, tons of colorful berries, and glittery snowflakes.

Top the tree with a decorated grapevine wreath. A plaid tree skirt will finish your rustic look.

#4. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree

If you are looking for an elegant modern Christmas tree, why not go all white. Small white fairy lights and all white and Crystal ornaments can make a beautiful and elegant modern tree that captures attention and brings brightness to any décor.

Should you choose, you can add touches of gold to add to the sophistication of your tree and don’t forget a nice white or fur tree skirt to finish your look.

A beautiful white angel tree topper will really make your white tree décor stand out.

#5. Foody Inspired Christmas Tree Decorations

While you probably wouldn’t want this foody inspired Christmas tree as your main Christmas tree, it is a great tree for any Christmas party where people enjoy treats and a great way to serve those treats.

Best of all, you can put a variety of treats on this tree to give it a fun and whimsical touch.

Here are just some of the food items you can put on this foody Christmas tree.


Apples, oranges, and even pears. You can place each piece of fruit in netting or tool and then tie it to the tree with a colorful ribbon.

Popcorn Balls

A Christmas favorite. Wrap popcorn balls in a plain plastic wrap and tie with colorful ribbons and place on your tree.

Candies and Nuts

For smaller candies like M & Ms and Hersey kisses or for nuts, use those clear plastic balls that open and fill them with the candy or nuts.

Candy Canes from the Branches

Hang candy canes still in their wrappers from the branches of your trees. You can add any treats you like to your tree and let guests take off the treats they want to eat.

Place a red and white skirt under your tree and place Christmas containers of other treats on the skirt and allow guests to choose whatever treats they want.

#6. A House on The Prairie Christmas

If you are looking for a real old fashioned Christmas tree like the kind that families created in the 1800s, then go with a real homemade ornament tree.

Since real candles are not safe why not use clip-on LED candles on your tree to give it a more authentic look.

From there you may want to make salt dough ornaments recipe found here. Do a popcorn and cranberry garland, and small gifts wrapped in brown paper and tied with colorful yarn.

You can also add sewn or crocheted ornaments and throw on a few candy canes. The tree skirt should be simple like a plain burlap bag.

#7. Island Paradise Tree

December is an incredibly cold month for many people in many states and oftentimes you find yourself longing to spend the holiday in a warm climate.

So, why not express that desire by turning your Christmas tree into an Island paradise tree.

Use small twinkling lights for a starry night image, and then use starfish, seashells, and even leis to create your Island paradise tree.

You can even add little coconuts, and those cute little drink umbrellas to brighten your tree and make it feel more like an Island Christmas tree.

To add to the entire tree decor, instead of using a tree skirt, you can use a colorful wading pool and sand.

There you go – simple but awesome Christmas tree decorating ideas anyone can easily pull off!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.