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How to Declutter Your Bathroom

Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Bathroom

Learn how to declutter your bathroom. We all know the bathroom needs regular cleanings but we don’t always think about the need to declutter our bathrooms. These simple tips and ideas will help make decluttering your bathroom easier.

Your bathroom has very limited space and is one room in the home that gets used by the entire family several times a day.

This is the reason that many people find their bathroom the most difficult room in the home to declutter and organize.

However, a well-organized bathroom is easier to clean and keep clean and feels more spacious than one that is cluttered with the paraphernalia of everyone in the family.

If your New Year’s resolution is to declutter your bathroom for good then here are a few tips and ideas that may help you accomplish that goal.


How to declutter your bathroom

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Helpful Tips for Decluttering Your Bathroom

Fully Clean Out Cabinets

Do a full cleanout of all of your cabinets. These can hide a lot of old grimy and useless items. In fact, this is where you are most likely to find the clutter in your bathroom.

Combine Products in One Bottle

Combine your soaps and personal products to eliminate bottles from half-full duplicates. It is not uncommon for a home to end up with several bottles of the same thing all having a small amount in each.

Instead of throwing this out, you can combine them to get rid of the extra bottles but not waste any of the products.

Get Rid of Products You Don’t Like or Use

Don’t keep products you do not like. If the product is nearly new and you are not a fan of it you can donate these to shelters where they can be used by those in need instead of being tossed down the drain.

Keep Sorting Bags/Containers in the Hallway

In the hallways set up bags for donations, trash, and sale items to make it easy to sort everything as you declutter.

Simply toss into the right container in the hallway where they will stay out of the way while you work in the cramped space. This is a great way to make it easier to work in a very small bathroom.

You Can Clean as You Declutter

Unlike other rooms in the house, this one is best to do some deep cleaning while you declutter. Wipe down shelves and counters before putting items you are keeping away to make the most of your decluttering in your bathroom.

How to Declutter Your Bathroom in 6 Easy Steps

A woman decluttering a bathroom

#1. Remove Decorations and Other Items

Start by removing decorations, clean linens and towels, and items like your hairdryer from the bathroom. You can put these in a box or basket while you work.

By removing these you are not going to have to shuffle them around the room making it harder to focus on your task.

Bathrooms are often small making it hard to work with too much in it, so sorting these essential items that you know will stay out can help speed up the process.

After sorting out essential items that will stay you can easily work your way through the things you need.

#2. Do a Thorough Clean Out of Your Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinet

If you are like most people your medicine cabinet tends to be a catch all for all sorts of small items such as hair ties, bobby pins, barrettes, and hair clips.

In addition, there is likely to be some old long unused cough syrups or vitamin supplements taking up space on the shelves.

Start decluttering your medicine cabinet by throwing out all unused medicines and health products and make a list of any that need to be replaced so you can replenish your stock with fresh bottles.

#3. Sort through Shampoos, Conditioners and Body Wash

Go through the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles in the shower and cabinet.

Combine bottles to use up ones that are getting low to reduce waste and clutter in your bathroom. It is common for these bottles to often end up in all kinds of random places around the bathroom.

#4. Toss Old Makeup

Toss out old makeup. Many makeup products do go bad and those that do not go bad and lead to issues like color changes with oxidation can often harbor germs.

For this reason, you should check your old makeup and replace things like very old eyeliner and mascara that could lead to eye infections.

#5. Declutter Hair Accessories

Sort through your hair accessories. Toss out worn-out headbands and hair ties. As much as you want to keep these things on hand if they are stretched out and useless you are likely to skip over them anyways.

Gather bobby pins and other small odds and ends that are running around the bathroom and tuck them away into a container or stick to a card to make sure they are easy to get to when you need them.

If your bathroom has a sink vanity, you can attach a magnetic strip to the inside of one of the doors to hold any metal barrettes, bobby pins, or hair clips. That way they are easy to reach and not taking up space in your medicine cabinet or countertop.

A friend of mine keeps hair ties and her young daughters plastic barrettes in cute little jars and then places them on a spice rack she has attached to the inside of one of her vanity doors.

#6. Organize Feminine Care Products in One Container

Condense feminine care products down to a single container.

Often boxes and packages of different types of feminine care products get tossed under the sink and replaced when there are a few left so you find multiple packages.

