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What Color Curtains Go With a Blue Couch?

I have a beloved couch that I’ve carried from apartment to apartment. It’s been reupholstered more than once and has carried throw pillows, blankets, pets, and children at different times.

Right now, it’s bold cobalt, upholstered in heavy linen. How do I choose a curtain color to live up to this magnificent blue couch?

The best curtain colors for a blue couch are toning shades of blue. Neutrals like white, beige, cream, and taupe look elegant. Contrasting colors like pink, lavender, gray, yellow, and orange add personality to an interior. Striped, polka dot, and floral patterns are playful touches.

A sofa is a pricey item of furniture. When you’ve found a gorgeous one, upholstered in sleek leather, luxurious velvet, or comfy plush, it will take pride of place. Use your beautiful couch to inspire the room’s color palette. Let’s look at the best curtain colors if you’ve chosen a blue couch.

How to Choose Curtain Colors that Go With Blue Couches

Using your blue couch as the anchor for a room means you’ll need to select curtains that pair well. Of course, you’ll consider the weight and style of the drapes (e.g., blackout drapes or sheers), but let’s focus on color. Ask yourself these questions to get some ideas for colors:

  • Which room will the sofa and curtains be in? A living room or family room? Perhaps a corner of a spacious bedroom?
  • Where will the couch be placed in relation to the curtains? Are the curtains a backdrop for the couch?
  • What feel do you want to create in the room?
  • Must the curtains match an existing style or design aesthetic?
  • Is there an existing color palette, or can you create a new one?

10 Best Curtain Colors for a Blue Couch

Blue is a perennial favorite in interiors, never going out of style. It’s versatile enough to work with several color palettes and interior styles.

I’ve lived with a blue sofa for many years, so here are my recommendations for curtain colors with a blue couch.

#1. Blue

Cozy blue and yellow living room.

Unlike green, shades of blue work well together, so choosing blue curtains with a blue couch is a great idea.


Your first option is to choose curtains and couch in matching colors, creating a clean, modern look.

This combination is perfect for neutral color palettes, adding white, cream, and brown to the blue anchor. Introduce interest with an unusual rug, warm wood accents, and striking ornaments.

This combination lends itself to a traditional aesthetic as much as a Boho look, depending on your choice of accessories.

Note that matching colors work best if the couch isn’t placed directly against the curtains, which can look monotonous.

Differentiate between curtains and couch by texture: neutral color palettes need layers of tactile features to catch the eye and provide a feast for the fingers. Consider velvet, satin, leather, linen, and denim.

Sky blue is perfect for bedrooms with a sofa bed or day bed. Matching curtains add a pop of color to a dreamy white bedroom.

A monochrome color scheme need not be boring. Consider dramatic, dark colors for couch and curtains to create a moody effect.

Shades Of Blue

Blue sofa and curtain.

Choose curtains in a different shade of blue to the couch to avoid an overly matchy look. This works well if you are placing your sofa against the curtains. Add throw pillows or a statement rug to draw the shades of blue together.

Soften the stunning blue of a statement sofa and a rich wooden floor with pale blue-gray curtains in a traditional living room.

Try curtains in a darker tone of the same blue as the couch. Adding a third color, such as gray or white, creates a tranquil color palette.

A dark indigo or denim blue couch doesn’t mean you must go for lighter curtains. Choose dark, inky curtains and add neutral accessories to lift the palette.

Create a cozy sanctuary by hanging midnight blue curtains against navy walls and an inky blue couch. Ring the changes with lush textures.

Lovers of blue can drench a room in color: blue walls, rug, couch, and curtains layer textures and tones in a magnificent formal living room. Variations in blue tones prevent the room from being dull, giving an opulent impression instead.

#2. White

Blue and white living room.

White curtains are a classic choice, especially if you want the sofa to be the statement piece. Placing a blue sofa against white curtains and white walls will make the couch the obvious focal point of a room.

The fabric you choose for the curtains will influence the feel you create. For example, soft white curtains in a billowy, sheer fabric can create a romantic feel, a Boho vibe, or a pared-down Scandi look.

Sumptuous white drapes in a heavier fabric are more formal, suiting an elegant, modern living room.

White lace curtains give a traditional look to a living room with a classic wingback one-seater. Update the look with vivid accent colors.

