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5 Butcher’s Wax Uses

Uses for Butcher’s Wax Around the Home

Discover some of the things you can use butcher’s wax to clean or polish in your home. Here are amazing butcher’s wax uses you will find quite helpful.

Butcher’s wax also known as Bowling Alley wax or cutting wood wax is a wax product used to coat the surface of butcher block countertops, cutting boards and Islands.

This wax is made from a mixture of Carnauba and micro-crystalline waxes combined with mineral spirits and turpentine. It provides a protective coating when applied and results in a glowing shine.

A man polishing a wood floor with a rag, which is one of the Butcher's wax uses.

While Butcher’s wax is great for keeping your butcher’s block items protected and looking their best, this wax can also serve other uses around the home.

Here is a look at some other ways you can use Butcher’s wax around the home.

5 Amazing Butcher’s Wax Uses Around the Home

#1. Polish Wooden Furniture

Someone cleaning a wooden cabinet

Butcher’s wax is a great wax to use on wooden furniture including the furniture you make in your own home “shop.”

This wax not only provides some protection from scratches but also leaves your furniture shining nicely.

To apply this wax, simply apply one coat using a soft cloth and working in circles and then allow the wax to dry and apply a second coat.

Once the second coat has dried, use a clean soft cloth to buff the furniture, removing any excess oil.

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#2. Polish and Protect Wooden Floors

Someone waxing a wooden floor

If you have wooden floors that need to be waxed to look their best, Butcher’s wax applied gently to your wooden floor can leave it looking smooth and shinning.

It will also allow any liquid spilled on the floor to bead up, thus protecting your floor from water damage.

#3. Clean Leather Items

Leather couch

Using Butcher’s wax to clean your leather furniture, purses or jackets will remove the dirt and leave your leather feeling soft and supple.

Simply apply the wax gently and then using a clean dry cloth wipe away the excess along with the dirt and your leather items will be clean and undamaged.

#4. Protect Sculptures

Wooden figurines

Artists and art collectors can use Butcher’s wax to help prolong the life of their sculptures especially antique sculptures.

Not only will this wax protect wooden sculptures, but can also protect Bronze coated sculptures that are coated with resin (protecting the resin and making it last longer) and Venetian Plaster to keep their glazed appearance.

Simply apply the wax in circles, allow to dry and then buff with a soft dry cloth.

#5. Polish and Protect Marble

Marble countertop

Butcher’s wax also helps protect the outer layer of marble sculptures and countertops helping your marble to have an extended life and look cleaner and better throughout its life. Marble needs to be waxed on a regular basis.

To apply, use a soft cloth and work the wax gently into the marble in circles, allow to dry and then use a clean dry rag buff with a soft dry cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Butcher’s Wax Food Safe?

Butcher’s wax contains food grade mineral oil that is stabilized with vitamin E, so it is safe to use on surfaces that come into contact with food such as countertops, cutting boards butcher’s block and other wooden utensils.

Is Butcher’s Wax Waterproof?

Butcher’s wax is not waterproof, but it can help protect wooden floors, furniture and other wooden items from water damage. Just be sure to clean off any water spill immediately.

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Someone polishing a wooden cabinet with a rag, which is one of the uses for Butcher's wax.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.