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Elegant Christmas Tablescape Ideas

Elegant Christmas Tablescape Ideas & Tips for Your Christmas Table Decorations!

These elegant Christmas tablescape ideas are sure to inspire you to decorate a fun and festive Christmas table that will impress family and friends.

Elegant Christmas tablescape ideas

You’ve already decked the halls, decorated your Christmas tree, purchased and wrapped your gifts, baked tons of Christmas treats and have bought all the fixings for that wonderful Christmas dinner.

Now it is time to turn your attention to those festive table decorations sure to impress family and friends.

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Here is a look at some great Christmas table decoration themes to make your holiday meal merry and bright.

Fun and Festive Christmas Tablescape Ideas

Candy Cane/ Peppermint Table Decoration Theme

This sweet candy cane/peppermint table decoration theme is attractive and fun. It is sure to make your holiday guests smile.

You begin your table decoration with either simple white or green table linens. Your table linens will provide the canvas for the rest of your decorations while adding a touch of elegance to your overall theme.

Next, lay down red chargers and use white plates. Roll your napkins, tie with a red ribbon and insert a candy cane under the ribbon (this makes a sweet after dinner treat for your guests.)

Take a small card and using a red felt pen write each guest’s name on a card and attach to the ribbon and your candy cane napkin holder will also double as a place card. Tie cute little red bows around the stems of your wine glasses.

Alternate red pillar candles and clear round dishes filled with peppermint striped candies down the center of the table and weave a garland of greenery around the candles and candy dishes.

Decorate the garland with red and white winterberries or small red and white bows and this simple but elegant table décor is complete.

Alternative Table Setting for Round Tables

If you have a round table rather than a rectangular one, you can use the same decorations with the exception that instead of greenery, place a round mirror in the center of the table with one large pillar candle surrounded by small shallow dishes filled with your peppermint candies.

Winter Wonderland Table Decoration Theme

What could be more elegant than decorating your dinner table in white and silver? This table décor theme is simple, sophisticated and adds just the right amount of sparkle to your Christmas dinner.

For this table décor, navy blue table linen is the best choice since the white and silver will really stand out against the dark background.

Lay down your table cloth and then use silver chargers and white plates. White, clear or silver wine goblets add an elegant touch.

Fold each napkin accordion style and slide it through a white and silver napkin ring until the ring is in the middle of the napkin.

Fan out both sides of the napkin and place in the center of the plate. (Directions for making a white and silver beaded napkin ring will be at the end of the article.)

Scatter artificial snow mixed with silver glitter down the center of the table.

Fill a large cylindrical or round vase or bowl with pearly white and silver Christmas ornaments.

For added elegance and a beautiful glow, you can add battery operated white Christmas lights to the vase and bowl and work the lights between the ornaments.

Add tall white candles in silver candleholders to either side of the ball filled vase or bowl.

Alternative Centerpiece for Round Tables

Simply make a circle of snow in the center of the table and place the vase or bowl of Christmas balls in the center of the snow. You can also use a round vase filled with white mums and twigs from trees that you have spray-painted silver and covered in glitter.

Ornamental Christmas Tablescape

This bright and cheery Christmas décor not only is filled with Christmas Cheery but provides a take-home ornament for each of your guests.

Start with white table linens. Lay down your tablecloth and then red chargers and white plates.

Place your wine and water glasses on the table and then fold napkins into a fan shape and place inside the wine glass.

Take elegant looking red ornaments and personalize each ornament with your guest’s name and tie a sprig of greenery to the top with a white ribbon. Set on each plate.

Create a centerpiece by using a stemmed cake plate in white, silver, or clear glass and setting a pyramid of red ornaments on the plate.

To make the centerpiece, you need 10 or 11 ornaments. Start with 6 or 7 ornaments in the bottom row formed into a circle. Glue the ornaments together using a glue gun to keep them in place.

The second row should consist of three ornaments placed in between two of the bottom ornaments going up.

A single ornament is then glued in place on top and in the center of the three ornaments.

Finish the centerpiece by placing sprigs of greenery in the crevices between the Christmas balls.

Should your table need more decoration (for larger tables) you can place candleholders of various heights the same color as the cake plate around and on each side of your centerpiece and then place a red Christmas ball on top of each candleholder. (The top of the ball should go in the hole in the candlestick where the candles are placed.)

Angelic Christmas Table Decoration

This simple and elegant table décor is easy to put together. All you really need is your choice of Christmas linen (white, red, or green), a beautiful treetop angel, a wreath sized so that the angel can sit inside, some white tea light candles, or a few white or red miniature poinsettias and few small pinecones.

Lay down your table cloth and make sure you get all the wrinkles out of it. Choose charger plates or skip the chargers and use plates that are in a contrasting color to your table cloth.

Roll your napkins and tie them with a pretty ribbon and then slide in a sprig of greenery with a poinsettia attached under the ribbon.

Set in the middle of the plate. For your wine glasses, you can use thin wire to attach to sprigs of greenery and pinecone stems and wire to the stem of each glass.

Using a round mirror slightly larger than the wreath, place the wreath in the center and then decorate the wreath with the pinecones, poinsettias and tea candles. Set your angel in the center of the wreath.

Hopefully, you can use one of these Christmas table decorating ideas or the ideas will fuel your imagination to create a beautiful Christmas table décor.

How to Make a Silver and White Beaded Napkin Ring

Here are the directions for making the silver and white beaded napkin rings for Winter Wonderland table décor.

Material Needed


  • Thread a needle with the elastic string
  • String beads on elastic string (You can tie a small knot after each bead to create a small bit of space.)
  • Alternate colors of beads.
  • The number of beads for each ring will depend on the size and shape of beads you use. After you are done stringing the beads tie both ends of the elastic string in a double knot and then use the nail glue on the knot to make sure it does not come undone. Trim off any extra string.
  • Make enough rings to have one for every table setting.

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Which one of the Christmas tablescape ideas is your favorite? Leave your feedback in the comment section.

Elegant Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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