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How to Keep Flat Surfaces Clutter Free

How to Keep Flat Surfaces Clutter Free – The Flat Surface Clutter Rule!

The flat surface clutter rule demands that we keep our flat surfaces free of clutter all the time. So, learn how to keep flat surfaces clutter free with these simple tips on how to keep flat surfaces clutter free.

Do you and your family see every flat surface in your home as a catch all for clutter?

Are you tired of mail and utensils filling your kitchen countertops so that preparing a meal is almost impossible?

Does that coffee table in your living room look like a display of yard sale items? Do you spend more time cleaning off that dining table than you actually spend using it for family meals?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions and you are truly tired of looking at all that clutter, then here are some tips for keeping flat surfaces clutter free that you might find helpful.

How to keep flat surfaces clutter free

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5 Simple Ways to Keep Flat Surfaces Clutter Free – The Flat Surface Clutter Rule

Rule #1: Have an Assigned Place for Every Item that Comes into Your Home

Having an assigned place for every item you bring into your home sounds like a no brainer and many families actually have such places.

The problem is that while a place may be assigned for an item, we often just set something down thinking we will take care of it later.

Unfortunately later doesn’t come until the clutter is too much to ignore any longer.

Get in the habit of putting everything away the moment you bring it into the house or have finished using this.

This may take discipline on your part to follow through and perhaps even a lot of nagging, but once the habit is instilled, it will make keeping those flat surfaces free of clutter much easier for everyone in the family.

Rule #2 – Keep Kitchen Counter Clutter Free by Using Available Wall Space for those Kitchen Utensils

Keep kitchen counter clutter free

While it may not seem like clutter having that knife block and that canister full of utensils sitting on your countertops, it ends up giving your countertops a cluttered look and leaves you less room for food prep.

Instead, try installing pegboards or shelves in your kitchen to keep those utensils up off your countertop and still in place that is easy to reach.

You should also limit your small appliances to only those you use every day on your countertops and put all the other appliances away. (Here are more tips on how to declutter your kitchen counters.)

Rule #3 – Don’t Leave Space on Your Dining Table for Clutter

Clutter free dining table

One way to keep your dining table free of clutter such as backpacks, mail, and other items is simply to not allow space on your table for the piling up of clutter.

A set table adds to your home’s décor and makes mealtime more efficient and faster as well.

After each meal clear off your table and wash it and then set it for next meal. Your table will look great and there simply won’t be room for anyone to place clutter on the table.

Rule #4 – Go Small to Keep Bedside Stands Clutter Free

You’ll sleep better is the area around your bed is clutter free and one way to do that is to keep those bedside stands small.

A stand that is just large enough to hold a book, a glass of water and candle will keep you from piling the stand sky high with an assortment of last minute items.

Rule #5 – You Can Live without the Coffee Table

Get rid of the coffee table

Just can’t seem to keep that coffee table from getting cluttered up with toys, snacks, dishes, magazines, newspapers and remotes?

Why not get rid of that coffee table altogether and use something that can perform double duty such as footstools that can be pushed together when you have guests and want to serve coffee in the living room.

Most people who have the choice of putting their feet up and relaxing in comfort or piling a footstool with clutter will choose the comfort and by eliminating the coffee table you eliminate one flat surface you need to fight to keep clutter free.

By putting forth the effort to keep those flat surfaces clutter free you will have a more comfortable and functional home that looks cleaner and neater as well.

Did you find the tips on how to keep flat surfaces clutter free helpful? Does the flat surface clutter rule work for you?

Flat surface clutter rule

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Sunday 3rd of May 2020

Really good ideas. I am going to try them out. Thank youjj

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