Move these to a basket so they can get used up and all of those extra packages can be decluttered to make room for storing your stockpile of fresh items.

List of Things to Declutter from Your Bathroom – Decluttering Checklist

The bathroom is a great place to find clutter when you are on a mission to declutter your life. Those cabinets often get a lot of random things shoved into them behind towels and other items typically stored in your bathroom.

A lot of bathroom clutter is hidden in plain sight and can take up a lot of space while looking like it fits right in.

Here is a list of items to declutter from your bathroom.

  • Old/expired medication and first aid items
  • Old skin creams and lotions that have a rancid smell
  • Old/dried out nail polish
  • Empty bottles
  • Personal care products you never use
  • Old/expired skincare and hair products
  • Old/expired makeup
  • Dirty single-use items
  • Old worn-out linens
  • Old worn-out towels
  • Stretched out hair ties
  • Broken bobby pins
  • Old/broken hair styling tools
  • Duplicate items and tools
  • Unused hair and skincare samples

How to Keep Clutter at Bay and Keep Your Bathroom Organized Once You are Done

A clutter free bathroom

The bathroom seems to attract clutter all the time. To help keep it at bay so you do not have to keep decluttering all the time you should work on creating an organization system.

If everything has a place it can be easier to make sure things that do not belong do not stick around in your bathroom.

Make the Decision to Only Keep those Items You Use on a Daily Basis in Your Bathroom

Consider what items you may be keeping in your bathroom that you don’t use on a daily basis.

For instance those elastic bandages for sprains, or that First Aid Kit. While you definitely want to keep both on hand you don’t use them on a daily basis so why not store them on a closet shelf rather than in your bathroom.

In addition, while you may use those bathroom cleaning supplies daily they do take up a great deal of space.

So why not get a cleaning caddy for these products and store them under your kitchen sink or someplace else where you can keep them together and just grab them when cleaning the bathroom.

Use Clear Pump Bottles for Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

Try switching the containers you use for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to clear pump containers. These help to keep from having multiple empty bottles while allowing you to see when it is time to refill them.

Put Small Items in Containers with Lids/Mason Jars

Put small items like q-tips and cotton balls in containers with lids. This will keep them from getting dirty or landing all over the bathroom.

Keep toothbrushes, make-up brushes, and other essentials in mason jars for a needed and tidy look.

Use Drawer Organizers

Someone organizing bathroom items in a drawer organizer

To keep your vanity drawer’s neater and more organized use drawer organizers to keep items separate making it easy to find the things you want without creating a cluttered mess.

If you can’t buy an organizer to fit your drawers you can always make them yourself. All you really need is something to divide the drawers into sections so you can organize small items.

Use a Small Wire Basket or File Organizer for those Larger Hair Care Items

If you want to eliminate clutter in your bathroom you really do need a dedicated place for that hair dryer and those curling irons and hair straightens.

A file organizer or metal basket hung on the wall close to the vanity or even on the side of the vanity itself will keep these larger items off the countertop, but still, close at hand.

There may even be enough space for a couple of hairbrushes and combs.

Install a Tub Shelf or Shower Organizer

You can pick up a tub shelf or a shower organizer pretty cheap and they are easy to install and the perfect way to keep your bathtub area neat and tidy.

These shelves can hold your open bottles of shampoo and condition, your soap and other items you use while bathing or taking a shower. This keeps the edges of your tub free and prevents things from constantly being knocked into the tub.

Add a Shelf if Possible

Towels, toothbrushes and other items on a bathroom shelf

Most bathrooms have a space where a shelf can be added either over the bathroom door or over the commode can be a good place.

This gives you extra space for storing items that would normally end up sitting on your countertop.

A shelf is a great space to store jars filled with cotton balls, Mason jars for your toothbrushes or makeup brushes and maybe even space to store a couple of extra towels or rolls of toilet tissue.

How to Declutter a Bathroom – Conclusion

Taking the time to declutter and help prevent clutter in your bathroom can make it easier to keep your bathroom clean and keep germs under control to help keep your family healthy.

Decluttering your bathroom is simply a matter of identifying your clutter problems and finding solutions to those problems. And with these simple tips, you can get it done!

Did you find the tips on how to declutter your bathroom helpful? Leave your comment below.

Decluttering your bathroom

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