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13 Ideas for Decorating with Navy Blue

Navy blue is the color that’s surprised me most in its sheer versatility. Decorating with navy blue can help create a maximalist aesthetic or keep things simple. It can be timeless or trendy, and command all the attention or let other colors pop.

I believe there’s a way to use this all-round winner in decor projects to suit every personality and home.

Navy blue complements diverse home decor styles. Popular ways to use this versatile hue are to use statement furniture, paint the walls navy, accent wall or use wallpapers. Use throw pillows, rugs, wall art or pair it with gold in glam interior design. Navy blue is also a defining feature of the nautical style.

It’s hard to go wrong with navy. But if you won’t settle for anything less than sublime, you’ll want to know expert tips and tricks.

Various decor styling techniques and pairings can have drastically different results, so it’s best to plan to get the look you want.

How to Decorate with Navy Blue – 13 Simple Ways

Navy blue isn’t just a color. It’s an expression of depth. It’s a statement of sophistication. Here are some of the ways you can use navy blue to decorate your home for a striking effect.

#1. Statement Furniture: A Focal Point of Luxury

Navy blue couch, potted plant, neutral wall.

Have you ever walked into a room and a single piece of furniture takes your breath away? That’s the power of statement pieces. Imagine a plush navy blue sofa in your living room, acting as the room’s anchor and drawing everyone’s gaze.

It’s not just seating; it’s a centerpiece that says, “Here is where we gather, in comfort and style.” Let’s not forget the armchair that could become your own little reading nook. It embodies coziness and sartorial savvy.

Modern Velvet Loveseat SofaModern Velvet Loveseat SofaModern Velvet Loveseat Sofa


#2. Paint the Walls Navy to Amp Up the Drama

Desk and navy blue wall.

Ignore warnings never to paint a whole room a dark color because it will appear uninviting and cramped. This is a myth.

You can splash navy from wall to wall for a bold look you won’t shy away from. Actually, don’t stop at the walls. Paint your door and trim, too. This softens the angles and creates a cozy cocoon.

All-over color tricks the eye into perceiving a room as more spacious, and an inky color creates depth.

While walls drenched in black may appear harsh, there’s a good reason dark blue is soothing, not gloomy: it reminds us of vast expanses of sea and sky.

Boost the tranquil nature vibes with plenty of greenery. Hanging baskets of sprawling golden pothos are especially good at brightening dark walls.

#3. Accent Walls: The Depth of The Ocean On Your Walls

Bedroom with navy blue accent wall.

Can a single wall define a room? Absolutely, especially when it’s bathed in the sophisticated beauty of navy blue. Painting an accent wall in this color adds a touch of drama and sets the stage for the rest of the decor.

#4. Wallpaper Wonders

Who said wallpapers were a relic of the past? They obviously hadn’t laid their eyes on the modern charm of navy patterned wallpaper.

You can go geometric for an edgy feel. Or, choose floral for a touch of an English garden. The patterns add depth and character to any space.

Fiula Blue WallpaperFiula Blue WallpaperFiula Blue WallpaperGlory Floral WallpaperGlory Floral WallpaperGlory Floral WallpaperRoomMates Upon A Star WallpaperRoomMates Upon A Star WallpaperRoomMates Upon A Star Wallpaper


#5. Textiles and Upholstery

Sometimes, less is more. For those of us who aren’t ready to commit to larger navy pieces, textiles offer a hint of color. They aren’t overwhelming. Picture this: a crisp white sofa brought to life with navy throw pillows. Breezy curtains catch the wind by a sunlit window. An ottoman, clothed in velvety navy, offers an invitation to relax.

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#6. Rugs and Carpets: Ground Your Space in Style

A navy blue rug – it’s like the cool, shady spot beneath a tree on a sunny day. It’s comforting, grounding, and enriches everything that stands on or around it. A navy rug can define the seating area, make your dining table stand out, or welcome you into a hallway. It’s versatile and oh-so-cozy underfoot.

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#7. Artwork and Wall Decor: A Canvas for Creativity

Don’t want to commit to navy walls? No problem! Consider navy hues in your artwork or wall hangings. Abstract paintings, geometric prints and nautical-themed pieces add bold yet serene presence.

ZKBX - Abstract Framed Wall Art DecorZKBX – Abstract Framed Wall Art DecorZKBX - Abstract Framed Wall Art Decor


#8. Bring Nautical Style into Your Home

Room with nautical decor.

A popular way to decorate with navy blue is inspired by sea voyages. The deep-ocean hue mixes with other maritime elements.

These include foamy white and flashes of coral. There are also stripes, ropes, vintage brass, and weathered wood textures. This combination mimics life at sea. You can fully commit to the theme or nod to the sky, sea, and ships in your decor choices.

I’ve seen rooms with every item selected to bring a sailing adventure to mind. Ship lanterns, antique brass bells, and porthole-like mirrors fill the space. There are also maps, authentic ship wheels, and seashells.

There are also subtler ways to create a maritime feeling. A navy and white color pairing is already signature of nautical style. Add a white shiplap-clad ceiling with distressed wood beams.

Also, add a jute rug, brass ship-style sconces, and seashell or driftwood sculptures. Include lighthouse, anchor, or starfish motifs to perfect a modern take on the style. A dark-blue-and-white-striped rug should even do the trick!

#9. Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry that Makes a Splash

Kitchen with navy blue cabinets.

Navy blue cabinetry in a kitchen or bathroom screams modern chic. Think about it – white may be clean and airy, but navy?

Navy is the color of night skies and ocean depths; it’s thought-provoking and vast. With navy cabinets, every time you reach for a mug or towel, you’re grasping elegance.

#10. Bedding and Bedroom Decor: Slumber in Serenity

Bedroom with blue and white bedding.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place where the worries of the day melt away.

Navy blue bedding and decor can transform your bedroom into a peaceful retreat. It can make it conducive to rest and reflection.
Whether you’re just adding a little navy here and there with textiles, or going all in with furniture or paint, trust me, it’s a choice you won’t regret.

Remember, home is where your story begins. Make navy blue a part of your narrative. 

#11. Navy Blue and Metallic Accents

Navy vanity with brass handles.

Mixing navy blue with metallics can give your room that hotel luxe feel. Who wouldn’t want that? Gold has a warm shimmer. Silver has cool sophistication.

Metallics and navy create an undeniably ritzy partnership. Cushions with gold threading can add that touch of luxury your space craves. A navy vanity with gleaming brass handles or a bathroom cabinet with a gold faucet can do the same.

#12. Pairing with Complementary Colors

Room with navy blue and pink decor.

Here’s where things get really fun! Navy blue is like that friend who gets along with everyone. Think about a navy blue sofa against a mustard yellow wall. Or how about some bright pink throw pillows on a navy armchair for that pop of unexpected excitement?

And let’s not forget the regal pair that is navy and emerald green – it’s like royalty in color form!

#13. Navy Blue in Outdoor Spaces

Who said navy blue was confined to the indoors? Picture your outdoor space sporting navy blue cushions on a wicker chair. Picture a bold navy umbrella shading your patio table.

It’s about creating a flow from inside to outside that feels seamless and intentional. Plus, navy blue holds its own against the elements, not fading as fast as lighter colors might.

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Final Thoughts

Navy blue is a home decor chameleon, changing its effects from understated to daring to enhance different styles and tastes. Add it to your next mood board’s color palette, and behold its power to adapt to your needs as you create and curate spaces that reflect your personality and feel like home.

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Living room with deep blue sofa and curtain and text overlay that reads, "How to decorate with navy blue".

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