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What Curtain Colors Go with Red Walls?

We know that picking curtain colors that go with your home’s decor is vital to creating a cohesive living space. So, what curtain colors go with red walls?

Ever since I first heard fairy stories about Little Red Riding Hood, I’ve been fascinated with red. It seemed exciting and exotic, with names like scarlet and ruby.

Painting a room red makes a bold statement in a world where swathes of white and magnolia rule that the rest of the color scheme should be equally interesting. Let’s look at your choices of curtain colors for red walls.

The best curtain colors for red walls are calming neutrals like white, off-white, and gray. Cool blues and dark greens are also calming, while black and navy are dramatic. Warm colors like yellow, orange, and pink make red glow. Layer different tones of red on red for a luxurious and elegant look.

Blue and white curtains against a red wall and text overlay that says, "What curtain colors go with red walls".

You may be surprised to find that red is a versatile color. With so many variations, there is one that matches and fits in beautifully with many aesthetics.

A with its energy and passion, red creates a theatrical feel, whether you’re going for a Chinese, South-West, or even a traditional vibe. What curtain colors can live up to this vibrant color?

How to Choose Curtain Colors for Red Walls

Whether you’ve drenched your entire room in blood-red or painted a muted terracotta accent wall, you’ll need to decide how to decorate further.

Here are some questions to help you choose which color curtains to choose.

  • Would you like to stay monochrome, going for red on red? This saturated look is very contemporary and minimalist.
  • Do you want to calm down the red with neutral colors? Adding a little white or gray calms down the whole color palette.
  • Is a bright contrast appealing? Do you want to add excitement and interest?
  • What interior style are you aiming for? Do you want to go traditional, modern, retro, or Japandi?

Once you’ve come up with some ideas for your direction, read through this handy list of colors that look fantastic with red walls.

The Best Neutral Curtain Colors for Red Walls

I find the combination of red and white or cream very festive making me want to break out the decorations and find a tree (any excuse will do). Avoid looking like you’ve decorated for the holidays all year round, and keep the reds muted and the creams yellow.

Neutral colors like white, off-white, and gray are calming to an all-red room as they rest the eye. Darker neutrals like charcoal and black offer a more dramatic contrast.

#1. White

White curtains on red wall.


Red and white make a stunning combination, looking fresh and sophisticated. Having white curtains frame the windows reflects light into the room, making it brighter and airier. White will also draw your eye to view outside the window.

White curtains against red walls create a sophisticated feel appropriate for formal contemporary spaces. Keep the rest of the palette white for Hollywood glamor.

Hanging long white curtains breaks the intensity of red walls, creating stripes or panels against the walls reminiscent of wood-paneled dining rooms. This look suits traditional interiors, with glowing dark wood and beautiful Turkish carpets.

Another gorgeous traditional look is to paint your wainscoting detail white and contrast this with red upper walls. Pick up both colors with elegant floral drapes.

If your red is ultra-vivid, you may want to keep your window treatment simple by hanging white blinds.

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#2. Off White

Cream curtains on red wall.

Ivory, cream, and beige are warm-toned neutrals that work well with fiery red. Go for dreamy cream drapes in the main bedroom, keeping the carpet also creamy.

Many designers will advise against painting a bedroom red because it is not a relaxing shade, but toning it down with off-white will make it an alluringly romantic boudoir. I’m waiting for a granddaughter or niece to create a charming rose-themed little girls’ room in these colors.

Choose an off-white that leans towards pale gold for a luxurious touch. This works in interiors where you have metallic accents and Chinese influences.

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#3. Gray

Gray curtains on red wall.

Gray has become a popular neutral, falling between warm and cool colors. A cool gray can tone down bright red and add a sophisticated touch.

Soft blue-gray is an elegant neutral that lightens up a bold red interior, blending against the windows to allow the view to speak. Choose this color when you don’t want another competing element in your room.

A darker gray is more of a contrast and looks dramatic.

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#4. Black

Black curtains against red wall.


Black and red make a fantastic juxtaposition perfect for a minimalist or contemporary environment. It’s so bold that it sets the tone for the decor of a room. Think Piet Mondrian rather than the Queen of Hearts for modernist chic.

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The Best Warm Curtain Colors for Red Walls

Red walls glow when combined with other warm colors. Choose a monochrome layering of red on red, or add gorgeous yellow, orange, or pink for a color-saturated room.

#5. Red

Dark red curtains on vibrant red wall.

My imagination was caught when I was five and heard the story of the tigers stealing the little boy’s crimson shoes with crimson lining—the original red-on-red design!

You don’t have to go with crimson, though. There are innumerable shades of red to combine, creating a rich backdrop for your interior.

Brick or barn red is a gorgeous rusty red with a brown undertone that belongs to this season’s harvest of earthy tones.

It’s not overly bright so that you can layer curtains against the same color wall for a drenched effect. Combine this color with earth colors like sand, stone, and clay.

Terracotta is another on-trend red shade reminiscent of sunbaked tiles on a Tuscan villa. This is an easy red to live with and tones with other earthy shades. Combine red walls with slightly darker red terracotta curtains.

If you like a darker curtain, go for a deep, wine-rich burgundy against muted red walls.

Reds can tend to the lighter salmon shades as well. This is a sumptuous color for formal, elegant interiors. Match wallpaper to opulent drapes in the same shade.

If red on red is too much, try a red print against your red walls. Red combines beautifully with white and yellow for a cozy bedroom.

Red is also charming for cute prints and florals, especially in cottagecore and farmhouse interiors.

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#6. Pink

Salmon pink curtains against red wall.

Red and pink can blur along the edges of the color wheel, with deep salmon pinks and reds and warm blush and rose. This balanced effect is similar to layering red on red.

Go for pale pink for a beautiful contrast to soften a muted berry red wall.

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#7. Orange

Bright orange curtains on red wall.


Fiery orange glows against bright firetruck red, creating a vivid impact. This combination is ideal for busy family rooms as it will produce energy rather than tranquility.

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#8. Yellow

Mustard yellow curtains against red wall.

Gold and mustard are the best colors to combine with red. Create the colors of the spice souks by layering these rich yellows on wine and berry-reds.

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The Best Cool Curtain Colors for Red Walls

Cool colors look gorgeous against red walls, adding a charming contrast and a softening touch. Blues and greens can have vastly different effects against red walls depending on their tone.

#9. Blue

Sky blue curtains on red wall.


The intensity of red is calmed by cool blue tones, especially if you choose aqua or sky blue. This color combination is charming for traditional and cottagecore interiors.

Darker blues and navy contrast dramatically with red and work beautifully with terracotta and burnt shades. Combine brighter red with dark blue and white for a nautical or coastal vibe.

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#10. Green

Green curtains on red wall.

Deeper shades of green are best with red, as red’s intensity overwhelms the lighter shades. Choose a teal or bottle green for retro kitsch fun or an eclectic look.

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Final Thoughts

Red walls are a stunning decor choice, so your choice of curtains should be, too. Go for a neutral or cool-toned color to calm the eye, or red-on-red for monochrome chic. Warm colors will make your red walls glow, while black contrasts dramatically.

More Curtain Colors Resources:

Blue curtains on a red wall and text overlay that says, "Best curtain colors for red walls".


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