What Color to Paint a Basement Ceiling?

Whether you’re creating a playroom, laundry room, home office, or extra bedroom, you need to decide about paint colors. What are the best colors to paint a basement ceiling?

Before painting the basement, you must decide what you will use it for, how much natural light it gets, and how large the space is.

These decisions will help fuel your creative juices as you select a color palette to paint walls, cupboards, and the ceiling.


White walls and ceilings make a space ultra-bright, especially if they are only lit by artificial light. Go for the purest white you can find if the basement is dark.

Off White

Off white is an attractive color, making a room comfortable and appealing by mimicking the yellow tones of natural sunlight.


Yellow is the champion of small, dark spaces, magically making them into sunny, appealing rooms. A great idea if there isn’t much natural light.


Blue has connotations of water, air, and clouds, adding a natural feel to a room and making it ideal for basement retreats and she-sheds.


It’s the ideal choice for crisp, clean spaces and is equally at home in masculine or feminine rooms. Gray is equally at home in a laundry room as a man cave.

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