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27 Spring Cleaning Hacks

Amazing Spring Cleaning Hacks and Tips to Help Make Your Home Sparkling Clean!

Oh yes, it’s Spring already, which means it’s time to spring clean your home. So, today I’m going to reveal some amazing spring cleaning hacks to get you started!

When you’re spring cleaning your house there are a few little tricks you can do to make it go more smoothly or tricks you might have never thought of otherwise.

I’m calling these our spring cleaning hacks to make cleaning your house easier and here they are. It’s my hope that these little tips and tricks will help remove the overwhelm from spring cleaning, so you can get your house clean with ease.

A woman cleaning her home with my spring cleaning tricks

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Spring Cleaning Hacks for the Whole House

#1. Clean Window Frames with a Toothbrush

Use an old toothbrush to clean hard to reach areas around windows. Just make sure you don’t put the toothbrush back in the bathroom afterwards.

#2. Wash Your Windows on a Cloudy Day

Washing your windows on a cloudy day will mean that they dry out slower, leaving fewer streaks behind.

#3. Use Tea Bags to Clean Hardwood Floors

Boil a few bags of tea (black or green) then use the used tea bags to clean your hardwood floors. Just be sure to test a small corner first before you do your entire floor in case the wood reacts poorly.

#4. Wax Your Vents with Car Wax

When you’ve given the air vents in your house a good clean apply car wax to them to keep them clean for longer. The wax is difficult for things to stick to.

#5. Lint Roller Lampshades

Lint rollers aren’t just for getting cat hair off your clothes, you can also use them to pick up dust, cat hair, and anything else that gets stuck to lampshades.

#6. Remove Carpet Stains with an Iron

If you have a tough stain that won’t come up you can try ironing it off. Use low heat on the area after it is slightly damped.

#7. Use Microfiber Towels and Tongs to Clean Blinds

Wrap microfiber towels around tongs and grab blinds one at a time to remove the dust.

#8. Use Newspapers to Clean Glass and Mirrors

Glass has oils on the surface that cause streaks when you wipe them clean but newspaper will soak up those oils and help kill the streaks.

#9. Use a Fuzzy Sock as a Swiffer Pad

Instead of buying limited use Swiffer pads take an old fuzzy sock and wrap it over your Swiffer for a cheaper alternative.

#10. Bring Old Dusty Candles Back to Life by Rubbing them with Stockings

Everyone has those gorgeous big candles that they’ve let collect dust. No amount of wiping them off will get that dust off. But, if you use stockings or pantyhose to wipe them off the dust will come off with a breeze.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for the Kitchen

An elderly women using spring cleaning tips and tricks to clean her kitchen

#11. Deep Clean Your Dishwasher with Vinegar

Add vinegar to an empty wash to clean your dishwasher.

#12. Refresh a Freezer with Charcoal

Charcoal will freshen up the smell of your freezer and make it somewhere you’ll want to put your food again.

#13. Wax Your Stovetop with Car Wax

After you’ve cleaned off your stovetop use a little bit of car wax to make it more difficult for things to stick to it later, leaving it looking clean for longer.

#14. Polish a Stainless-Steel Sink with Flour

Regular old flour you have in your pantry is great for polishing a stainless steel sink. Rub it on in a thin layer and wash it off for a fantastic shine.

#15. Use Baking Soda to Get Rid of Coffee Stains

If you’re fighting with stubborn coffee stains inside your favorite coffee cup make a baking soda paste with some water and coat the inside of the cup with it. Let it sit before rinsing clean.

#16. Use Cream of Tartar on Scratched Dishes

Over time dishes get scratches from being used, the good news is that those scratches are easy to remove with some cream of tartar. Just rub the cream of tartar on the plate and leave it to sit for an hour or two then wash it off.

#17. Clean Your Grater by Grating Raw Chunks of Potato

Graters are difficult to clean with all those little holes. Grate raw potato, the potato will push out any bits of old food and leave the grater clean. Put the grated potato in your compost when you’re finished!

Living Room

#18. Use a Paintbrush to Get Under Furniture Instead of Moving It

Instead of moving your furniture every time you sweep buy a wide paintbrush to get in under couches, chairs, and other hard to reach places.

#19. Scrape Hair-Covered Surfaces with a Rubber Squeegee to Remove Fur

Pet hair can be incredibly difficult to get up and a vacuum won’t cut it. Use a rubber squeegee to scrape the hair off any surface, including your carpet!

#20. Remove Water Rings from Wooden Surfaces with Your Hairdryer

If people haven’t been using coasters on your wooden tables you can remove water rings with your hairdryer. When you’re finished rub a little olive oil on the spot to get the wood looking great again.

#21. Use Coffee Filters to Clean TVs, Monitors and other Screens

Unused coffee filters are safe to use to clean screens, they won’t leave any scratches and they won’t leave anything behind.

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Hacks

#22. Remove Watermarks from Shower Doors with Lemon

Cut a lemon in half and rub it over your shower door and shower knobs to remove watermarks. If you’re interested in more tips on how to clean with a lemon check out this article.

#23. Kool-Aid or Coke to Clean the Toilet

The acid found in kool-aid and Coke is strong enough to clean your toilet. Pour them in and let them sit overnight. In the morning flush like normal.

#24. Essential Oil in Your Roll of Toilet Paper

Make your bathroom smell great by putting a couple of drops of essential oil on the cardboard tube inside the roll of toilet paper you’re using.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Kids Stuff

#25. Clean Small Plastic Toys By Running Them Through The Dishwasher

Taking the time to clean each and every toy by hand would take hours, instead, put them in the dishwasher to clean a bunch of them in one go.

#26. Use A Dustpan To Pick Up Small Toys

Gathering up small toys one by one is a pain, and not just because Legos are a safety hazard. Use a dustpan to collect small toys to be put away with ease.

Spring Cleaning Hacks for the Garage

#27. Coca Cola To Clean Oil Stains Off Your Garage Floors

Pour Coke on oil stains in your garage and let it sit for at least a few hours, overnight would be preferred.

So there you go – simple spring cleaning tips and tricks to help make it easier for you to deep clean your home this spring.

Feel free to add more spring cleaning hacks in the comment section.

Spring cleaning hacks

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.