Go for crisp white cotton curtains in a predominantly blue room, especially when both the couch and walls are blue.

#3. Neutrals

Blue couch and beige curtain.

Serene neutrals remain fashionable, whatever the season and whatever the design style.

Neutrals can create a glamorous interior if you’ve got a royal blue couch. Add luxury touches with gold or brass accents, flamboyant taupe drapes, glass-topped coffee tables, and dramatic wallpaper.

Neutral beige or taupe curtains are the ideal backdrop for a decadent velvet couch and throw pillows.

Combine blue and beige for a nature-inspired aesthetic: just as blue is found outdoors, in the sea, sky, and flowers, neutrals appear in sand, stone, clay, and trees.

A blue sofa can inspire a neutral color scheme for a classic, comfortable living room.

Choose an elegant aqua sofa paired with heavy cream curtains for a French Provencal style. Add a delicate floral touch, especially for a tranquil bedroom nook or reading corner.

Brown is often part of neutral color palettes. However, deep chocolate brown sings in a more vibrant color scheme. Fiery reds and oranges spark off a blue couch, with brown curtains adding a grounding touch.


A blue couch can be the grounding element in a bold color palette. Indulge a love of color by choosing curtains in a gorgeous contrasting shade, whether you are a fan of ice cream pastels or vivid primaries.

One note to consider: if your curtains and sofa are not the same color, ensure that neither looks like an afterthought by using cushions, a throw, a painting, or a rug to balance the palette.

#4. Pink

Pink and blue room.

Pairing pink and blue is charming, but it doesn’t have to be confined to a nursery or bedroom. Blush pink is now regarded in the same light as neutrals, offering a gentle, warm backdrop to intense colors like navy. The look is fresh, modern, and elegant.

#5. Purple

Blue and purple living room.

If pink is too girly to contemplate, meet my new favorite: lavender. With its blue undertone, lavender adds a cool touch to any palette. Lighter lavender tones are more feminine, while more saturated purple is dramatic, sophisticated, and a little artsy.

Contrasting colors can be picked up from other elements of the room. Deep lavender curtains glow against pale walls, making a dark blue couch look lush and inky. White piping and patterned pillows add brightness.

#6. Yellow

Blue sofa orange pillows and yellow curtain.

I love the immediate contrast that yellow and blue create.

A turmeric yellow is perfect against pewter and blue-gray. Add rusty tones to extend the spice-route palette.

Other edible shades of yellow – butter, honey, mustard – are beautiful with powdery blues and soft turquoise. These colors lend themselves to a retro or vintage vibe.

For fans of electric blue, choose vivid yellow greens like lime and chartreuse to catch the eye.

#7. Orange

Blue couch and orange curtains.

Blue and orange are true color contrasts, lying opposite each other on the color wheel. While it’s taken many years for the color to recover from the seventies, orange is back in our interiors. Go for a scorching burnt orange, saturated pumpkin, or faded terracotta to be on-trend.


Patterned curtains are a brilliant vehicle for drawing your color scheme together and creating a second focal point in your design. Choose a pattern that picks up the blue of your couch, as well as other colors in the room’s palette.

#8. Stripes

jinchan Linen Curtains for Living Roomjinchan Linen Curtains for Living Roomjinchan Linen Curtains for Living Room


Striped curtains add color and interest without being overwhelming.

Choose brightly striped window treatments if your sofa is a deep gray-blue. Carry the stripes’ colors through to throw pillows, an ottoman, or a rug, sumptuously layering textures and patterns.

#9. Polka Dots

Polka dots add a subtly playful touch to an interior, looking crisp on a white background. Blue and white make a fresh, classic combination.

Ambesonne Polka Dot Window CurtainsAmbesonne Polka Dot Window CurtainsAmbesonne Polka Dot Window Curtains

#10. Floral

The advantage of florals is the gorgeous palette of colors they provide. You can pick up the couch’s blue, as well as other colors in the furniture or other accessories.

MYSKY HOME Floral CurtainsMYSKY HOME Floral CurtainsMYSKY HOME Floral Curtains


Final Thoughts

A blue couch is an incredibly versatile item that can inspire and anchor a room’s design. Curtains in matching and toning shades of blue are a good choice, while neutrals are always practical and adaptable. Add color to your interior with patterned or contrasting curtains.

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