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How to Choose a Rug Color for a Bedroom

Changes in season call for a refreshing of your home. Start with the bedrooms and focus on your family’s quality of rest and wellness.

My bedroom’s decor was inspired by a softly faded silk rug a friend of mine bought for me in India years ago, the blues and greens creating a serene oasis.

Whether you’re a trend-follower or embrace your eccentric side when decorating, it’s handy to know what interior designers are doing. Let’s look at how to choose the best rug colors for bedrooms.

Choose serene neutrals like cream, beige, gray, and blush pink for serenity and practicality. Blue and green are bright yet tranquil. Earthy reds and oranges add warmth and color, while bright yellow, red, and orange are best for kids’ rooms. A patterned rug can be a cohesive or statement piece.

A bedroom is a place for relaxation, rest, and restoration, your refuge from the crazy world. The colors you chose should evoke peace and tranquility.

Introduce color via paint, soft furnishings, and curtains – but don’t forget the floor.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Bedroom Rug Color

There is no fixed starting point when choosing a color palette for a room: you may be inspired by a lush curtaining fabric, a richly patterned rug, or a gorgeous new dinner table.

However, a designer rule of thumb is to start with the most expensive decor item, since you won’t replace it regularly. In the living room, this would be the sofa.

It doesn’t follow that the bed will be the center of a bedroom’s color scheme: you can change the bedding without expense. Instead, choose a sumptuous rug.

Bear with me: curtains are important to darken a bedroom but consider the sensual delight of a plush rug underfoot, muffling footsteps and warming your toes. It’s worth spending a little money for that daily pleasure.

A rug can act as a “fifth wall,” inspiring or anchoring the design of a room. Consider these hints to help you choose a bedroom rug:

#1. The Ambience (Mood) You Want to Create

Bedroom with blue rug and bedding.


What ambiance do you want to create? Knowing the mood you want to create will help you choose the right color of rug for your bedroom.

Would you like a spa-like refuge in blues and grays? A feminine froth of florals? Neutrals are a timeless option and are always in style. They’re ideal for bedrooms, being easy on the eye and evoking a peaceful atmosphere.

You can create a mood board showing the room’s finishes, colors, textures, and fabrics to guide your choice of a rug.

#2. The Size of Your Bedroom

Neutral bedroom.

Neutral shades are perfect for larger area rugs or expansive rugs, as a massive bright rug spread across the bedroom can be overpowering. If you want to add color, neutral area rugs provide an anchor that you can layer by adding smaller accent rugs.

#3. Create Cohesion

Blue bedroom with patterned rug.

What are the colors of the wall and floor? What will work with existing furnishings? For example, if a room is full of color, choose a neutral rug. Neutral rugs tend to blend with any furniture placed on them, and creating a timeless look. (No need to update them as fashion changes.)

The versatility of neutrals makes them great for your bedroom. You can change bedding colors, add lamps and artwork, or paint the bedroom walls and the rugs will still work. It’s worth investing in a really luxurious rug if you keep it neutral.

Instead of stark white you can opt for earthy beige, taupe, and tan, which are subtle and perfect for Scandi and eco-chic bedrooms.

A patterned rug can also be a cohesive element in your bedroom, drawing together elements from your bedding, curtaining, and soft furnishings. A striped bedside rug is a timeless design choice and a good first step if you’re unsure about patterned rugs.

#4. Favorite Color

Bedroom with purple rug.

It’s also important to choose a rug color that you like. What are your favorite colors? If you are obsessed with purple, an accent rug will delight you without repainting the whole room.

#5. Make a Statement

Luxury bedroom with a statement rug.

A beautiful statement rug can inspire the redesign of your bedroom. Like the ceiling, the floor can function as the fifth wall of a room and contribute to the design. A statement rug can be brightly colored or an heirloom rug in muted gold and cream.

If you’ve to go with a boldly colored rug, make it the centerpiece of your bedroom. Keep the rest of the room’s scheme neutral to show the rug to its best advantage.

#8. Warm or Cool Colors

Gray and burnt orange bedroom.

Decide if you want to go with a warm or cool color. For warm colors, interior trends have drifted firmly into earthy territory, with saturated terracotta reds and oranges taking center stage. Designers stick to more muted shades for grown-up bedrooms, with primary colors usually reserved for the youngsters.

Blue is a perennial favorite cool color in bedroom design, being the color most likely to induce sleep. Green’s popularity is increasing as all shades of this lush natural are being embraced.

#7. Rug Texture

Hygge bedroom with Berber rug.

Berber (traditional North African woven) rugs have a cream or beige background and a gentle black or brown pattern. They can bring an element of depth and character to an otherwise neutral interior.

Choose a budget-friendly imitation to add character to a black and white bedroom. A Berber-style rug is also practical as the flecks camouflage dirt and dust, making them suitable for children’s bedrooms.

Bedroom with Aubusson rug.

On the other hand, Aubusson rugs are luxurious, investment pieces that come in the palest of shades, combining watercolor hues on a creamy background. These unusual rugs make beautiful statement rugs.

Luxury master bedroom with Turkish rug.

Persian and Turkish carpets add a luxurious touch to any bedroom. Look for a rug with a deep red background to take pride of place in a formal, traditional or English country bedroom. Choose a real wool rug for extra warmth.

These classic carpets come in all shades, however. Spicy yellows and oranges are magnificent and are the perfect statement rugs, especially in silk.

The joy of heritage rugs is that they continue to add character even when they’re faded and worn. With muted earth tones, they are perfect for vintage and country-style bedrooms. Distressed finishes are also typical of farmhouse and shabby chic, but a loved and worn item can find pride of place in any bedroom.

What are the Best Rug Colors for bedrooms?

The best rug colors for bedrooms include:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Patterned

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Rug Color for Your Bedroom

Choose a bedroom rug color based on your color palette, design aesthetic, and personal favorites. Neutrals and lighter colors induce rest. Choose earthy colors to add warmth to a bleak room. Go for a patterned rug to make a statement.

Modern bedroom and text overlay that reads, "Choosing the right bedroom rug color".

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.