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How to Decorate with Blue and White – 7 Decorating Ideas

If you like classic palettes, then you will find these tips on how to decorate with blue and white helpful. Find out how to use this flattering color combo in your home. 

You can decorate with blue and white. Add navy accents to minimalist white designs. This adds depth. Brighten dark blue palettes with hints of white. Choose light blue tones for carefree coastal flair. Let an assortment of blue and white patterns reflect your personality.

Blue and white living room and text overlay that reads, "How to decorate with blue and white".

Blue and white promise to give your rooms a timeless quality—but only if you love the look to start with. So, be sure to choose the right shade of blue (from pale to inky) and decor composition for you.

7 Ideas for Decorating with Blue and White

#1. Let White Shine

White room with blue accent pillows.

White is a powerful color (assuming you consider it a color). It’s the ultimate choice for a simple, polished aesthetic.

However, it can go from clean to clinical or make a room look flat, dull, or unfriendly if overdone.

You can pull off the white dominant look by adding some blue accents to the white dominant room. Any shade can work, but I like to use navy for high contrast.

Touches of ink throughout the room create movement and depth. They do this without messing with the minimalist essence. (Navy is a neutral, if you ask me.)

And dark statement pieces pack a major punch against a light background.

Look for white items with different textures. These include shiny, rough, soft, hard, fluffy, and smooth. Also, look for standout navy accent pieces. These add more contrasts to enliven the space.

#2. Make Blue the Hero

Blue room with white accents.

Give your decor a mood twist by using blue as your dominant color and white as the accent.

Color drench your space in subtle variations of a shade you’re particularly fond of. Then, add a spot of white.

Just imagine deep blue walls, a door, a ceiling, and trim with snow-white window shutters. Pure drama! Or how about the sheer serenity of hints of ivory in a sea of soft turquoise?

Again, remember to choose multi-textural furnishings to stop the look from falling flat.

#3. Strike a Balance

Blue and white room.

Let these winsome colors share the spotlight.

You could paint half your wall one color and the rest the other. Or paint the entire wall in one color, saving the other for the ceiling, trim, and furniture. 

Another idea is to make a tuxedo kitchen. It would have off-white cabinets at the top and blue at the bottom. To better contrast the colors, paint your marble-topped island the same color as your bottom cabinets.

Blue and white kitchen.

#4. Lighten Up Your Space with Coastal Vibe

Coastal blue and white room.

You’ll get a fresh, relaxed atmosphere when you decorate in light blue and white.

I like using these colors in coastal designs inspired by carefree seaside living.

The trick to perfecting this style is combining things that remind you of a breezy day at the beach. So, pick shades of sky, sea, and sand for your wall, soft things, furniture, and accessories.

Use light shades for your walls, floor, and main furniture. Add a touch of navy for interest and definition. Feel free to add beach-inspired neutrals. Also, add plants and lots of natural textures. These include wood, jute, rattan, and stone.

#5. Go to the Dark Side with Darker Shades of Blue

Indigo wall with white trim and white stool.

This go-to color combo works just as well with dark shades of blue.

Darker shades can create bolder looks. This is because they have more extreme contrast with crisp white. The effects are often moodier and cozier with denim, indigo, and navy.

Darker shades are also ideal if you want an understated or classy vibe.

#6. Layer Different Shades of Blue and White

Duck egg blue and white bedroom.

Mix different shades of blue and white if you can’t pick between them. I’ve yet to find a jarring combination. However, for best results, avoid mixing bright and dull colors.

Layer similar shades for a well-put-together effect.

I’m imagining a calming color scheme for a bedroom that layers navy, dark duck egg, lighter duck egg and white.

#7. Play with Patterns

Cream living room with patterned blue and white throw pillows.

I’ve saved the best for last: inject personality into your rooms with patterns! There aren’t many rules when using this decorative staple in blue and white.

You can use stripes, florals or geometric patterns. Or try mixing patterns of different styles and sizes. The shared colors will keep them looking like they belong together.

Experiment with rugs, throw pillows and wallpapers.

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Final Thoughts

I know why I choose blue and white for decorating my home time after time. Whatever the shade and whichever dominates, the colors always look like they’re made for each other. Even a mixture of patterns can’t spoil the look. If you don’t feel inspired by the latest trending decor colors, turn to this ever-stylish combo for inspiration.

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Blue wall and sofa, white throw pillows, coffee table and text overlay that reads, "Tips for decorating with blue and white".

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