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How to Clean a Mirror Without Windex

Simple Ways to Clean Your Mirror without Windex

Learn how to clean a mirror without Windex. Discover the best Windex alternatives to use, plus the right tools to use and the best way to clean your mirror.

Whether you have run out of window cleaner and want to clean the mirrors in your home or are simply looking for some alternatives to Windex, then here are some alternatives you may want to consider.

A woman cleaning a mirror with text that says, "How to clean a mirror without windex".

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How to Clean Your Mirror without Windex  – 5 Alternatives

If you are wondering, how can I clean my mirror without Windex, then here are five simple Windex alternatives you can use to clean your mirrors.

#1. Vinegar and Distilled Water

If you are looking for a cheap and effective way to make your mirrors sparkling clean then try using a mixture of white vinegar and distilled water. (Although I have personally used tap water successfully.)

Simply mix your vinegar and water in equal parts and place in a spray bottle. Use it just like you would regular window cleaner to clean your mirrors and even the windows in your home.

(Here are more ways you can use vinegar for cleaning).

#2. Dish Soap and Water

Surprisingly that same dishwashing solution that leaves your plates sparkling clean will also clean your bathroom mirrors. You simply fill a large bowl with water and add a drop or two of dishwashing soap.

Swirl the water and the soap in the bowl and then wet a soft lint-free cloth and wring it out.

Wash the mirror with the damp cloth and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then you need to take a clean soft cloth and polish the mirror.

#3. Used Dryer Sheet and Water

If the mirrors in your house are only slightly dusty then try cleaning them with plain water and a used dryer sheet. Simply spray clean clear water on the mirror and clean using the old dryer sheet.

Just remember that if you are trying to reduce the use of chemicals in your home dryer sheets like window cleaner contains chemicals.

#4. Shaving Cream

Someone cleaning a mirror with shaving cream

Shaving cream is not only a great way to clean your mirrors, but it will also help keep them from fogging up when you shower.

Simply smear shaving cream on your mirror and wipe it off with a clean soft lint-free cloth.

#5. Cleaning Your Mirror with Alcohol

Alcohol is not only a great way to remove toothpaste stains from your mirror, but when you mix it with water you can use it to clean your entire mirror and leave it sparkling clean and bright.

Mix water and alcohol in equal parts and then place in a spray bottle and clean the same way you will if you were using traditional window cleaner.

Using the Right Tools to Clean Your Mirrors

To get your mirrors really clean you not only need to use a good cleaner, but you also need to consider which tool or tools to use to get the mirrors clean without scratching them or leaving them streaked.

You are going to want to clean your mirrors with something non-abrasive so you won’t scratch the glass. You will also want to look for something absorbent so that all the moisture can be removed from the mirror to help prevent streaking.

Here are some of the most recommended tools to use to give your mirrors and windows a proper clean.

A Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are excellent for cleaning your mirrors and windows. Not only are these cloths lint-free, but also they are also super absorbent, which will help you clean your mirrors without scratching or streaking them.


The black and white pages from a newspaper will clean your mirrors and windows spotlessly. Newspapers have been used to clean glass for well over 100 years because they are good at cleaning your windows streak free and without scratching the glass.

And while you do need to watch that no ink stains are left on the wood around the window, they won’t leave stains on the glass itself.


A woman cleaning a mirror with squeegee

Squeegees are often used by professional window cleaners, but you can buy these simple tools for your home as well. They are great for cleaning off stubborn spots and the rubber edge removes all moisture.

Not only can you use squeegees for cleaning your mirrors, but you can also use them for cleaning your glass shower door.

Paper Towels are a Poor Choice

While many people use paper towels to clean their windows and mirrors they aren’t a good choice. Traditional paper towels contain lint, hence they will leave your mirror covered in lint.

The Best Way to Clean Your Mirror

As well as having the right tools for the job there is also a proper way to clean your mirrors. Following these simple steps will result in clean non-streaked mirrors and windows.

Start by wiping the dry mirror or window with a clean dry lint free cloth. Spray your cleaner on the glass and then use another clean lint free cloth to clean the mirror in a zigzag pattern.

Once the mirror is clean, buff dry with another clean cloth to make the mirror sparkle.

Now that you know the different ways to clean a mirror without using Windex, the choice of what cleaning method to use is up to you.

A lady cleaning a mirror with text that says, "How to clean your mirror without windex".

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