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How to Clean Your House for Christmas

How to Clean Your House for Christmas – 5 Easy Holiday Cleaning Hacks

Learn how to clean your house for Christmas. Prepping your home for Christmas need not be an uphill task. These easy holiday cleaning hacks will help you get your home ready for the big holiday celebration.

My home has always been the gathering place for my siblings and their families for Christmas, quite possibly because I enjoy making those huge Christmas feasts.

I start making cookies and candy a couple of weeks before the actual holiday and then spend three days actually making the foods for the main meal itself.

With all that cooking, the extra shopping for food and gifts, decorating and gift wrapping sprucing up the house for Christmas is one of the last things I want to do.

However, I do want my home to be clean and glowing when guests arrive for our annual Christmas dinner. So I have learned a quick and efficient way to clean the entire house for the holidays.

Here are a few tips that may be helpful for you to use to make cleaning for Christmas quicker and less than a chore.

How to clean your house for Christmas

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Cleaning Your House for Christmas – 5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Christmas

#1. Prep Your Bathroom and Kitchen First Thing

When cleaning the entire house for Christmas, start by spraying down kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, stovetop, microwave, toilets and countertops with a disinfectant cleaner at the start of your cleaning efforts.

This will loosen dirt and make cleaning these surfaces much easier once you are ready to tackle these two rooms.

#2. Clean Your House as a Whole Rather than one Room at a Time

It is tempting for most of us to clean one room at a time so we can put a check in the spaces in our mental checklist.

However, you can actually speed up the cleaning process by tackling a single chore throughout the entire house.

For example, go through every room and declutter and put objects that are out of place back where they belong. (You may also find this 30 day pre holiday decluttering challenge printable helpful).

Then move on to the other chores such as dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, doing a single chore through the house before starting the next chore.

You may find it easier if you have a two story home to complete a chore through one floor and then move to the next.

#3. Clean from the Top Down

Once you have decluttered the house, you should start cleaning your house from the top down.

Clean your fan blades first, then tackle the cobwebs in the corners, dust the furniture and then tackle the floors.

My house tends to be extremely dusty so I use a clean dust mop head and quickly wipe down the walls, getting rid of the cobwebs and dusting the walls at the same time.

The entire process takes only minutes to accomplish and leaves the walls completely dust free. (You may also like this article on tips for reducing dust in your home).

I then go through and dust all of the furniture, and vacuum and sweep the floors.

I then tackle the bathroom and kitchen that have been prepped, thus saving time and allowing me to just wipe everything down. Mopping the floor is last.

#4. Multitask Whenever Possible

There are a few instances when you can multitask to speed up the cleaning process.

For example, I get out all those serving dishes I will need but haven’t used since last Christmas and run them through the dishwasher while baking cookies or preparing dishes.

That way these dishes are all freshly cleaned and ready for use when the big day comes.

#5. Involve the Entire Family in Your Christmas Cleaning

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all the Christmas cleaning yourself. Christmas is an exciting time for the entire family, so get them involved in the Christmas clean up.

Think how fast that clean up will go if there are two or three other people who each take on one cleaning chore.

For example, even younger kids can declutter or dust, while older children can vacuum or sweep.

Tips for Keeping Your House Clean for Christmas

Once your Christmas cleaning is done you are going to want to keep everything clean, neat and tidy through the holidays so you have more time to prepare those gifts and that food for your family and guests.

Here are a few simple tips that will make keeping your home clean simpler and easier.

i. Do a Quick Sweep

Do a quick sweep of the house every night before bed to ensure that everything has been picked up and put away.

It will only take a few minutes to straighten up anything left out of place if you do it each evening before going to bed. Keeping everything picked up will keep your home looking clean and tidy.

ii. Add a Few Minutes to Your Morning Schedule

Add a few minutes to the morning schedule so that you can wipe down your shower and sink immediately after using them. That will help keep soap scum and water spots from building up and keep your bathroom looking clean and shining.

iii. Keep an All Purpose Cleaner Handy

Keep a spray bottle of all purpose cleaner handy in your kitchen. After using your microwave, countertop or stovetop you can easily give it a spray and wipe it clean. This will save you time cleaning up after meals and keep your kitchen looking sparkling clean.

iv. Use Duster Slippers

If you have a home with a lot of wood or tile floors then consider using those fun duster slippers for members of your family.

Kids love sliding across the floor in these slippers and it is a great way to keep your floor swept on a continual basis. Best of all these slippers can be thrown in the washer so cleaning them and your floors is simple and easy.

v. Wipe Sills Immediately

Wipe up spills the minute they occur. Whether a spill occurs on a countertop or floor, wiping the spill up the instant it occurs will keep your counters and floors looking their best and cut down on the amount of clean up you will have to do each day.

How to Clean for Christmas – Conclusion

Preparing for Christmas and other major holidays can be stressful. By simplifying your Christmas house cleaning you can reduce some of that stress, save a bit of time to attend to more enjoyable activities of the season and still have a clean house that you can be proud of when family and friends drop by.

Did you find the holiday cleaning hacks for how to clean your house for Christmas helpful? Leave your comment below.

Cleaning your house for Christmas

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