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7 Best Curtain Colors for Bedroom Windows

Best Bedroom Curtain Colors

Discover the best curtain colors for a bedroom to help you choose wisely.

Decorating a bedroom is one of my favorite household projects. These private, intimate spaces welcome us each morning and lull us to sleep in the evening.

Your bedroom is a place to relax, dream, and be inspired, so you must choose colors to set the mood. What are the best curtain colors for a bedroom?

The best curtain colors for a bedroom are soothing, serene shades conducive to sleep, like neutrals, white, light blue, pink, lavender, green, and gray. Darker shades and prints can be used for contrast, but warm colors like red, yellow, and orange are too energizing for a bedroom.

Whether you’ve chosen curtains as the basis for a bedroom color scheme or if they’re the last item you need, your decision on color is vital.

The colors in a bedroom can influence daily mood and sleep patterns, impacting physical and mental health. Let’s explore how the color of bedroom curtains plays a role in decorating and which are the best curtain colors.

Modern bedroom with cream curtains and text overlay that reads, "Best curtain colors for the bedroom".

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How to Choose the Best Curtain Colors for Your Bedroom

Bedroom curtains are more than an attractive addition to a room, so choosing the best colors depends on the drapes’ function.

Consider these factors as you decide on a curtain color:

  • Curtains block light that may prevent you from sleeping, upsetting your natural circadian rhythms. Note how much light the room gets: Will you need block-out curtains, preferably dark in color? Does the room get minimal sun, meaning curtains of lighter colors? (Learn more about blackout vs thermal curtains.)
  • Curtains provide much-needed privacy. You’ll want heavier drapes if your bedroom is open to the neighbors. In contrast, a sheer, pale-colored curtain is appropriate if nobody can peep in.
  • Drapes keep a room warm, especially if you live in a chilly climate, and offer some sound insulation. Choose richer shades to give the impression of coziness and comfort.
  • The curtains help to create a mood as part of the overall color scheme. For example, a child’s room can be colorful and playful, while an adult’s can be dramatic and opulent.

With these functions in mind, here is my curated list of bedroom curtain colors.

The 7 Best Curtain Colors for the Bedroom

Your choice of color for curtains is not simply another decorating decision, but one that can impact your family’s quality of sleep and mental health. While you want your interiors to express your personality, making bedrooms a relaxing, comfortable space is also essential.

#1. Neutrals

Modern bedroom with cream curtains.

Designers suggest choosing a neutral shade for your bedroom curtains. Light colors such as cream, beige, and taupe create a peaceful mood, making a room look larger and airier.

With the trend towards earthier tones, I’m embracing more saturated neutrals, like brown, tan, and greige. I find they add richness and a sense of luxury and comfort.

Neutrals also work well in any fabric, whether you like sumptuous velvet or crisp linen. They can therefore form heavy shades to cut out light or ethereally billowing clouds in a sunny room.

Neutrals are excellent colors if you want the curtains to match the walls. This combination forms an elegant backdrop that won’t steal the show from the view they frame, colorful artworks, or elegant furniture.

You can prevent neutrals from getting boring by adding color in accessories like cushions and throws or layer different textures in fluffy blankets, silky sheets, and embossed curtains.

Neutrals also work well with any design style. For example, sheer beige curtains look beautiful within a coastal-style bedroom with touches of blue, wicker furniture, and pale woven rugs.

You can also use neutral curtains in an opulent color scheme, subtly contrasting layers of moody colors, rich patterns, and sumptuous textures.

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#2. White

Modern bedroom with white sheer curtains.

Although white is a neutral color in decorating terms, it is more commonly used for walls than bedroom curtains. White drapes aren’t ideal for blocking out light. They also show dirt readily, if that’s a concern – I can only imagine a toddler’s sticky fingers on crisp white drapes.

White is timeless, classic, and always creates a feeling of space. Like other neutrals, it’s a versatile color appropriate for all fabrics and interior styles.

White is the best choice if you want sheer or gauzy curtains to let in as much light as possible. You can create a dreamy, fairytale space or an effortless boho bedroom for a teenager, with bamboo, wood, and some greenery to finish the look.

White curtains also work with a clean, fresh, contemporary interior, where interest is added through texture.

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#3. Blue

Bedroom with blue curtains and blue bedding.

Wellness experts agree that blue is the most soothing color for bedrooms, positively influencing sleep quality and well-being. Studies have found that a blue bedroom is the best choice for insomnia and anxiety sufferers.

Blue is versatile and appealing for adults’ and children’s bedrooms, with lighter blues being the most popular.

