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How to Choose a Bathroom Rug Color

My main criteria for bath mats have always been softness and absorbency: something to envelop your damp toes and prevent drips and slips.

However, when we recently built an extra bathroom, I realized that a bathroom can be functional and aesthetically pleasing, full of color and texture. Read on to find out how I chose a bathroom rug color.

Choose a bathroom rug color to suit your style and color palette. Blue and white are timeless classics. Neutral, natural shades suit eco-chic, Boho, coastal, and spa-style bathrooms. Green, purple, and orange are vintage, eclectic shades. Black, white, and red suit minimalist styles.

Bathroom redos are pricey, so avoid chipping out tiles and buying a new tub. There are other ways to update, such as installing a new vanity or light fittings. The easiest fix is a fluffy new set of towels and a plush rug, instantly adding comfort and color. Let’s look at how to choose the best color rug for a bathroom.

A classic bathroom and text overlay that reads, "How to choose a bathroom rug color"

Choosing a Rug Color for Your Bathroom

Like towels, bathroom rugs or mats are an essential item. Bath rugs feed the senses by providing a soft texture, warmth, noise dampening, and water absorbency on notoriously cold, slippery tile or stone floors. Rugs have another critical function: they contribute to the design and color scheme of the room.

To choose a rug color for your bathroom, there are two main criteria:

  • What is your bathroom’s design aesthetic? Which colors suit the design style?
  • What is the bathroom’s color scheme? Should the rug match the scheme or pop out?

Let’s look at the best color bathroom rugs for different bathroom designs.

Best Colors for Eco-Chic Bathrooms

You can’t ignore the impact of the environmental movement, whether in climate change debates or the availability of organic foodstuffs. It’s even found its way into interior design, where we are drawing strength and inspiration from our natural surroundings.

Earth Tones

Interior of stylish bathroom with beige rug.

All-white bathrooms are on the wane, with warmer neutrals replacing them. Add natural textures of stone, wicker, and rattan. If possible, introduce plants for freshness and color – many tropical varieties will thrive in a humid bathroom. Layer lighter colors like beige, taupe, and tan to add a lush earthiness to an eco-chic bathroom.

Choose a warm terracotta rug to add color to a neutral bathroom.

Wood and Stone

Wooden mat and slippers on bathroom floor.

Choose a bathroom rug with organic shades of wood and stone. Or choose a rug that’s made of wood or stone! Bath rugs can be made from sustainable materials like diatomaceous earth, which has a matte texture, dries instantly, and prevents mold.

Wooden and bamboo runners can replace traditional bathroom rugs if sealed and anti-slip. They also add a stunning eco-chic touch to any bathroom.

Best Colors for Spa Bathrooms

If you have the luxury of a bathroom to yourself or only you and your partner, embrace the spa bathroom aesthetic. Creating a bathroom sanctuary to pamper yourself is the ultimate treat, with a large soaking tub, luxurious natural finishes, and lush colors.


Spa like bathroom with a white rug.

White is still the most chosen color for bathrooms, fresh and sparkling. A gray stone floor prevents an all-white scheme from being sterile. A snowy white rug looks dramatic against a dark floor. Choosing a white rug is also great if your floor tiles are patterned and busy.


Spa like bathroom with a gray rug.

A popular feature of the spa bathroom is dark, moody colors. Make a sophisticated statement with a white tiled floor and a charcoal bath rug.

Sky Blue

Vintage bathroom with sky blue rug.

Spa bathrooms need not be monochrome. Muted blues evoke visions of tranquil pools and summery skies. Add color to your spa bathroom with a delightful blue rug.

Best Colors for Minimalist Bathrooms

Another trend in bathroom design is minimalism, where form and function reign supreme. Minimalist interiors lack clutter and unnecessary decor, creating calm, elegant spaces.

Black and White

Minimalist bathroom with a black and white rug.


Monochrome color palettes are a staple of minimalist design. You can’t go wrong with a simple yet striking black and white bathroom rug.


Minimalist bathroom with a red rug

Japandi design is typically minimalist, inspired by Japan’s spare interiors and the Scandinavian aesthetic’s simplicity.

The Japandi look includes stained and natural wood finishes, dramatic stone slabs, and a monochrome palette rounded out by vivid red – and there’s no better color for an accent rug.

Leaf Green

Minimalist bathroom with leaf green rug.

Muted shades of sage, moss, and vine are trending in home décor. Even minimalist interiors are adding green to their traditionally reserved color palettes. Jump on the bandwagon with a green bath rug and bring nature indoors.

Best Colors for Family Bathrooms

A shared bathroom must be practical, but that’s no reason to ignore the design. Let’s look at the best rug colors for a family bathroom.


Bathroom with cobalt blue towels and rug.

Blue is one of the most popular bathroom shades, equally appealing to adults and children. If you have a high-traffic family bathroom, choose a serene blue color palette and rug to match.


Orange rug and towel in a bathroom.

A bathroom is a fun place to experiment with bolder colors, especially if it’s reserved for little ones. Make bathtime appealing to your kids with brightly colored towels, humorous tiles, and a cozy orange rug.

Best Colors for Coastal Bathrooms

A coastal or beach-inspired style is a bathroom favorite, with the colors of the sea, sand, and sky dominating.


Classic bathroom with aqua rug.

Turquoise and aqua are always associated with water and are perfect for coastal bathrooms. Go traditional with wooden signs and ships (especially in a beach house), or let the colors drift through a modern bathroom.


Luxury bathroom with patterned rug.

A bathroom rug with a muted pattern adds a Boho touch to a coastal theme bathroom. Look out for tribal or ethnic patterns in gray, blue, white, and black.

Best Colors for Vintage Bathrooms

A vintage-style bathroom is always appropriate in an older home, but you can enjoy the aesthetic in a character-filled new build. The current trend is to combine elements of different vintage aesthetics, such as the magnificent twirling curves of Art Nouveau or the bottle greens of Art Deco.

Light Green

Yimobra Luxury Fluffy Bathroom RugsYimobra Luxury Fluffy Bathroom RugsYimobra Luxury Fluffy Bathroom Rugs


Unusual shades of green like eau de nil and chartreuse are charming in vintage bathrooms, especially when combined with white. Look out for rugs with retro patterns.


Modern vintage bathroom.

Choose a luxurious antique-style rug to inspire a muted, elegant color scheme. Buttery cream or sandy beige works better with vintage interiors than stark white.

Best Colors for Eclectic Bathrooms

Bathrooms are personal spaces, so experiment with colors. Combine shades that clash and vibe so long as they make your heart sing.


ITSOFT Plush Microfiber Long Runner - Non Slip Soft Bathroom RugITSOFT Plush Microfiber Long Runner – Non Slip Soft Bathroom RugITSOFT Plush Microfiber Long Runner - Non Slip Soft Bathroom Rug


Purple is back, so look out for magenta, maroon, violet, and lavender bathroom rugs. A fun pattern or shape works well in an eccentrically colored bathroom.

Lime Green

Yeaban Lime Green Bathroom RugsYeaban Lime Green Bathroom RugsYeaban Lime Green Bathroom Rugs


Neutrals and naturals aren’t for everyone. A vivid lime green or neon shade will brighten anyone’s morning shower.

Final Thoughts on How to Choose the Right Rug Color for Your Bathroom

A bathroom rug is integral to a bathroom’s aesthetic. Choose a color to match your style, whether it’s eco-chic, Boho, minimalist, or eclectic. Bathroom rugs are inexpensive and, therefore, a fun, inexpensive way to add a splash of updated color.

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Modern bathroom and text overlay that reads, "Choosing a bathroom rug color".

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