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15 Awesome Small Entryway Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Other people’s homes fascinate me as decor choices reveal so much about personality. Like your first impression of a stranger, an entryway can put you off or make you feel like an old friend.

I love entryways with ordered clutter: fleecy jackets lined up on hooks, baskets of colorful rain boots, and children’s artwork brightening the walls.  Let’s look at some small entryway decor ideas that will inspire you.

Decorate an entryway with striking, functional furniture. Gorgeously papered or painted walls, and cozy rugs to add warmth and color. Replace dated light fittings and hang mirrors to reflect the light. Decorate with personal touches like artwork, books, and plants.

Cut plant branches in a vase on a small console table and text overlay that reads, "Small entryway decor ideas".

The two challenges of entryway decoration are limited space and multiple functions. Your decor choices must balance a desire to provide a warm welcome to friends and family with the reality of a utilitarian dumping site.

I’ve put together a list of handy ideas and tips to help you decorate your entryway.

15 Decorating Ideas for a Small Entryway to Inspire You

Simple Tips and Ideas on How to Decorate a Small Entryway

Console Tables

Typically narrow, console tables provide space for random belongings. Keep your entryway uncluttered with a minimalist table that has space for a dish to hold keys, a storage basket for scarves and gloves, and a lamp to welcome you home. A gorgeous houseplant is a great for decorative color.

A colorful console table welcomes guests to your home.


Provide a bench to make shoe removal easy and avoid a bottleneck in a no-shoe household. For a rustic look, choose an old-fashioned, Shaker—style wooden bench.


Papering the walls – or using handy peel-and-stick paper – is a design secret when you want impact. Choose wallpaper that matches your aesthetic and combine it with statement furniture.

Playful Color

Create a mood with your paint choice from the moment someone steps into your home. Rich blue walls, warm wooden floors, and antique furniture make an elegant statement.

Make your entryway a serene space where your troubles fall way. Paint the walls a moody gray and keep it simple with crisp white furniture.

Decorative Tiles

Installing new tiles in an entryway is a relatively small job which pays dividends in appeal. Decorative tiles in contrasting colors, and interesting shapes can make the floor an unexpected feature.

Rugs and Runners

You can literally roll out an entry mat in the hallway! Let a rug catch dirty feet before traipsing through the house, reducing the cleaning load. A rug or runner is also cozy and inviting, covers dull or ugly flooring, and infuses a small entryway with color.


A well-lit entryway welcomes you home, so select a fitting with high light output, walls with reflective paint, and bright mirrors to sparkle.

In very narrow entrances or hallways with low ceilings, lighting is a crucial feature. Flush or semi-flush fixtures make best use of limited space.


Mirrors are essential to a well-decorated entryway. They reflect light, maximize space, and allow for a quick hair check before leaving the house.

A mirror with an unusual shape or frame functions both as a looking glass and an artwork. Look out for vintage and retro frames, or replicas, which are often well-priced.

Gallery Wall

Family photos provide a personal touch and are a reminder of happy times. Create a gallery wall of mismatched images, or unify the look with matching frames, themes, or colors.

If you don’t favor a gallery wall with multiple pictures, position a single statement artwork or heirloom opposite the door for maximum impact.


A vase of flowers or a thriving plant extends the garden into your home. Greenery always has a soothing effect and is an fun and welcoming update for the entryway.

Final Thoughts on Small Entryway Decorating Ideas

The best way to decorate an entryway is to express your personality through photos, plants, mirrors, books and sculptures. Welcome friends and family with brightly colored walls, snug rugs, and sparkling light fittings. Remember that an entryway creates a first impression, so ensure that it is both functional and beautiful.

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Decorating ideas for a small entryway that will inspire you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.