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How to Organize Tupperware

Best Ways to Organize Tupperware + Storage Solutions

Learn how to organize Tupperware. These Tupperware organizing tips and organization tools will help you keep your Tupperware organized and tidy.

Food storage containers and Tupperware are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to kitchen organization.

They tend to take over every available space and fall out of cabinets, losing pieces in the process. The good news is that organizing your Tupperware is easier than you think.

Plastic containers with text that says, "How to organize Tupperware".

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Why Tupperware is So Hard to Store

Anyone that uses Tupperware containers around the house understands that these containers feel near impossible to store.

No matter what you do, you always end up with more bottoms than tops. Tupperware is so hard to store because it tends to take up a lot of space and the pieces easily get separated and lost.

One reason plastic food containers become such a mess is that when your family helps you to clean and put away the dishes, they really do not know what to do with these seemingly random items.

By setting up a clear and defined organizational system it can be easier for your family to help out without making a mess of your Tupperware.

How to Organize Tupperware – Simple Ideas for Storing Tupperware

Store Your Lids Vertically

When you store your lids away in your cabinet, you need to be mindful of how you store the lids. These are the parts that tend to come up missing the most and they can run away in the blink of an eye.

Instead of tossing your lids in haphazardly, you can store them vertically to make it easy to pull out the one you want without sending them all tumbling out of the cabinet getting lost.

Stack and Nest Your Containers

Nested tupperware

After you have your lids and containers separated you can stack them to make them take up less space and make it easier to find the one you want.

Tupperware containers like bowls nest into each other, allowing you to stack them and get them organized so they do not tumble out of your cabinet.

Sort Lids and Containers by Size

Different sizes of tupperware

When you are stacking and putting away your Tupperware, you can make it easier to stack by sorting it all by size.

Storing larger containers on the bottom and smaller ones on the top allows you to nest them together to use up less storage space and to make it easier to find the right size container and lid when you need them.

Consider Attaching Lids to Containers and Stacking

This option works well if you only have a few pieces of Tupperware that need to be stored. You can nest the smaller ones inside of larger ones to take up less space.

Use Your Kitchen Drawers Instead of the Cabinets

One great way to store your Tupperware is to put it in a drawer.

Stack your Tupperware with the smaller pieces inside the larger and place them in the drawer. This completely eliminates the risk of having everything tumble out when you go to grab what you need out of the cabinet.

Even if you only keep the most used pieces in the drawer it can help make your life easier.

Split Your Lids and Containers Up

If you have a lot of Tupperware containers to worry about you can help make it easier to organize by keeping the lids in one place and the containers in another.

The lids can fit easily even into a small kitchen drawer where they are less likely to get misplaced while containers fit better into your cabinets.

The Best Tools for Organizing Tupperware – Storage Solutions

The right organizer can take your Tupperware collection from chaotic to organized and help make your life easier so you are not hunting down lids and containers.

Storage Carousel Organizer

For smaller everyday use containers like sauce cups and taller single-serve containers, you can get a carousel storage organizer that allows you to organize your storage containers easily.

Simply turn it to get what you need to make packing lunches or putting away single-serving leftovers easier than ever. A carousel organizer is a great option for making use of corner cabinets.

Chef Buddy Storage Carousel OrganizerChef Buddy Storage Carousel OrganizerChef Buddy Storage Carousel Organizer


Expandable Food Container Lid Organizer

Expandable food container and lid organizer are a great option for storing and organizing smaller more commonly used containers and all of your lids.

This is simple and easy to adjust to fit your small everyday use containers and your entire collection of lids by adjusting the racks. It will slide right into your cabinet or drawer, making it easy to find what you need and never have to worry about trying to hunt things down in a cluttered mess again.

The wire bottom makes it a great option for setting on your counter over a dish mat to double as a dish drying rack for your plastic food containers.

Expandable Food Container Lid OrganizerExpandable Food Container Lid OrganizerExpandable Food Container Lid Organizer


Lid Organizer

For a more modern look, you can get a solid style lid organizer that can fit into any space at least 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Or you can get an adjustable version that looks just as sleek but can be adjusted to fit your needs.

This is great for in your cabinets or to organize your Tupperware in a drawer. This option looks great and can be used just about anywhere in your kitchen as long as your cabinets are at least one foot deep.

EVERIE Food Container Lid OrganizerEVERIE Food Container Lid OrganizerEVERIE Food Container Lid OrganizerYouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid OrganizerYouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid OrganizerYouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer


Collapsible Food Storage Container Organizer

You can get a collapsible fabric food storage container organizer that is great for putting in your cabinet, in a drawer, or on your pantry shelf.

These can hold and organize the everyday food container you use for leftovers and packing lunches. They are a great option if you are storing your food storage containers in the pantry where you do not have a drawer or cabinet to keep them where they belong.

HappiBox Food Storage Container Organizer BoxHappiBox Food Storage Container Organizer BoxHappiBox Food Storage Container Organizer Box


Classic Drawer Dividers

To store your Tupperware you do not need to go and buy organizers just for this purpose.

You can actually make use of your existing adjustable drawer dividers to help make it easier to store your food storage containers. These can fit right into your kitchen drawers and be used for keeping everything neat and tidy.

You can even turn these vertically to help make it easier to organize lids and containers in your cabinet.

Bamboo Drawer DividersBamboo Drawer DividersBamboo Drawer Dividers


Did you find the tips on how to organize Tupperware helpful? Leave your comment below.

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