Rich, clear blues can provide color in a bedroom, with Aegean blue evoking the ocean and the sky. This color works well if picked up elsewhere in the room, creating a harmonious color scheme.

Blue also shines as an accent shade in a neutral color scheme, adding warmth to an otherwise bland look.

You can even use blue as part of a print for an exciting contrast in a blue-and-white color scheme. A floral print is perfect for a more feminine interior, while a cozy plaid is simple yet effective.

However, don’t go overboard with matching bed linen, cushions, and curtains in the same print. It will be overwhelming and make your room look dated.

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#4. Pink

Bedroom with pastel pink curtains.

No longer only a feminine color, pink appears in bedrooms in all shades, from blush to petal and salmon to coral. These pale shades of pink have the same relaxing effect as blue, with many decorators using pink as a warm neutral.

Curtains with the faintest hint of blush are warmer than stark white drapes but aren’t overtly colorful. Like white or off-white curtains, they are versatile enough for Boho, romantic, or French Provencal interiors.

Petal pink is a more intense shade than blush but still light, ideal for softer drapes that let in some sun. Add this color to a modern black-and-white scheme for vivid yet elegant contrast.

Choose coral curtains for colorful Boho and eclectic interiors to add color and texture. Coral tones well with other favorites of these designs, such as teal, and is ideal for floral and botanical designs.

If you’re nervous about swathes of pink, try the ombre trend: your curtains look as if they’ve been dipped in color, creating a gorgeous gradient.

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#5. Purple

Bedroom with pastel lilac curtains.

Purple is a controversial choice for bedrooms, with some decorators feeling it is too warm and energizing to be conducive to sleep. However, adding purple through your curtains allows you to enjoy this dramatic color without being overwhelmed.

Pastel shades of lavender and lilac are on-trend, having long been popular prints for bed linen. Lavender fragrance is also associated with crisp, sun-warmed sheets and natural well-being.

Use pale purple instead of pink for a romantic bedroom, combining it with white for grown-up elegance.

Purple adds serious style to a sophisticated bedroom design, especially if you choose opulent drapery and lush fabrics with a print.

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#6. Green

Bedroom with earthy green curtains.

Like blue, green is associated with nature, growth, and serenity. It’s popular for kids’ rooms, as you can introduce color without the overstimulating reds, yellows, and oranges that aren’t conducive to rest.

Eye-catching green curtains can give a bedroom a focal point: use them as an anchor point for a whole bedroom design, picked up in furniture, rugs, and bed linen.

Earthy greens are trending, along with the other rustic shades of the eco-chic look. With colors like moss, olive, and ivy, green curtains warm a cold room. These hues are ideal for bedrooms that need blackout blinds or drapes.

Use green to introduce patterns to an otherwise dull room. Leafy, organic prints are timeless and evoke greenery, infusing a neutral color scheme with life. Botanical designs frame the view of a garden, bringing nature indoors. Add pot plants and botanical accessories to the room if you don’t have a garden view.

Smaller green prints create a different mood: they’re charmingly old-fashioned and suit vintage and romantic interiors. Pink floral prints make a dated look.

Green doesn’t have to be eco-chic and rustic: it is entirely at home in dramatic and contemporary interiors. You can use pale green curtains to tone down boldly patterned wallpaper or artwork.

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#7. Gray

Bedroom with gray curtains.

Gray has been a favorite for bedroom interiors in recent years. It’s still an excellent choice, as it is multifunctional and practical, working with interiors of all styles.

Consider a gray scheme with sumptuous gray drapes if you have an opulent style: Art Deco, French Provencal, or romantic. Embossed fabrics work well in gray without adding fussiness to Rococo interiors.

You can use gray as a pale, smoky neutral if white is too sterile. It’s as dreamy as pale blue but moodier: think storm clouds rather than summer’s day. The color works well with sheer fabrics to infuse your bedroom with light.

Darker grays are edgier but still understated. Include slate curtains in a contemporary bedroom, with pops of color to avoid it becoming overly dark. You can use gray for heavier blackout curtains.

Gray is perfect for teenagers’ rooms, adding minimalist sophistication that leaves child-like colors behind. Matching grey curtains and walls give a room cohesion and understated drama.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Color of Curtains for the Bedroom

The best colors for bedroom curtains are peaceful, soothing neutrals, white, light blue, blush pink, lilac, and grey. The trend to earthier colors is also perfect for bedrooms, with mossy green, terracotta, coral, and brown curtains adding warmth and comfort.

What are your favorite curtain colors for the bedroom? Leave your comment below.

Modern bedroom with cream curtains, and green patterned wall paper and text overlay that reads, "Best bedroom curtain colors ".

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