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Can You Use Pine-Sol on Carpet?

Can I Use Pine-Sol on Carpet?

It is a great multi-purpose cleaner, but can you use Pine-Sol on carpet? Find out if you can use Pine Sol to clean your carpet, and if yes, how to use it properly.

Pine-Sol was invented during the great depression of the 1920s. Surrounded by pine trees, inventor Harry A. Cole was given all the inspiration he needed to create the fantastic cleaner we know and love today.

Of course, Pine-Sol has undergone a few changes along the way, but this detergent’s incredible smell and effective cleaning and sanitizing properties have remained throughout. Since it is a great multi-purpose cleaning agent, you may wonder if you can use Pine-Sol on carpets. Let’s find out.

Pine-Sol can be used to clean carpets. Use it to spot clean tough stains and dirt or the entire carpet. Apply Pine-Sol to a test area before using it on a conspicuous spot. For disinfectant properties, use Pine-Sol undiluted. To remove the odor, ventilate the spot or rinse it with water. 

If you consider using Pine-Sol to clean your carpets, you will be glad to know that the product is effective and safe for this purpose. Join us as we uncover the details you need to know before you use Pine-Sol on your favorite rug.

A bottle of Pine Sol on a carpet with text that says, "Can you use Pine-Sol on carpet?"

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Can You Use Pine-Sol on Carpets?

The short answer is yes.

Pine-Sol is designed to be a multi-purpose cleaner. It is excellent for carpets, but you must perform a test on your carpet before going to town in a large area.

Test your carpet to check that it will not become bleached or stained by Pine-Sol. To perform a test, follow these few simple steps:

  • Select an area of carpet that is not readily seen or used. (Think of places under the couch, behind doors, hidden by a large vase, or other items)
  • Apply undiluted Pine-Sol directly to a small area in your chosen spot.
  • Rub the Pine-Sol in with a clean, dry rag.
  • Leave the Pine-Sol on your test area for about ten minutes.
  • After about ten minutes, rinse the test area with a clean, wet rag.
  • Check to see if the area has been stained or bleached by the Pine-Sol.
  • If the area was stained, try another test using Original Pine-Sol instead of any other variant.
  • If the area is not stained or bleached, you may proceed to clean the rest of the rug or carpet without fear of any ill consequences.

Once you have performed a test and there were no adverse effects on your carpet, you can proceed with cleaning the carpet area in need.

Pine-Sol is an excellent cleaning solution for getting rid of stubborn stains and grease and is also fantastic for an overall freshen-up and cleaning.

How to Use Pine Sol on Carpets

Someone cleaning a carpet with Pine-Sol

Pine-Sol is a beautiful alternative to other cleaning detergents when cleaning your carpets. The mixture of disinfectant, detergent, and deodorizer makes it an attractive option for an all-around cleaner.

Whether you are spot-cleaning a tough patch of grime on your carpet or going for an all-over refresh and clean, Pine-Sol can be your solution.

Once you have performed a test in an out-of-sight spot and see that Pine-Sol will not stain or bleach your specific carpet, you can gather your gear and set to work on your carpet.

What Cleaning Apparatus Do I Need to Clean My Carpets Using Pine-Sol?

You do not need much to clean your carpets using Pine-Sol. Consider adding these few items to your cleaning closet if they are not already there:

  • Two Rags – You will use one dry and one wet.
  • Cleaning Gloves – These are not strictly necessary; however, they are helpful for hands with sensitive skin.
  • A Bucket or Bowl – These will be used to carry water.
  • Paper Towels – Again, this is not strictly necessary. They can be used in place of a dry rag or in addition to a dry rag.
  • Original Pine-Sol – You can use other variations, but Original is best for carpets since it is less likely to stain.
  • Cat Litter or Activated Charcoal – Consider keeping these if the smell of Pine-Sol bothers you or anyone else living in your home.

Three Ways to Clean Carpets with Pine-Sol

There are a few easy to use options available to you when cleaning carpets with Pine-Sol. Your choices are based on your needs.

If you need to clean a greasy stain, you will approach cleaning differently than how you will approach an all over freshen-up.

Let us look at three simple ways you can clean your carpets using Pine-Sol.

#1. Clean Stains and Spot-Clean with Pine-Sol

If you have a few areas on your carpet that are grimy and need extra attention to remove the stains, undiluted Original Pine-Sol will come in handy.

Apply a little undiluted Pine-Sol directly to the dirt or grease. Then, rub it in using a clean, dry rag. You may wish to leave it for a few minutes as the cleaning agent works its magic.

When you return, use a clean wet rag and wipe the area with water. Assess whether or not the dirt has lifted. If it has not, repeat the process of rubbing undiluted Original Pine-Sol into the grime and leaving it for a few minutes.

When you notice that the dirt has lifted, rinse off the excess soap by wiping it with a clean, wet rag. Dab it dry with paper towels or a dry rag. You may wish to vacuum over the spot once it has dried to help the carpet’s fibers regain their spring.

#2. Give Your Carpets an Overall Clean with Pine-Sol

It is possible to clean your entire carpet with Pine-Sol. To do this, do a test area in a hidden spot to ensure your carpet will not become stained or bleached by the product.

When you are certain Pine-Sol is the best product for your needs, you can proceed to clean your entire carpet with it.

For a large area, you may wish to dilute it a little. It is best to use water. Do not dilute or mix Pine-Sol with other detergents or bleach, as this can cause a harmful chemical reaction.

Apply your diluted or undiluted Pine-Sol to your carpet and rub it with a cloth or sponge. Be wary of wetting your carpet too much. Simply soak it enough to allow the detergent to clean the fibers.

Once Pine-Sol has been applied to the area, rinse the detergent off using water. Again, do not wet the carpet more than is necessary. Wipe the carpet with a clean, wet cloth until the detergent is removed.

Dry the carpet by air drying it or dabbing it dry with paper towels or rags. Once dry, vacuum your carpet to give it back its former spring.

If anyone in your home cannot tolerate the lingering smell of Pine-Sol, consider placing an open box of cat litter or activated charcoal in the room with the carpet you have washed for a few hours after cleaning. The smell will be absorbed, and the rug will remain fresh and clean.

#3. Freshen-Up Your Carpets with Pine-Sol

Using Lemon Pine-Sol is a lovely and quick way to freshen up your carpets in a hurry.

For this hack, simply use a mixture of half Lemon Pine-Sol and half water in a spray bottle. Spritz your carpet just before vacuuming, and you will be amazed at the fresh scent your house is left with.

Can You Put Pine-Sol in a Carpet Cleaner?

Yes, you can put Pine-Sol in a carpet cleaner. It does not contain any chemical that can damage your carpet cleaning machine or ruin your carpet.


You can use Pine-Sol on carpets. Always perform a test on a hard to see area before using any detergent on a large portion of the carpet. Do not wet your carpet or apply more Pine-Sol than is necessary. Always rinse the carpet after using Pine-Sol and allow it to dry with air, paper towels, or rags.

Now that you have answer to your question, “can you use Pine-Sol on carpet”, you can go ahead and clean your carpet with peace of mind.

Bottle of Pine-Sol cleaner on carpet with text that says, "Can I use Pine-Sol on carpet?"

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