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12 Dollar Store Organization Hacks

Dollar Store Organization Hacks for Organizing Your Home on a Budget!

You can organize your home on a budget with these genius Dollar Store organization hacks.

Dollar Store organization hacks

While organizing your home can make your life easier and more enjoyable many people find that the actual tools they need to accomplish that organization can strain the budget.

However, not all organization containers or supplies have to be costly and some tools can serve more than one purpose when organizing your home.

Here is a look at some items you can purchase from the dollar store and how these items can be used in organizing your home.

#1. Wicker Baskets

Dollar Stores sell different sizes of wicker baskets that can come in handy for organizing your home.

Larger baskets can be used to store items on your closet shelf. Somewhat smaller baskets can be mounted on the bathroom wall sideways and used as a towel holder or to store extra toilet paper.

Wicker BasketsWicker BasketsBuy Now

#2. Over the cabinet door Towel Bars

Over the cabinet door towel bar is a cheap way of creating a space to hang extra bath, hand towels, or dish towels.

In bathrooms that only have one small towel rack that is taken up with bath towels, you can use this handy little towel rack to place over your bathroom or kitchen cabinet door to hang up hand towels or dish towels on.

You can also fit one of these towel racks over your bathroom door to hang extra towels when you have guests.

In addition, you can use an over the door towel rack and S-shaped shower hooks to hang those necklaces from the door of your closet or your bedroom door.

You can also use an over the door towel hanger and shower rings for neatly hanging up those baseball type caps.

Over the Cabinet Door Towel BarOver the Cabinet Door Towel BarBuy Now

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#3. Wire Cabinet Storage Rack

Those wire storage racks sold at many dollar stores are actually very sturdy and come in quite handy especially in the kitchen.

These handy little racks allow you to save space both inside your kitchen cabinets or cupboards and on the countertops.

They are great for stacking plates, bowls and mugs or you can use it to keep spice bottles neatly organized and safely at hand.

Wire Cabinet ShelfWire Cabinet ShelfBuy Now

#4. Dish Drying Rack

This metal dish rack is sturdy enough to hold your dishes while draining excess water. It fits nicely on top of any kitchen counter helping to keep your dishes organized and tidy.

Dish Drying RacksDish Drying RacksBuy Now

#5. Soda Can Holder

Those plastic soda can holders are not only great for keeping those cans of soda contained in your fridge, but they also can hold can goods in your cupboard keeping them sorted and neat.

In addition, those soda can holders also make great little containers for small toys in your child’s room.

These soda can holders are great for holding small blocks, Beanie babies and other such toys keeping them off the floor and easy to find.

Soda Can HolderSoda Can HolderBuy Now

#6. Jewelry Organizers

If you are looking for affordable jewelry organizers, then you will love these beautiful paper trinket boxes with drawers.

Not only are they great for storing your jewelry, but they are also very colorful, and thus they make great decor pieces for your bedroom.

Fashion Paper Trinket Boxes with DrawersFashion Paper Trinket Boxes with DrawersBuy Now

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#7. Makeup Organizer

Looking for a budget friendly makeup organizer? These 9-section clear plastic storage organizers can come in handy for organizing your makeup, and other beauty items keeping everything neat and tidy.

Tiered 9-Section Clear Plastic Storage OrganizersTiered 9-Section Clear Plastic Storage OrganizersBuy Now

#8. Dry Food Storage Container

Those dry food storage containers are perfect for storing dry foods and keeping them fresh such as cereal, sugar, flour, rice and beans.

These dry food containers are also great for small toys, and can even be used as a small garbage container in your car.

Dry Food Storage ContainerDry Food Storage ContainerBuy Now


#9. Wire Baskets

The Dollar Tree store sells a number of shapes and sizes of wire baskets. These baskets can be used in a number of places in your home for a variety of different purposes.

Here are some of the ways you can use these baskets:

Rectangle Wire Baskets in the Bathroom

You can attach these baskets to the wall of your bathroom and use them to store extra bath towels or toilet paper rolls.

You can also attach one to the inside of your bathroom or sink cabinet door to hold shampoos, conditioners, dish soap or cleaning bottles.

Rectangular Wire BasketsRectangular Wire BasketsBuy Now

Round Wire Baskets

Round wire baskets can come in handy in your kitchen or pantry. Hang them up and use them to keep fresh fruit such as oranges, apples, pears and the such. (Rectangle baskets attached to the wall can also hold fruit.)

Round Wire BasketsRound Wire BasketsBuy Now

#10. Beads and Bolt Organizers

Many Dollar stores have bead and bolt organizers, little plastic containers that are normally divided into 12 or 16 sections. These organizers can be used for several different areas in your home.

16 Compartment Plastic Organizer16 Compartment Plastic OrganizerBuy Now

Here are some of the places you can use these plastic organizers:


These organizers can hold small nuts and bolts and other small objects that can be difficult to keep track of.

Craft Room

Crafters often have a number of small items they need to keep contained and sorted. This container is made to hold sorted beads, different sizes of google eyes, and other small items crafters like to place on their various homemade creations.

Home Office

That bead and bolt organizer can also come in handy in a home office since it can hold thumb tacks, paper clips, rubber bands and even small safety pins.

#11. Shower Curtain Rings

One of the best buys at a Dollar Store may be a set of shower curtain rings. You can purchase both round and S-shaped shower rings and they come in handy for many things other than hanging shower curtains.

Shower Curtain RingsShower Curtain RingsBuy Now

Why not try using a shower ring for some of these purposes:

Scarf or Belt Organizer

You can place several shower rings on a regular clothes hanger and then use the rings to organize your scarves or belts by slipping them through the various rings.

This makes the scarves and belts easy to find and keeps them neat and tidy.

Hair Tie Holder

If you have difficulty keeping track of those hair tie bands (styles like rubber bands) placing them on a shower ring and hooking the ring will keep your hair ties all together and prevent you from losing them.

#12. Coat Racks

Those Dollar store coat racks not only don’t look cheap, but they can also serve a number of purposes for your home.

You can use them as a cup holder for displaying coffee cups, as a necklace holder in the bedroom or even to hold caps in your closet.

Wall Mount metal HangerWall Mount metal HangerBuy Now

Dollar Store Organization Hacks – Conclusion

With a little innovation, there are probably many more items to be found at the dollar store that can be used to organize your home without breaking the bank if you know what you need organized and are willing to think outside of the box to accomplish your goal.

Feel free to add to the list of Dollar Store organization hacks in the comment section.

Dollar Store organization ideas

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Monday 13th of March 2023

I use the shower rings to hang my tank tops and bras with..


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The shower curtain rings can be hung in a closet to store necklaces

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